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Fun Game!

I got shanked by a clown!

Nicely done but...

It's a little hard to tell how close you have to be to grab the building, try to make it looser so it's easier to climb, Also I've never played rampage before so this game was new to me and the instruction could have been a little bit more explanatory, it took me a while to figure it out what I was supposed to do. the graphics were nice but the animations could have been better. Also some music would be a nice touch. When all is said and done, nice job!

NG-Programmer responds:

is it so hard to use the arrow keys and spacebar for you?

An Excelent game!

Very well done! The only thing I don't like about this one is that lack of game modes! It would really benfit form some sorta campagin even if it's not the story of thing-thing but something you know! The game is good but give me a reason to come back and play it again.

try to make a game mode like maybe you gain points form like little coin enemies drop, or some sorta of a zombie mode! and maybe add some more enemy varation.

It's not a bad game...

It's just not the best...
The gameplay lacks depth... Just run and gun and pick up c4 on the way and fight a boss. that about it, nothing really new about that. I enjoyed the game for the most part and I would ask you change things just add things. The fact that there are no melee weapons or the abilty to run to flee from enemies makes the game dull at times. the background art never really jumped out at me and it was just there to be there.

Another thing is that the sounds were weak... The guns don't sound like shooting killing somthing.

Other then that the gameplay was ok, enemies were in ok variation.
an ok job but not the best.


IT's amazing how stupid and how much I feeli like voting 0 but WHY DO I LOVE IT!!!
maybe you might underdog of the week....

Good and found a glitch.

It was lack that little somthing that would have made this perfect but I'm not sure what it is. anyways the boxes don't stack properly I had one floating in the air.

An Excelant game.

Very Creative and unique! It's one of thoses games that other games are built on.

Strangly good.

I have to take off points because doesn't have the greatest production value but other then that this game was pretty fun. the only thing that I can say is wrong with it is that it takes before it starts getting hard! Nice job.


My Picture looks nice there.... Yes...

Worth the wait I guess (lol, SwiftStylerX Picture, so true).

It's intresting how all you could right about me was that I went to apple-con, You could have also wrote that I like candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach. I also enjoy running stupid people over on me bike with a bat in my hands.

Fun Game.

everything was good but my browser frozen due to what I believe was an infinte while loop. you should really look into it. I can't really blame you for missing it but now that you know about it please look into it to insure it does happen to anyone else.

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