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JoSilver's News

Posted by JoSilver - 11 days ago

As always, I'll be making a news post, here on Newgrounds, about what I'm doing, who I've been talking to and other overly personal details. So be sure to tune in for all the juicy details.

Sorry if anyone got worried that I didn't post last week, Things sorta got messed up with the Halloween post as far as schedule goes. I'm back on my orginal schedual of posting. I should have said something but I basically only noticed the problem like a day or so ago... Sorry my dudes!

As I've stated before, currently work on Project Honey is in a bit of a stand still, But on that note I do have some good news, the good news is by Mid December I will have plenty more time to work on the game. This time away from the project has really given me a moment to really think about where things are headed. It's allowed me to rethink some things. Now, fear not, I'm not planning to restart from scratch but I am reconsidering a lot of things.

But sadly I do not have any concrete Project Honey news.

So, what the hell am I doing?! In my spare time lately I've just been messing around with Luka and her buddies. Just this halloween I released this.

This was a project I really wanted to do, I ended up shooting myself in the foot to get it done, but in my opinion it was worth it. As I stated before I really feel as if I have solidified the look of Luka and her world. Early iterations of Luka weren't... great.

But I feel her new redesign is damn near perfect. Still some things to fix up, but simply, it's much better.

So I took it upon myself lately to update Luka and Zanshi's outfit's.


It's nothing too crazy but it address a number of issues I had with their old designs.

Here are their previous designs.


Apart from the obvious adjustments to proportions, their new designs are largely the same, but I did want to move away from the pixelated look, It just doesn't go well with the look of the world anymore, if it ever did. Luka just needed some tweaks mostly to her bottom piece. Zanshi had the most work done on her clothes. Originally Zanshi's clothes were designed simply to look different from Luka, not much though was given in to exactly what she was wearing. Heck, my earliest iteration of her she was simply a palette swap of Luka. It's a design that only really made "Sense" back in these days.

(Heck, Jeza looks real different now.)

I wanted to keep the splash of color I gave her, while bringing out more of who Zanshi is in her clothes. I think it looks way better, However I did say "fuck it" to a couple problems with their designs. What exactly is Luka's breast plate made out of... IDK. How exactly does Zanshi hide her bulge... Look kid I just work here.

When I get around to it I'm gonna take whackes at the rest of the crew, I got big plans for Luka going forward and "The Dying Thoughs of Jeza" was sort of a proof of concept on how I can proceed forward with "Tales of Luka". Expect to see more.

That's gonna be it for now, Have no fear, there will be more to talk about next time,

See ya soon!


Posted by JoSilver - 1 month ago


Don't come to my house...




As always, I'll be making news posts, every two weeks, here on Newgrounds, about what I'm doing, who I'm with and what exactly is that awful smell coming from the basement. Be sure to check in for all the gory details, don't be a stranger now!

Sadly no Project Honey news this week, Next week is gonna be a REAL busy week for me at work so sadly we won't be hearing about it for at least two more weeks. Sorry guys, it really pains me to say that but it's true. As soon as I get the time to really work on the game in earnest, You'll all be the first to know.

The Dying Thoughts of Jeza

The dying thoughts of Jeza is my latest installment in to the on going saga of Luka... Really more like the opening piece, as I've really not done anything truly story related with Luka and all her supple and pliant friends. Really it's more of a testing ground for the tone and atmosphere of the Series as a whole. In general it won't have nearly as much sex, blood and gore... wait, no, I mean it will have exactly that much sex, blood and gore. The tone is really where I laid it on thick, for the most part I don't want Tales of Luka to have such heavy moments but there will be plenty.

It's more or less suppose to be a whimsical fantasy romp, filled with existential dread and the realities of living in a medieval fantasy land. All the good stuff! I wonder If I should continue the series in a similar style, writing with images.

If you guys enjoy the format, well we might just be in business.

Getting it submitted was a process. I wrote the story knowing Newgrounds had a character limit on Art Comentary (12,228 to be exact) so I fit with in that limit... But then I started embedding images. as It happens image embeds count as 40 or so character, in total putting me over by about 600 or so. I had to trim things down some, I ended up cutting a few lines here are there. I really feel like it needs a rewrite to accommodate the changes. On top of just a few things that I feel don't work as well as I though at first.


Now that's what I call efficient.

I'm kinda of new to writting, or really writting something and submitting it to be critiqued and read. Let me know what you guys think. Even if you hate it let me know why..

