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JoSilver's News

Posted by JoSilver - 13 days ago

Be sure to check in every two weeks to get all the updates on what I'm up to, right here on Newgrounds. Tell your friends and co-workers... tell your Mom('s) and or Dad('s) (Don't tell your Mom('s) and or Dad('s)!).

The Breakdown

This week's post is gonna be a less taking about the game and how the game is going. I'm at the point in the project where I don't want to spoil too much more about the game, it's at a critical point, When the game goes from being a tech demo, to being a game. That's kinda of where I am. If I really wanted to I could probally polish it up a bit and shove it out the door, I'd be crap but I could do that. So in this post I wanted to give a bit of a break down of my progress.

As you can see below I the the main game systems are at about 85% complete. That remaining 15% is in making Project Honey in to a real fully playable game from start to end. At that point the game will offically be in alpha. That sound like there's a lot left but really I don't anticipate the Alpha Stage of Project Honey taking too long, at most a month or two I predict The best way to put it is the game will be in Beta when all those progress numbers are around 80% to 90%.

When the game is in the spit shining phase of production.

  • Main Game Systems: 85% Complete
  • Level Design: 60% Complete
  • Scenerio and Script 10% Complete
  • Character Art: 50% Complete
  • Environment Art 0% Complete
  • Sound and Music 5% Complete
  • Animation: 20% Complete
  • Visual Effects: 20% Complete

Main Game Systems

The most of my work over these past months has been in establishing key game systems. Level Loading, Character interactions, Menu and UI elements. The back end stuff that people don't really see when playing a game but feel or really feel when it's not working. The things I'm trying to figure out is what the player actually does in project honey AKA (The core game loop) That's the last bit. taking Super Mario 64/ Donkey Kong 64 for example the core game loop is collect Power Stars / Golden Bananas to unlock more levels to get more Power Stars/ Golden Bananas to unlock the final level and beat the final boss. For a game like Doom it's making your way to the end of every Level. For Grand Theft Auto it's Complete all missions.

Figuring this out is non-trivial, I could make it such that you have to make to then end of the level but the levels don't really have an end. What's the end of a level in SM64 or GTA 5. But not to worry, I'm not lost and have no Idea what to do, I think I've come up with a good Idea for Project Honey The main issue is that it requires me to rethink level structure. I've already done that once now I need to do it once more.That doesn't mean I have to throw away everything I've worked on so far it's just that I need to take the core loop in to account. I think I've come up with something that will work I just need to implement it and test it.

Level Design

This was an aspect of the game that really intimated me at first. This is really my first ever game with fully 3D levels. Not that I haven't made any 3D games before, but not Levels like this.


Project Honey's Game world so far.

The game world has water and islands, cliffs and caves. It has rivers and oceans and water falls, Hills and soon enough, Mountains. Project Honey's world won't be big by games of today's standards but I want it to feel big, to feel exploreable. To feel packed with stuff for the player. For scale, in the picture above, each one of those dark spots is a large tree about, 10 meters or 30 feet tall The area in green is the game's staring area. As you play more of the map will open up, introducing new obstacles, new enemies and new things to do (PUN VERY MUCH INTENDED!)

Honestly, The design process has been going quite smooth so far, I got a lot of ideas for level Features and locations. At first I was going to break the game up in to discrete levels but I decided making one big world would be better, maybe not easier but better for the game. I think this design will suit project honey well.

Scenario and Script

As far as story is concerned I don't have one yet, I've done almost no work on writing a script for the game, Not to say I don't have and Ideas, but the story I originally came up just doesn't work with the game as it currently is anymore. In fact I'm considering changing the main protagonist... And I really like Her!


Don't you think she's cute... I think she's cute.

For example, from day one I thought about making the game a Tales of Luka game. Issue was it didn't really fit the themes, Tales of Luka is suppose to be be full of Both Sex and Violence. Project Honey is gonna be all Sex all the time, sans the Violence. Tales of Luka is Just gonna be full of Gore, while I'm know some people would love that, that's just not what Project Honey is suppose to be. So maybe the game would just not have Luka as a main protagonist but it could take place in that world. The Luka's world is Big and varied and the main story of Tales of Luka takes place in a small part of that world... Maybe it could be Luka, or maybe not, MAYBE ZANSHI! point is I have opions and the design of the game now might fit Tales of Luka better, But I have other Ideas too.

