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As always, I'll be making a news post, here on Newgrounds, about what I'm doing, who I've been talking to and other overly personal details. So be sure to tune in for all the juicy details.

Sorry if anyone got worried that I didn't post last week, Things sorta got messed up with the Halloween post as far as schedule goes. I'm back on my orginal schedual of posting. I should have said something but I basically only noticed the problem like a day or so ago... Sorry my dudes!

As I've stated before, currently work on Project Honey is in a bit of a stand still, But on that note I do have some good news, the good news is by Mid December I will have plenty more time to work on the game. This time away from the project has really given me a moment to really think about where things are headed. It's allowed me to rethink some things. Now, fear not, I'm not planning to restart from scratch but I am reconsidering a lot of things.

But sadly I do not have any concrete Project Honey news.

So, what the hell am I doing?! In my spare time lately I've just been messing around with Luka and her buddies. Just this halloween I released this.

This was a project I really wanted to do, I ended up shooting myself in the foot to get it done, but in my opinion it was worth it. As I stated before I really feel as if I have solidified the look of Luka and her world. Early iterations of Luka weren't... great.

But I feel her new redesign is damn near perfect. Still some things to fix up, but simply, it's much better.

So I took it upon myself lately to update Luka and Zanshi's outfit's.


It's nothing too crazy but it address a number of issues I had with their old designs.

Here are their previous designs.


Apart from the obvious adjustments to proportions, their new designs are largely the same, but I did want to move away from the pixelated look, It just doesn't go well with the look of the world anymore, if it ever did. Luka just needed some tweaks mostly to her bottom piece. Zanshi had the most work done on her clothes. Originally Zanshi's clothes were designed simply to look different from Luka, not much though was given in to exactly what she was wearing. Heck, my earliest iteration of her she was simply a palette swap of Luka. It's a design that only really made "Sense" back in these days.

(Heck, Jeza looks real different now.)

I wanted to keep the splash of color I gave her, while bringing out more of who Zanshi is in her clothes. I think it looks way better, However I did say "fuck it" to a couple problems with their designs. What exactly is Luka's breast plate made out of... IDK. How exactly does Zanshi hide her bulge... Look kid I just work here.

When I get around to it I'm gonna take whackes at the rest of the crew, I got big plans for Luka going forward and "The Dying Thoughs of Jeza" was sort of a proof of concept on how I can proceed forward with "Tales of Luka". Expect to see more.

That's gonna be it for now, Have no fear, there will be more to talk about next time,

See ya soon!


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