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It's a start...

I can tell that a lot of work and effort went in to this and that you truly wanted to make something special. The only problem real problem is the art. These type of game are based on artistic value. And don't give me that sob story... I'm only a kid... Please be gentle. If your not that good your not that good. It has nothing to do with age, it has to do with skill alone. what version of flash do you have. If you CS3 or higher learn how to use the sub selection tool. There is a reason if has it's own button.

Well, for what you did do is nice.

But should you really be uploading a mod of a game that I'm pretty sure you don't have permission to do so.



I never liked tentacles hentai. it's kinda like what the f@#k dude, however you apprear to be the only artist (or atleast in my opion) who can pull it off.
On thing that I love about this that you can change her mood. Nothing I hate more then rape so it's nice you make make so that she's enjoying herself =D

Excellent work as always! damn shame hentai is the only you post on newgrounds I ain't complaining!

Better than the the norm.

The dialogue was somewhat believable but the sound effects were pretty bad.
It's ok how she giggles what she says something but not everything it's like SHUT UP!

the animations were pretty good but still coulda been better.

That was bad,,,

The animation was terrible...

The dialogue was utter garbage... Even if it's gonna lead to sex no matter what at least make it somewhat like a real conversation.

The only upside is that the art is pretty nice... I suppose... But yeah... that was the guy from yu-gi-oh GX isn't... WTF!

Why do all these site put out such utter garbage. At least make something that half decent.

Too Be completly fair...

This is the worst game ever... But that's the point!

Nice Parody! Wii ain't that bad though.... :|

good... with issues...

Well... the puzzles are too easy in this one...

there is one major problem with this game... and I'm not being picky.

I got myself in to a postion where... I was going to die with a single hit and i had to kill 7 aliens to advance. Because you have to zoom in and then shoot and then zoom out to hit the other ones it require in human dexterity to get past that point without getting hit, to top it off I ran put of health packs.

I completly gave up on the game because of it sure if I was't such a position I would been fine but other then that is was still to easy...

Psionic3D responds:

Part of playing a game is in the challenge surely? and I have tried to encourage multiple plays by adding the awards system that rewards you with a load of evidence files upon completion!!

By trying again you may find/pickup 'more' health packs, do better in early rounds and have to use 'less' health packs (thus having some left over for the final showdown) and be able to complete it.

Some of the aliens are also positioned randomly so its possible in the next round they may be grouped together better and thus easier to fit in one scope!

I dont see it as a 'major problem' I see it as practice makes perfect, the better you get at the shooting element the less health packs you will use, you're not gonna be 100% headshots all the way on your first go are you ;-)

Anyway, thanks for playing and I hope you consider giving it another shot!!

Ways this could be better.

It's nice but it's lacking a bit of fine tuning.

- try adding some sort of auto aim. it's too hard to be accurate with these controls.

- try adding strafing.

- make the enemies more animated. the seem to be just floating around.

why so much rape in the world...

Way can't the guy just buy her some flowers and read her a poem. Whatever.

Anyway it was pretty well animated.

The only thing I can say is that it lacks sound... not really music just sound. Also it was pretty short.

Well other then that here facial expression at the end was pretty funny!


Danm near PERFECT! For people like me who enjoy destroying everything in sight and saving the day this is just too much fun! The incredibly intense game play is something I was not expecting! I want through this game with a smile one my face as Smashed through the town!


will there be a sequel?

Im a homical Maniac who likes dounuts!

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