Point is I don't really know anymore what the game's story will end up being, But it's possible it might not be Ursula's story anymore.... Or maybe Ursula could be a part of Tales of Luka...? I don't know really, I still have a lot to think about. Hell all this is just me thinking out loud, I'm rambling now so I'm gonna move on.

Character Art

I've said it before and I'll say it again none of my designs so far are final. But a lot of them are mostly Final. The main issue so far is I don't know what characters I will need to design since I don't have a story yet. Once I have a story settled upon I can get to work finishing up the characters. At that point I might have to redesign them all...We shall see.

Environment Art

Not gonna lie, I haven't made a single environmental asset that is specifically designed for Project Honey. I want to know exactly what I need before I start making anything, Things will be more efficient that way and If I need to say hire an artist to assist, I'll have a strict plan for them to follow. The last thing, I'd want to do is have some do a bunch of art for me just tell them to do something else instead.

Sound and Music

I have begun implementing placeholder sounds and voice samples, it's an important piece of the core Game Systems, for example I have a unique sound playing when the character walks on grass and one for rock and so on a so forth, UE4 doesn't have a built in system for things like that but it has all the tools for you to make one. The Music System is probably gonna end up being the last major game system I work on.


All the animations I have now I've had for a while now, much like Environmental art I want to know exaclty what I need before I really get started. For reasons that should be obvious by now, animation is a part I don't want to rush and is going to be vital to Project Honey.

Visual Effects

Much like Sound and Music I've started implementing rudimentary Visual effects, things such as water splashing or dirt being kicked up as you take a step. I don't for see this taking up too much time but there will be a good number of effects I will need to create and implement. But a good number of major things are already in place such as hair shading and water effects.


There are a lot of things I need to still do, but largely I know what those things are. I've found the major reason a project get's stalled, be that a game or a movie or anything really, is that no clear direction forward is ever established, Thats where I was a month or two back but now I'm begining to see the path forward much more clearly every day. So much so that I honeslty Think I can get things finished by the end of August, No promises, and please don't hold my feet to that fire, But I think it can be done.

And that's gonna be it for this week,

See ya'll again soon!


Posted by JoSilver - 1 month ago

Be sure to check in on what I'm up to, Here on Newgrounds. Every two weeks I'm making a news post on what is happening with me and my jams!

Things are going smooth

I've been making large Strides with Project Honey lately. I wasn't sure how things were going to go a while back but now things are going well, For the past two weeks I've been gray-boxing the first level of Project honey. My main course of action is make the game feature complete, all levels, work out the main game loop and what have you, Then complete a total art pass of the game, and then focus on any cuts or possible additions. The more I work the more art assets I'm gonna need to make.

More Procedural Generation

With that said a big thing I've been working on these past two weeks was adding tools and capabilities I need for project honey to the engine. One thing I realized I needed while working on the first level was I needed a proper river system for the game. All I could do was large body of water, usefull for something like a lake or pool but not a flowing, bending, dipping and all sorts of wiggling river.

Working on the procedurally generated rooms tech for the other game I started prototyping last week, gave me alot of confidence in my ability to generate meshes procedually so I hopped on to the problem. UE4 has a build in spline mesh tool, but I wanted something more custom to my needs. For one it only is a mesh, I can't have it automatically act as a body of water, is just a mesh.

It took me a bit of fiddling but I eventually got a custom spline mesh working. Now I can fairly quickly lay down pathways and rivers in my levels.


Dirt path made with splines.

It's not perfect, there are a good deal of places I can improve on the tech. There is a bit of texture "Scrunching" on sharp corners, it's nothing that can't be fixed but it's not a huge issue yet. but over all it works well.


Bending water way with automatic water volume generation.

The tool I created can handle a good deal of problems that can crop up with the mesh, it can clip the mesh using a rotated bounding box, This alone solves a lot possible situations, branching water rivers, Sharp bends with thin geometry. It's working very well so far.


