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Happy New Years, Yall! I hope you all get out there and party this suck ass year in to it's grave! 2018 truly sucked, politics and we lost some great people with year. A whole bunch of bullcrap happened to me this year, but that's behind us now and it's Time to Party and Celebrate.

This year I've uploaded more art than anyother and I though the best way to celebrate was to countdown my highest scoring art of the year!

#10 Luka n' Zanshi - Hot Sand : A little animated peice, I hope to do more in 2019.

#9  BeeBee Promo B12-BEEBEE : A little experiment of giving Balloon Boy my FNAF treatment.

#8  Garnet Quickie #0 : Just a quick sketch of Garent and Jasper.

#7  Introducing Sex Doll Barbie - Nude Ver. : More experimenting, But this time with Baribe!

#6  Quality Assurance G16-CHICA : A part of AFTON TESTING WORKSTATION, Remastered.

#5  ファッション・フォーワド-FF : More fun with Barbie!

#4  Haydee: Peace Mode : Haydee playing nice with a bot.

#3  ROM FLASH G16-CHICA : A spooky peice with endoskeletons.

#2  Interface Testing #2 G16-CHICA : Two Chicas doing things.

#1  Summer Time Lovin', Lovin' in the Summer (Time) : Easily my favorite of the year and I'm glad all you felt the same. I had alot of fun with this one.

Tell me what your favorite of the year was or heck what you'd like to see more of in 2019 from me. At midnight I'm gonna kick of 2019 with a new peice for a new year... That is if I not too drunk to rememeber but I'll try.

Also I'll be revamping my pateron in 2019, new rewards to better reflect what I do around here.

Happy Hoildays and here's hoping 2019 WON'T SUCK QUITE SO HARD!


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