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Be sure to check back here every two weeks for all the latest update on What I'm up to, Right Here on Newgrounds.

I'm slowly but surely getting back into the saddle. Most of the work I've done recently has been simply concepts and game design related. My original design for how project honey would work, it just wasn't working they way I hoped it would or at least it would have been too much work for one person balancing and getting things just right. (One person doing everything else as well.) So I sat down and tried to rethink the game. But every Idea got too far away from my initial vision. It was a bit of depressing time for me.

But then it hit me, simplify certain aspects of the game. One great example was Health was always a big issue I needed to solve with project honey, for that matter health and fail states. The first Idea was when enemy health goes to zero, you pop in and do your thing. But that felt very unsavory to me. So I came up with a system of stamina and health.

When a character is hit they lose both health and stamina, when the lose all their health they get knocked out, if they have zero stamina before they get knocked out they stay down for good and you can't "Interact" with them. (Interact means sex BTW) This system allowed for enemies to turn the tables on you. The problem was there was this whole balancing act I'd have to do make stamina work right, the amount of time any enemy stayed down was determined by stamina But depending on a characters health and stamina values, this could feel very inconsistent and random.

It wasn't working out well or at least it was a lot of tweaking and fine tuning. As a system it wasn't working as I had hoped. So I decided, Screw it enemy just have a set number of times they can get back up from. This eliminates the need for me to balance both health and stamina values and if I want there to be some randomness to it It's much easier to add it in.

This is just one example of my Reworking of the game mechanics. The whole goal right now its to keep the complexity for the player but reduce the complexity for me to design and balance. At the end of the day it will be a compromise but so far things are looking good.

Sadly, that is all I have for you today. Will have more next time.

See ya soon!


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