One of the next tools I decided to take a crack at was a "Glob" Mesh... for Globs of.... stuff... This was pretty tricky but a bulk of the problem solving was handled with the spline mesh as it's bastically a spline with volume.


It's a glob... Use your imagination.

This is largely the way I model things like semen in 3D, Problem is though it's a really pain to do it by hand. And the having to animated it is another pain. It such a pain I was largely considering not animating cum shots for Project honey. I can't say for sure right now if this is the tool that's gonna make cumshots awesome, but since it's my tech I can tweak it till it's perfect.

Sharply Dressed

Now I can't take credit for this one but It's basically black magic. I was just minding my own business on YouTube the other day when this video was recommended to me.

Now if you've heard of this before, lucky you because I have never heard of using signed distance fields for transparency. Let me tell you it's kinda of black magic.

The way I'm designing clothes for the character is really quite simple, I'm not modeling alot of details in the mesh. Holes and splits are Mostly done with transparency, This is the way I've been designing all the character.in Tales of Luka, it save me a lot of time and is quite flexible.

with that said jagged edges are kind of an issue with this technique, for Tales of Luka it's largely part of the asthetic but not really so much for Project Honey.

Texturing the characters for Project Honey is quite a workload. I have to use some pretty high-res textures to make things not look jaggy and pixelated. and for transparancy I have to use a REALLY High resolution texture to get rid of jaggies. I basically was using a 1k texture for the color and a 4k texture for the transparency. it was the only way to get a crisp enough look. I had to make a compromize and just use a heavily filtered alpha mask.

But now, I'm using a 512 texture for transparency, Lower than my color texture. The result largely speaks for itself.


Left: Jaggy lines with Hi-Res Texture. Right: Smooth and striaght lines with Low-Res Texture.


Close up for clarity.


Things are going really well, Next I'm going to start gray-boxing more levels I got a number of ideas, I'll see which stick and which don't. The game is a labor of love and when it's done and out I hope it shows.

With that I'm gonna leave you with a few screen caps of the first level as it is now.

See yall again real soon.





Posted by JoSilver - May 9th, 2021

Be sure to check in on what I'm up to here on Newgrounds. Here I make a news post on what I doing every two weeks so, check in for all the latest from me.

So I took a bit of break from Project Honey, I was feeling a bit burnt out. Boy I'm glad I did. Things are going good once again. There were a lot of little design things that kept me from really accomplishing anything, I'll go over a couple of issues I've solved and how things are coming along.

One of the biggest issues plaguing the project was... But what is the point of the game, not story wise, but game play wise. What is the player trying to do? I always had a decent enough Idea of that. But I'm trying to make project honey a smaller game, atleast for now. Get something that's fun and playable and sexy, and then I'll worry about making it bigger if I so choose. As it was, the game just didn't work as say a single level, quick game. And to be honest didn't work period. It was too slow, too hard, Alot of waiting around. Not enough action.

The solution was not a simple one. For one, I wanted sex to be like a minigame, do it and you get a reward. But it took so long. in order to deal with a large group, you'd have to play the same minigame over and over, not ever changing much at all, It would take a long time. I thought, well what If i made it so that multiple characters would be apart of the minigame...? Which would be fun idea, but It would increase my work load by a LOT! I'd have to make 2 character sex scenes, 3 character sex scenes.... maybe more! This was a no go. So instead I ditched the mini game. Sex just happens. you can basically skip through the whole thing if you want, take your time if want, The pace is up to the player. I made them less like the qucik time kills in God of war and more like the glory kills in Doom 2016 if that makes sense to you guys.

Next was Health. I wanted it so that in order to have sex you gotta jump on em' to open em' to you. This was fine, but It meant that the best option was to deal with enemies that were in your way first to get to the one you wanted to actually have sex with which... wasn't alot of fun and contradictory to kind the whole point of the game.

You had deplete an enemies hp before you could have sex with them. But I didn't want them to just sit around waiting, so I had them pass out after 10 or so seconds, other wise the game would be too easy and not very sporting and way to rapey for my taste. The player functioned largely in the same way. Health gets depleted, game over.