Luka's Makeover

Luka has changed a lot since I first even came up with her. She started as a no name attempt at Minecraft lewds ( YOU WIN @SlipperyT ) to what she is today. I won't deny the Minecraft roots of Luka and her world I feel I've really refined the look of everything.

certainly when compared to my original attempts. Honestly not too proud of these. It's like what the he-e-ll was I thinking, guys!

The process of going from her original look to her current one was a long and painful journey. The issue I kept hitting was simple, If I wanted to blood, the guts, the sex, the voilence, It' needed to be somewhat grounded in reality to have an sort of punch! For example a charred and bloody skeleton would have far less of an impact if it looks like a card board box. So I decided I need to make her more grounded, more proportionate to an average human being, even though strictly speaking she's not suppose to be human.


Left: Old Design, Center: New Design, Right: Realistic Human for reference height.

I re-sculpted the body a wee bit, adjusted the limbs and head a wee bit and also, a Mouth! Presto, she's cooked.Just wish I didn't bash my head in a wall so many times to get here.

Check it out!

Really, I couldn't have done The dying thoughts of Jeza with out making all the changes to characters and the world first. That is entierly because I feel it's finally ready. Luka and her pals are finally a place where I can say, I can do exactly what I want to do without worrying if it will look too goofy or out of place.

But that's will be all for this Halloween, I hope you all enjoy what I've got for you.

See ya'll again soon!



Posted by JoSilver - October 24th, 2021

Yes that is on Halloween... Yes, that is relevant. Don't Expect too much but it something... Spooky.


Posted by JoSilver - October 10th, 2021

I've been taking a small break lately, I've been overworked lately and just need some time to get my self back together. I am currently working on a major project for my job and class, I needed to lighten the load on myself a bit and clear my mind. So I decided I need to take some time away from Project Honey. I mentioned before I was hoping to have the game done by now and honestly if I was able to work on the game the way I normally would have I just might have been able to.

Sadly no real news this week other than that. When I get back to Project Honey Hopefully I'll have the abilty to deticated more time to it.

Currently I though I'd start messing around with an old favorite. As soon as Project Honey is complete, I want to get back to it. I have plans.


I made some tweaks to shaders and most obviously to geometry. I got plenty more tweaks I'd like to make. It's not much but hope you guys like some of the changes.

Looking back at the original version... I'd say I've made improvements.


Posted by JoSilver - September 26th, 2021

Be sure to tune in every two weeks to the latest scope in all thing related to me, My projects, my sex life, how many DUI's I received this month, Only here, on Newgrounds.

So I can't say things are back to normal, but things are back on track. I finally have some more time to dedicate to Project Honey. This time off from it really gave me some time to think about the project and where it's headed in a more of a production side rather than design. I noticed a problem that was cropping up, The game world is getting too big... Or really it's getting to big to manage as one whole.

At the beginning of the project the game was going to be more of a level based game. This was chosen at first to make the world easier to create but it just wasn't working from a design aspect. So I decided to instead make the game a bigger open world type deal, there were smaller level like areas but it was, in the game logic, one big level and this was working fine but problems started to crop up. Adding something to one section meant making sure it didn't over extent into other parts of the world. It made building lighting way slower. I had to start implementing level streaming, and charactes had to be unloaded when a level was unloaded. None of it was insurmountable but it's alot of work for honesly not too much payoff.

So I'm going back to a more level based design in that parts of the world will be separate levels. It will ease development by making it so that I don't need to worry about sections bleeding in to others or setting up overly complex streaming volumes. While it would be cool for the world to be completely seamless, Project Honey will play just the same with out a big seamless world.

A bit of a small post this week, but I didn't want to leave you guys hanging, thinking the game is canceled or something. It's not far from it.I don't know when the game will finally be finished at the current pace of production, But the game is shaping up. It's all a matter of time.

And with that, Hope you all have a Jolly Madness Day.

See y'all again soon.


Posted by JoSilver - September 12th, 2021

Sorry no new updates this week. I've been very busy these past weeks. However my schedule should clear up a bit in the following week, so expect new updates next time.

See you guys soon.


Posted by JoSilver - August 29th, 2021

Edit: Didn't mean to make this a front page post... Opps. Better add a NSFW Tag.

As always, I'll be making a post every two weeks on what I'm up to and other arcane secrets, HERE, on Newgrounds, So be sure to check in for all the forbidden dark arts.

So this is Life now.

So I'm writing this a little earlier than usual this week because I still have a lot to do today and tomorrow. So on top of starting classes this week, (it's only one class but still plenty of work) I also started a new job last week.

