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Very Helpfull.

For those who don't understand this whole system should really look at this!
I see an abusive reviwe, FLAG! YAY!!!
thank you for the lesson.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

That's the plan! Sadly this will probably be forgotten about in a few days since it got nothing in terms of recognition, so spread the word!

need work.

I was ok, I've personally seen (DONE better) but the animtion needs work, for instance work on the masking. you can see it lose sync and then you can see a blank area. also the graphics were ok but could use some work also try to use easing in your tweens it really makes it come to life! it was a pretty good job but it's lacking somthing and the massage takes too long try to speed it up and also try to animate that part. if you improve these things you could really make this way better.

I really enjoy your games Wiesi!

They all have this weird corky feel to them that just add to the game. for instance in this game many of obstcales are just competely random object and the story is just simple and cute! Great job! KEEP GOING!!!!!!!


This is good example of why I won't ever make a game like that, what is it with all the rape hentai! And I will not use Zone-Sama as an example because at least his work it beyond what many flash animatiors hope to achive in terms a skill. These games are normally bad. BUT THIS IS DOWN RIGHT OBSCENE!!!! anyone who is aroused by the though of raping someone or someone being raped is a sad example of how low some people are. When I make something I try to making so that people my say oh that inapropriate but at least they can understand why someone my wack-off to it. but I personaly refuse to fufill the fantasys of a person who finds thing like this arousing!

and no on it the critic of your work
atleast this time origanl artwork was used but the animations were lacking alot.
no glitches of any kind but what are you illitrate!!!
"This Pains" I can understand if someone misspells a word. LEARN ENGLISH!!!!
the correct sentence would be "you Hurting me!" or "this is painful" but not that!

the worst part about it all is that the person who submitted this may never see this because he's to busy looking for peoples work to steal. Another E-buams if you ask me.

To basic.

not to sound pervy but I speak for the pervs when I say you can't get her naked.
Not that I truly found this to be a real problem but it was lacking alot content. Their weren't that many outfits to chose from. Their was just to little choices.

The only flash to truly stand the the test of time

Many of the old flash games and movies that are on Newgrounds by todays stantards completly sucks NARDS but pico up to this day is one of the most awsome flash games on newgrounds and hopefully it will stay that way for years to come.


Johnny Utah is a Really Good artist. it one thing to have your own art style and be good at it but to be able to replicate other peoples style flawlessly is a whole other thing. Great Job!

Another Awsome Game!

Every installment of shit is better then the last and Also the addition of Mel Gibsion *Wink* was A Great Idea. Shift has to be one of my favorite game series. What I love about this is how it sheads a little light on why exatlly am I doing this. Great Game altogather!!! You deserve a Cookie!!!!

Hmmm... as bad as ever...

these are all the same and are you really that bad at spelling or writing a gramiticly correct sentence. afew quotes
"Holly TITS!!!!"
"This Pain's!!!!"
seriously... you gotta be kidding. and anyone how is AMAZED by his amazing art.... odds are none of it's his. it's all photoshops and tweens! there's nothing special about it. I'll give one thing, you are providing people with what they want. But there is no skill in this. This is was made by someone who can use flash, not by someone who is good at it. probaly this wasn't even made by the person who submitted it but only as a way to advertivse the site a site which is full of STOLE material. If your gonna make a flash that gets such a high score please convince everyone that there was effort and care that went into it not just some weekly quota!!!

Hmmm... not bad.

However It's broken in some aspects it doesn't really work in some places. I found myself running through walls at certain points. it was a good attempt at recreating the sonic engine but it wasn't a great attepmt. it still need alot of debugging and also why is it screen to screen it would play way better as a side scroller.

95688kage responds:

i am working on a side scroller but 1.0 might not have 1

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