Instead I decided to change it so that if you lose all your health you get dizzy, after a few seconds you get back up with some health restored, until you run out of stamina. which point you get knock out and it's game over, same for the enemies. I also made it that you don't have to wait for health to be deplete just when the character is stunned some how, be they dizzy or just took a bonk. This way things got by much faster, there's more skill and stratagey involved and the enemies can turn the tables and have initiate sex themselves.

Over all I'd say it's more fun and better paced.

Next were a few issues are with graphics. As of version 4.26 Unreal Engine supports anisotropic shading... to bad I'm not using 4.26. 4.26 introduced a progress halting bug that as of yet has not been fixed. Early on I fell victim to it, so I switched the project to an earlier version of the engine. The reason this is an issue is hair.


Left: Old Hair Shader, Right: New Hair Shader.

Stylized rendering in UE4 is a real challenge. Not impossible mind you, it's just the engine wasn't built with that in mind. It does do hair really quite well, that is realistic hair. The problem with the built in hair shading is that it's too realistic, it looks nice but it's not what I'm going for. Also it doesn't really work for way I'm doing hair, one big piece rather then individual strands which introduces artifacts.


Built in Hair Shading, nice but not going to work for me.

Faking hair shading is actually quite easy. Get a texture for the highlights , warp it a bit based on the view and boom, hair highlights, problem is you'll also have highlights in the dark too.


Hightlights in the light and the dark

There are a lot of solutions to this problem, create a global variable that controlls the highlights so they turn off in the dark. Make it apart of the hair texture so it's less noticeable in the dark. don't use highlights for hair. But none of that was gonna work for me, I wanted a solution that complement the tools already in UE4, I want to take advantage of lights already in the scene. the solution above assumes a single light direction and a single light color and intensity. It doesn't know anything about the lights in the scene or shadows or anything like that.

It was around this point that I was basically just gonna give up on hair, it didn't work well enough or look good enough to justify it. IF ONLY THERE WAS A WAY I COULD TELL WHERE LIGHT WAS COMING FROM IN A SCENE AND HOW MUCH!

Why not raytrace?

SO i did!


1. Trace rays to relevant lights in the scene. 2. ??? 3. PROFIT

The solution was really simple, each light would contribute a small part in the light color, intensity and direction. By finding an average of all the relevant lights I could easily get decent approximation of the scene lighting, Now if tracing a bunch or rays to every light sounds expensive, That's cause it is! But by limiting my ray counts and doing some simple temporal denoising and disabling the effect on far away characters, the hit to performance is minimal. The results speak for themselves.


Correct Direction and color of highlight in the light and no highlights in the shadows.

It's a small detail but I feel it's worth it in the end.

But to close things off I wanted to share one new design I'm working on, She's one of my favs so far. No name just yet.

See y'all again soon.


No she does not resemble a character you might already be familiar with, HOW DARE YOU!


Posted by JoSilver - April 26th, 2021

As Always, I'm making posts about what exactly it is that I'm doing, RIGHT Here, on Newgrounds. Be sure to check in every two weeks to read up on what's going on.

So this past two weeks I've been experimenting with a few things. There are like a million projects I want to work on and go through, But there is only so much time for any of them. I decided to take some time with one. Something I had been wanting to do for ages now but I kept putting on the back burner.

To start things off, Back in September of 2019 I made this set for Madness Day.

To this day I'm very proud of what I accomplished with this set, that said it's incomplete. There was supposed to be a whole lot more going on with this set. For starters this is an integral part of the story there.

I was never able to finish it in time, around that time things got really rough regarding my personal life. 💔

I lost a lot of drive to do much of anything. But I got back on the horse as you do..Then the Fire Nation attacked and I was forced to stay inside for... GOD OVER A YEAR NOW! Point is my mind has been all over the place and I really wanted to get back to it but other projects took precedent.

Except for these last two weeks, I started brain storming ideas and coming up with a few sketches of my ideas


Just a handful of my nightmares.