My Old boss called me and asked me if I could come work for her, With the Scourge and other things, she was in desperate need of an extra hand. We met we negotiated terms and at most until the end of October she's needs me everyday, Open till close. She's been good to me as an employer so, I was willing to make a small sacrifice to help her out in her time of need.

She needed the big guns, I and I was the big guns.

So needless to say I have a lot of things to do besides just work on Project Honey lately. That doesn't mean I've stopped working on it, it's just that things are moving very slowly right now.

But that doesn't mean a I have nothing new to show. So I wanted to give you guys another breakdown of Progress so far.

The Breakdown.

In my estimates this is the breakdown of Project Honeys Progress so far.

  • Main Game Systems 90% Complete
  • Level Design 80% Complete
  • Scenario and Script 15% Complete
  • Character Art 75% Complete
  • Environment Art 0% Complete
  • Sound and Music 15% Complete
  • Animations 45% Complete
  • Visual Effects 45% Complete.

Main Game Systems

Largely the nuts and bolts of Project Honey are all sorted out. Now I'm more or less in a Bug Squashing/Refinement phase of systems work. There are occasionally holes in the design that I need to patch up be largely project honey plays like the final game, just a handfull of missing gameplay features. There is still plenty to do as far as extra mechanical things here and there but that will be easy to implement Since core systems are pretty rock solid now.

Level Design

The layout of the world is largely properly mapped out. I'm still debating on whether or not do go bigger or smaller, but given my current schedule smaller is probably the way to go. What's really left is play testing.... Lot's of play testing. Adjusting enemy placements. Pick up locations, layout tweaks. as I've said before I want project honey to be a fun game and balanced game. I don't want things to feel haphazardly placed around the world, Largely they currently are but I'm tweaking and adjusting and adding things. Moving this over here, adding a pick up where the player might need one there. testing different enemies in different formations that are unique and fun to deal with.



There is still a lot to do, But most of the layout and planning work is done. Things still feel empty, but once I start adding props, it should all come togather.

Scenario and Script

I really haven't worked on this aspect yet, but I'm almost at a place where I can say I need to. I want to have a game first, then I'll figure all that out. But with that said, I have a solid idea of the core story now and game scenario, Things will diffidently change over time but I know more then ever how it will play out.

Character Art

This is a part of development that has taken a large portion of my time as of late. I'm in the process of bulking up the variety of enemies in Project Honey. My schedual was always pretty tight and I'm just one dude, palette swaps were always inevitable. However one thing I didn't want to do was just have a palette swap with little variation, I still want them to be visually unique.




Angry Bee

Now these two designs aren't radically different but isn't exactly just a recolor of the other. I'm confident there will be plenty of variety in the final game. That said a lot of the work ahead is refining and really nailing the looks of each of Project Honey's lovely ladies.

Environment Art

This is a part of development, I simply have done no work on. As I've stated before I want to know exactly what assets I will need before I start that work. Really it will be quick and easy work when I get to it.


I've recently done a lot of gameplay animations for project honey. There are still a lot left to do but a good number of important ones are currently in place. Development was coming to a point where I needed to know how certain animations would work on a technical level, Things like jumping and swimming and taking damage were so elementary to getting the game working they were the first things I had worked. But I wanted enemies to taunt the player or laugh at something, or get angry or happy. or shocked. So I took the time to really figure these things out on systems level.


They are not happy with you

So far things are going great. Each Character will have unique abilities and moves so I whipped up some animations here and there. That said, there is still a lot of work to be done.



Unfortunately I haven't done any sexy animations yet, But They are not super important to have in place yet. When I start working on them I probably will want a VA or two on hand to aid in the process.

Visual Effects

While I haven't done any sexy animations, I have done quite a bit of work on that when it comes to visual effects.


She came so hard she passed out!

There were a surprisingly large number of things to take into account trying to get the animation above alone working. For one I need to get ragdolls working in the game, a part of unreal that is a real pain in the ass. I wanted the balls and penis to dangle properly other wise they might just jiggle but not fall over and sway naturally. At the moment the game won't have ragdolls, but dangly bits work. Then I wanted characters to be dirty with cum. The solution I came up with works quite well really. I still need to flush it out more but it seems to be working with out to much issue.

Then I realized character should be able to wash off in water, and then I though... What does a cumshot look like underwater... So I had to figure out how to do that effect. It still needs some work but it seems convincing enough.


Doin' it, fishstyle!

There are still a large number effects I need to complete, I don't have any attack effect yet and there are a large number of them I need to work on.


