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Very Well done.

the graphic were just as you said. fun gameplay and doesn't get boring.
my only real critisim is that the starting point of the sheep is not told to you or pointed out. telling us where the are would make the game better be it still a really good game dispite that! =)


This is a REALLY GREAT GAME. it's one of the few games that can actual send a rush of adrenalin through you. GREAT JOB!

Ok I guess...

Hmmm. It was Pretty Cool and the final Climax animtion just had me dying of laughter for some reason. With that said the animtions were a bit to crude for my taste, or maybe I've been Spoiled by zone-sama... although they really could have been better and you should take alittle bit more time on the "SHOTS" cause it sorta just looks like strimers sometimes rather then a liquid, All and all It Was Pretty Good!

pretty cool.

although I would be better if you had a choice between inverse and normal rotation. that would make the game better for everyone.

TEACH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! you really made a 3d engine not just simutaled 3d!!!!!!! I would absolutly love to learn how to make games like this!!!!

you don't light them on fire anymore.....

YOU IGNITE THEM ON FIRE!!!!! great game, I just loved the first, and this one adds a new twist to an already awsome game!!!

needs some music.

it seems to dead!!! music would liven it up a bit! other then that it a pretty good classic board game gone flash so good job.

I see....

amusing for about 2 seconds. and the preloader doesn't work right.
overall, It sucked.

to Desert foxx...

clearly you've never played FF8.

pretty good job but why make this? you should have made something else that, like maybe somthing that doesn't voilate copyrigth laws. or at least make it a hentai quiz or something...... well pretty good job on recreating the ff8 graphics, but next time do something that is at the very least orginal, I mean not all my submissions are great but I at least made them orginal in there own way and it's turn out pretty good so far. just come up with a really good idea and please do NOT post any of your expirment with autoscriping instead try to make a game around one of your expirement it my not be gold but you'll never know unless you try.

MyCreativityCafe responds:

First off I fail to see how this violates the law. Yes I am using information and replicas of graphics found in their games, but if we go by that then almost every single Final Fantasy website or parody is violating these same laws. Also if I remember correctly there is a little clause or something that says information can be used if in a parody or a way to inform the public without gaining profits from it.

Also be sure I will of course be making my own flash submissions as well. Just my time is short right now so I haven't had the chance to make any more. I have quite a few ideas and I do thank you for your advice.

Also as to why I made it look above, it was made a while back for my FF centered site.

Thank you for your review.


thx you so much for teaching me how to use AS3 I always need wanted to learn how to use it! also anyone who looked a the illustrator tut, illustrator is better for importing things in to flash then acctually drawing things, i'd have to say the best program to use to make graphics with is corel Draw, but it's a really pain to import it to flash.

Depredation responds:

Yeah, corel is a bit to complicated for animation, but you can thank Fuzz for the illustrator tuts ;D. Thanks for the review.

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