Last August I made a game for the LOW REZ Game jam on Itch.io. I thought I'd be working some time soon after the game jam ended to I said to myself "Why the hey not"... How naive I was.


I made a post in this thread documenting it's development if you guys wanna read it.

I'm really proud of what I was able to accomplish with the game for just two weeks of work (CRUNCH!) I really flushed out a lot of core game systems. A RE style inventory System. Bullying UE4 into basically spitting out pixel art. Procedural generation of environments. Writting a UI System from scratch (Not using any of UE4 UI Systems) that would work with my 64x64 resolution. On top of all the art I did from scratch.

So through my brain storming, I thought, why not.... MIX!!!! MIX!!! MIX!!!!!!111121


Procedurallly Generated Interior.

I've been creating from scratch an new and improved system for procedural generation of indoor environments. My hope is to basically write a new System capable of doing all that better, faster and more efficiently while allowing for more complex geometry generation. When this is all said and done I'm definitely going to repurpose it for Tales of Luka. ToL will require a bit of a rewrite to generate the kind of terrain I need for it.

My hope is to refit the system so I can use it to build environments like these much more efficiently.

I have lot of excellent systems worked out already. Now I just need to come up with a good system for loading enties in to the world along with Asset loading. Then proper editing tools. (Right now I'm basically just passing in commands through a command line.)

With all that said... I am going to getting back to Project Honey this week. I think going forward I'm gonna switch off for two weeks between these two. Taking some time off of Project Honey has really energized me. And I'm ready to get back in the saddle.

I'm the kind of person who can't work on the same thing for too long, I lose focus to easily and get bogged down with small little problems, rather then looking at the big picture. Plus maybe It will be good to force myself to get as much as I can done before I force myself to put my pencil down. Who knows. I'm gonna try it out and you gals will be apart of this little experiment too.

Well that's all I have for you this week,

And with that, See ya'll again, real soon.


Posted by JoSilver - April 11th, 2021

As always, I'm letting you guys know what I've been up to, every two weeks, here on Newgrounds. Be sure to check in to see just what the heck is going on.

I wouldn't categorize the last couple days as in anyway being slow, it's really more of casual. Casually drawing cartoon lewds and what have you. I've had a bit of fun. Been drawing alot of Total Drama stuff. And i've come to a conclusion... The character designs are kind of awful. They make absolutely no geometric sense. They were never really meant to be viewed from angles I'm trying to view them from. To see what I'm taking about here you go.

I almost gave up on the last one but I powered through it.

I also did this little gem.

Largely I've spent the last week or so just doing whatever. Stretching my legs a bit before I jump back on to project honey. I want to take a little bit more time to work on something I really wanna take a quick whack at. Nothing big just something. Something I've been neglecting lately. Sorry to be vague but, it really is... you know vague.

Sorry I don't have much more to say or share with you guys. I'm just playing it by ear right now.

And with that, see y'all again soon,


Posted by JoSilver - March 28th, 2021

As always I'm making news posts HERE on Newgrounds, Every two weeks. Letting you all know what's going on! Be sure to tune in.

So lately I'm taking a little break from Project Honey, my brain is a bit fried from working on it and I need to shift gears for a bit, do something else and return with fresh eyes. Not a long break maybe about a week or so. I need to do something else. I got some ideas for smaller stuff to work on and hopefully I'll have something for you guys by then. One good thing about working on project honey is that it has forced me to solve a lot of little problems here and there that have either never occurred to me or I never had need to solve. I've learned alot and am looking forward to putting those lessons in to practice. A big one was the rig I used for animation. Animating for a game is very different from animating for anything else. Or really animating for something running in real time is a big challenge in a lot of subtle and invisible ways. A large one is mesh skinning.

I always want to come up with a good solution to some of these problem but I just never really had a real need it until I started project honey. Suddenly solving them became a priority. For example, there are lot of issue that crop up with limb twisting. This image illustrates it pretty well.


"Candy Wrapper" twisting problem

There are a number of solutions to this problem that work well in offline rendering but options are limited for realtime rendering. The simplest solution to problems like this is just not have your character move like that. However, when it comes to project honey, characters are going to be frequently in "Compromising" positions so it's important that chracters can handle a good deal of twisting.