Things are unfortunately going to slow down for Project Honey. But things are not going to stop. I'm still making progress and the next time you see Project Honey, there will be far more to show.

And with that, I'm out of news to share but,

See ya'll again soon.



Posted by JoSilver - August 16th, 2021

As always, I'll be making a news post on the latest of what I'm working on and other things, here on Newgrounds. Be sure to check in for all that juicy details.

Sorry for the late post and the short post, But last week was my birthday week and I took some time for myself. Me and my sister also partied pretty hard. We're getting to old for this shit. We drank for probably 2 days straight... The diarrhea and awful hangover was worth it though.

We saw Modest Mouse, and before anyone asks, I wore a mask the whole time while being super vaccinated, like a True Red Blooded American would. ( I got them Bill Gates microchips flowing through me, Makin' me a Femboi and shit!, Can't wait for my tits to come in. ) We went all around flushing queens, a bit around times square. Did a little shopping, a restaurant or two. It was a HOOT! If you got a birthday coming up I hope you guys have a bangin' birthday too.

If you missed it, I Posted this just before the partying started, I wanted to make sure I didn't leave you gals hangs this week, seeing as I was going to be drunk for most of it.

I plan on doing more with these chicks. Keep an out for it.

Next Week I'll have an update on Project Honey, I do have a lot to talk about But I'd rather save it for next time, cause then I'll have a real meaty post for you all to dig in to.

That's all I got for you this week,

See Ya'll again soon.


Posted by JoSilver - August 1st, 2021

Hey, Be sure to check here every two weeks for more news on what the flip I've been up to. Right here on Newgrounds. Don't miss out!

If there is one thing that's true, it's this. Working on any project is rarely a straight line, when it comes to making a game that comes doubly so. To say I almost ripped all my hair out would be putting my frustration lightly. I am however fortunate that I came up with solutions in the end.

Over the past two weeks my main goal has been Figuring out details for character designs and animation. My goal was to explore solutions for different character types and the general technical aspects of getting each characters working. Lately I've been shoring up my ranks with simple pallet swaps as a place holder. It makes designing new character behaviors possible without knowing exactly what the character is going to look like or have a model ready for them.

During this process I asked my self the question... What about a bird character. If I knew the kind of hell this one thought would drag me through I would have never even considered it.

So what's so tricky about a bird?

Simply put, nothing much. The problem lies in the fact that each character will be sharing a large number of animations to speed up animation production.

So while designing her, I had to do so with limitations in place. For the Eyes and Mouth all I've been doing for them was simply placing a texture on them. The animation is simple but effective for a cartoony look. So given this limitation... How do I do a beak?


So I quickly put together a quick bird girl. Nothing fancy, She still needs a lot of work but the most important bit was the beak.


Simple Bird Girl.

So now I asked my self how do animate the beak. To fit in with my current scheme I tried to come up with a solution with textures. And I did after a bit of brain storming the solution came to me.

Use a texture that contains vertex displacements to animate the beak, GENIUS I SAY!

But how do I make that texture?

Making the texture.

Usually, you use your 3D Modeling software to generate these more exotic textures, Textures such as normal maps. These textures could be done by hand but due to their technical specifications it's usually best to let a computer do it for you.


A Typical Normal Map

I'm pretty sure there is a way to generate the textures I needed in blender but I had become frustrated with blender and just decided the hell with it I'm gonna write my own software, With blackjack and hookers! The first step was building the rasterizer, lucky for me I happened to have a triangle rasterizer lying around. Then came loading in meshes and and processing them. I had decided to use a file format that blender natively supports, stanford (.ply)

The file format is simple, basically just an unbroken list of points and how they go together... Just one problem, it doesn't support The encoding of Tangents and Bi tangents...

All that tech jargon means I need to extra work to get them.

No problem right!



BEHOLD, DISPLACE-O! (Patent Pending.)


So for the less technically inclined among you, a Vertex Normal is a vector that points outward from a mesh and a tangent points along the mesh surface.


Example of Vertex Normal, Tangent, and Bi-Tangent.

All you need to know about them is that you need them to do just about everything to a 3D Mesh, from lighting to texturing, it's goes from being very useful absolutely required. and for what I was doing I needed all three.

It turns out calculating Tangents and Bi-Tangents is significantly more complicated then I had anticipated, I'm sure I could have figured out eventually, But I had already spend a few days just TRYING TO MAKE IT WORK TO NO AVAIL!