The solution I came up with works well enough and even simplified my characters modifier stacks in blender. Along with other bits and bobs I've solved, I'm bring those solutions to Luka and the gang.

But just change gears for a bit, character designs for project honey has been quite taxing for me. I wanted to keep things simple, really simple. This is how I wanted basically all the characters to look.


Old Body Shape.

I was adamant about making all the characters looks like this, square head. boxy shape, no actual feet. This was to make the process of designing charcters as simple as possible while allowing for a decent amount of wiggle room. But things just kept nagging at me. Like I really wish there were feet, or I want the legs and knees to be more shapely. This whole process of little and incremental changes has really slowed the design process down but I say it's gonna been worth it in the end.


New Body Shape.

I really didn't want to make all these changes to the body at first, but I just kept being frustrated with the old design. But all the characters all just look so much better now... and sexier... or at least I think so. I will admit I have made designing characters significantly harder now so I feel like this is a good place to stop, she looks cartoony and cute while not being too simple. When I get back to Project Honey I feel like things are going to go well.

And with that, I'm off to do something else.

See ya'll again soon.


Posted by JoSilver - March 14th, 2021

As always I'm posting, here on Newgrounds, news and other whats-its about what I'm up to. Don't forget to check in every two weeks for more scandalous updates.

Sadly things have been pretty slow this week for a number of reasons. I seem to have came down with a case of something... probably not that! Most likely not that, but It's got me quite down lately I'm feeling better but it really put a damper on me for a week. I don't much go anywhere these days so it probably ain't that. That said, me and the family can't wait to get vaccinated.

But on to Project Honey. When I started the project always wanted to stay small. But I wanted it to be a game that one could play for like hours, I wanted it to be a full game. My overall design facilitated this, I would reuse alot to make a formidable but short game.

As I work on this game I keep saying I can do more, and I want to do more but I also don't want to be working on this game for more than a few months. The only way I can really do that is by making cuts. I want to keep this a simple and lean project for me. I want to keep in the scope of a one man project. I realized I was getting a bit in over my head while trying to come up with enemy designs. No so much coming up with designs. That's the easy part really the hard part comes in with the fact that I want each enemy to serve a unique purpose and to interact with each ohe in unique and novel ways. Now, what I could do instead is not do any of that at all.

You see what I currently want is another insect design. To make things simple, what I could do is just make a wasp girl, change her colors a bit, change up her behavior a tiny bit,

Bing Bang Boom, DONE....!


No, that's the last thing I want to do, I want her to be visually and functionally unique, and let me tell you gals... that's tough. Not impossible, not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that it will take a lot of time and energy on my part to do it. None of this is to say I don't have any ideas for her, or other enemies, I got plenty. The issue is that again I want them all to not only be unique but also function in tandem with each other.

So it's like I might be like ok so I want to give this one a certain type of dress but this one is already wearing that type of dress. OK, well which one does it work best on? what if I change this? Which one do I change now that this one looks too much like that one over there?!

But again not complaining, merely illustrating for you all the trouble I currently face. As a result I realized that I would face this kind of back and forth with other aspects of the game down the road with level design, story and other bits and bobs with my current scope.

Not impossible for me, it's just it would all take far more time than I want to take for this project, and more than I think is fair to take on this project, for me, the developer and for you, the audience.

As a result of this line of thinking, I am going to scale back quite a bit. I can always make a bigger game in the future if this game is a success or even worth playing. Right now, for me the motto is Quality over Quantity.

My hope is with this shrunken scope the project will come together much more smoothly and quickly. When the game is done and out I'll have alot to talk about when it comes to my initial goals for this game, maybe in the next game, but not this game.

I didn't want to leave you guys empty handed this week so I wanted to share one of the new designs I came up with, she's still very much in the early stages of development but I like where she is going... let me know what you think.


With that's all I have for you this week,

see ya'll again soon.


Posted by JoSilver - February 28th, 2021

Hey, don't miss out, I do a news post on what I'm up to every two weeks HERE on Newgrounds. Be sure to check in to see all the latest from you're truly.

The past two weeks I've largely been in full production mode on Project Honey. My current task is creating characters. And there are gonna be a couple. At least a handful of them are going to buxom babes of all manner of things. Ranging from plants to animals and anything in between. So wanted to both share and get some feedback from you guys on the designs I have in store.

My main design goal was not simply to put the characters in as little clothes as possible, not only is that boring but also not very fun to work on. I've been getting inspiration for designs from all over the place. For each one I'm doing my best to give each on a unique theme and design, it hasn't been easy and none of these ladies are by any means "Done", Some of them I'm very happy with, others are definetly going to get another pass.

To start things off let me introduce you all to the protagonist of this little adventure....


Ursula Pedaldrop

Ursula is the proud owner of a small little potion shop just outside the royal city. Her various potions and tonics are known through out the kingdom for their potency and quality. There will be more about Ursula herself at some other date right now my focus is her design. For the most part Ursula is the only human character, strictly speaking, I'll be showing off here. The design of her robe was tricky. I wanted it to be revealing but believable that, I ended up with a design that was more of like a dress then a robe. I wanted to give her stockings at first but decided leaving her legs bare gave her an certain elegance yet rawness, contraction and duality things I wanted to come out with here. Dark day and a bright night.

Next up is one of the first designs I came up with for project honey and partly the reason it's code named that.


Buxom Bee

These gals love flowers and clump in a group, if provoked they will swarm, best to handle them first. There is still a bit of work to do with her. For example I still need to give her wings and unfortunately in this angle you guys can't see her stinger. I wanted a mix of cabaret and toughness. I wanted them to look like they're in a gang but they preform at the rec center on weekends. I'm fond of this design but feel I can do more to make those ideas come out.

Up next is a common lady you'll see project honey but one I hope you'll like.


Rococo Morte

These undead women of the upper crust tend to wander aimlessly, and mindless peruse the player, regardless of obstacles. Designing these gals gave me some trouble, at first I wanted them to more closely look like a typical peasant girl, However she just looked way to done up for both a zombie or a peasant... SO ran with that idea. I intend to add more flourishes to her design but for now this is where she is.

Next up is something a bit different.


Still coming up with a name for her.... ( Demon girl... Semen demon, IDK)

These girls for the most part will ambush the player, They will appear from nowhere and pelt the player with magic before poofing themselves away. Obvously I wanted her to be a sort of demon girl, a character that looks like shes bad to the bone. I love her design so far but I'm not sure about it. Her design my end up changing drastically in the final game... But we shall see.

Next is something I've been sitting on for years finally I'm using for something.


( AquaFilha)

Theese dames stay near the water and with their bubble attacks make it tough for the player to approach them. I based her design off an old sketch I did back in ... has it really been that long... 2013. I love the design but feel I need to work on the legs a bit more.

Next is the last of the some-what complete designs...



These wild gals attack the player with great prejudiced even if something else unfriendly shows up. They leap high in to the air and Bomp down on the player with their bottoms. Her design gave me a lot of trouble. I wanted them to look tribal, wild and needlessly salacious. I also tried to make sure they didn't resemble anything sort of actual native people. I have many hobbies, but sticking my dick in a wasps nest is not one of them. A first I wanted to give her something like a faux hawk or half shaved head, but I really didn't want to stick my dick in the bees nest so I decided to take a page from Donkey Kong and give her ridiculous golden locks, I think she looks quite cute, Might tweak her look a bit more.

Last but not least... But the one I've least worked on.



These flowers think their better than you.Usual they will be followed closley by an entourage of Buxom Bees. Due to their heightened sense of superiority, they will attack the player on sight, firing seeds at her. Sadly I haven't gotten a chance to flush her design out yet. What I want to go for with her is something like a carnival dancer, those ladies know how to party! I'd go in to more details but she's next up for an art pass and I can't really take about something I haven't done yet.

I have quite a few more Ideas for lovely ladies for project honey.I'm trying to come up with as many designs as possible some wont make in the game some will be repurposed. I have a pretty solid Idea for the mechanics behind each one but I'm not sure how well each idea will work as a couple have yet to be implemented and a couple are still very much in the design phase and I'm hoping atleast one design that I just do on a whim might inspire me.

That's all for this week, let me know what you think.

See ya'll again soon.


Posted by JoSilver - February 15th, 2021

It's been a slow past two weeks for a number of reasons. Life stuff getting in the way. But My next update to you guys should be more robust. I've been experimenting with art styles and design concepts for Project Honey. I'm pretty confident I've figure out the setting and main character of the game, but I'm still toying with concepts.

Next Time I'll have more for you guys.


Posted by JoSilver - January 31st, 2021

As always, I'm making letting you all in on what I'm doing here on Newgrounds, Every Two Weeks. So be sure to check in on just what the heck is going on.

So Project Honey is coming along very smoothly. I've given myself a month to prototype the game. So far I have the basic nuts and bolts of this game down. Making a game, any game take a lot of time and effort and a lot of that effort goes largely unnoticed by players. Really we only really notice the lack of effort on these parts, (Your character falling through the world, T-posing NPC, DEAR-GOD-WHAT-HAPPENED-TO-THEIR-FACE moments.) I wanted to make sure that I put in all that leg work early, doing the kinda boring, kinda of tedious work of making the game actually work.

Everything has to be made from scratch, this is the case with just about any game you make, for example Unreal does not have a default title screen for you to use, or pause menu, or loading bar, no it does not.

You gotta make that stuff. Along with things like pickups and ai, figureing out how you are going to load and unload levels, lighting, physics. That's not to say it doesn't have tools to make these things easier but unreal has a lot less canned anything then one would think and between you and me that's how I like it. Working in unreal feels a lot less like working with a game engine and more like working with an API. It's bare lumber used to build a home, not a set of pre-made rooms.

With all that said I feel I have really strong foundation for the game, I know how I'm going to do everything I would want to do in the game. But now comes, what is in my opinion, the real challage. What exactlly is the game about?

This is my current goal for the game figuring out exactly what everything is going to be. Story, Characters, setting that sort of thing. Or at least a rough Idea of all that noise. I already know how the game is going to play but I don't know how it's going to play out if you catch my drift.

Where I currently am at the moment is trying to figure out what kind of enemies there will actually be in the game, how do they behave and interact with the player any each other. A great example of what I mean are these two rough concepts for enemies. Bees and Flowers.


Bees and Flowers!

Bees and Flowers are a combo of enemies that I think is a fun idea. Flowers are a fairly tough and rare enemy, they fire projectiles at the player while trying to keep their distance, Flowers are actively hostile to the player and attack on sight. Bee and the other hand are a fairly weak enemy that hang out in packs of 2 or 3, when attacking they rush the player to sting them while making themselves hard to hit. Bees are not hostile to the player on sight, instead they only attack if provoked and one thing that provokes them is attacking a flower.

I have a couple Ideas for enemy interactions, like an enemy that actively hunts down another type or something like that. I want to make enemies more than just obstacles in project honey, because they aren't obstacles, they are the goal. They are the thing you are even playing the game for.

That being said I'm also trying to figure out abilities for the player to unlock over the course of the game. Something that's really easy for me to do now because I put in the effort to really nail down how the games handles the players and character actions. Every character runs two state machines, one that is for the overall state of the character, things like are they alive, are they dead, are they horny. The other state machine controls the actions they are currently performing, such as jumping, shooting, using an object. picking something up, havingthesex, that sorta stuff. It allows me to easily add new action by simply creating a new states and adding new connections and conditions for those connections between states rather than creating a huge unweildy web of elses and ifs. for example, I can add a "light a match" state that handles all the logic of lighting a match, I can make it so a character can't light a match underwater because in order to get into the "light a match" state in the first place they need have a match ,not be in water and be in the "not doing anything special" state, so the player can't defy logic by being able to light a match under water by shooting a bazooka at an off bit of geometry because you can't go to the "light a match" state from the "shooting a bazooka" state...

If any of that made sense to you, you deserve a high five. That's where I stand right now, next time I should have something more visual to share with you guys.

But that's if for now.

See y'all again soon