So I thought to myself why calculate something I know I can get from blender. So I opened the hood of blender and and did some good old modification to the stanford exported to include tangents and Bi tangents. Seeing as my Python as kinda garb-o and I know next to nothing about how blender works... It took a while but I got it working.

So now that I had my normal and tangents importing properly, it would turn out that not bother with them would have been just fine.... OK THEN!

UNREAL 4 is sometimes a bastard.

I'm really quite well acquainted with Unreal Engine. I'm very comfortable working with it, Turns out I was doing something they didn't really want me to do. For anyone in the back screaming Just use morph targets, Well that is the obvious answer but, Again my solutions needed to fit what I was already doing.

So at this point, I'm already about a week into this process that I anticipated only taking a day or two to bang out in it's entirety. So I have my textures and models load up in to Unreal and it look awful. It would have been at this point that a sane man would just give up and move on... BUT NOT ME!!!

So for whatever reason my Tangent space displacement textures worked like crap... I don't know whether it's my software or Unreal, but because I can, I'll blame Unreal for now. So, I decided, fine I'll just use a world space texture what could go wrong?

Jaws aren't supposed to look like that.

So I'm pretty confident what I'm about to say is true, there is no way in unreal to modify a skinned mesh before the it is skinned, what that means is I can't displace parts of a mesh before it gets animated. Not with out MORPH TARGETS

So why is that a problem.

So I tried my solution and I looked kinda funny, I though maybe that's just the limitation of this approach, so I made the character turn, their jaw didn't follow. Yay...

So I came up with a way to fix that, But then I had my character do a more complex animation, their jaw only pointed in one direction now. Yay...

Ok so the issuse is clearly that I need to map the displacement to the skinned mesh, no big deal, BUT I WAS A VERY BIG DEAL.

I was able to sort of get that to work by find the difference between the mesh and default location but the problem is there is now way to extract any sort of rotation or scale from this process.

So at this point I had almost gave up...

So how I fixed it in the end.

So in short What i need to do is apply bone transformations to the displacement before I can apply them, but since there was now way to do this in unreal I had to pass that information to the shader some how. And that's what I ended up doing, At the moment I am passing in two bone transformations to the shader, one for the head and one for the jaw, transforming the displacements and apply them and well.


So really this was all a really long and drawn out way of saying not only will Project Honey's character be more varied but more detailed and expressive than I could have hoped.

That's all I have for you today.

And with that, see ya'll again soon.


Look at that Smile! That's a winning smile!


Posted by JoSilver - July 18th, 2021

Hey you, Be sure to visit here every two weeks to see what I'm up to. I'll be making News post detailing all my exploits and scandals. So tune in for all the goodness.

This week I'm gonna be keeping things short as Progress has been a bit slow but I'm back on a decent pace. There really have been two things that have slowed me down quite a bit... Water and Path Finding.

Water was always in the plan but path finding, not really.

Newer releases of UE4 have great built in support for water and watery things too bad I'm not using those newer releases. Project Honey is Targeting a slightly older version, Whether it was had to or chose to, either way I built a lot of Water Systems for Project Honey. Water Shading, Water Physics and water effects... It's taken quite a bit of my time and I dare say sanity. But I think you'll agree things are actually pretty decent at the moment.


I'm quite proud of... well, just all of this.

All of it goes a long way in to making the game feel immersive and fun to explore. But graphics only get you so far,

and enemies are only as good as their A.I. Or at least as functional it is.

Many games can get away with near brain dead enemies but the more I worked on Project Honey the more I realized Project Honey was not one of them. While I don't claim that the enemies in Project Honey will ever pass as "Smart" they can at least now get around easily



It took me a lot of time and a lot of headaches to get my A.I. to even be able to follow the player, when I got it so they can traverse the level proper... That felt good.

With all that said where am I now... Balancing. Making enemies put up a fight with out being too tough or too much of push overs. Currently I'm buried in Spreadsheets, mulling over statistics and item distributions on top of brain storming Ideas of new Enemies. I thought I could get away with maybe 8 or 10 enemies... But no, I need way more than that. The key is variety, Sure the player can go through different location but what's the point if you're still seeing the same enemies. I'm working on Rare Enemy types that will put up a fight. Previously I was incredibly limited in what I could do but now the sky's the limit.

There is an enemy that I am super proud of getting working that I wouldn't have gotten working even kinda if I hadn't buckled down and figured out a good path finding solution. Now I'm coming up with a couple of new types that I think are going quite well.


She want you dead, SO BAD!

But really I still have a lot of work to do. If you had asked my a few months ago if I was confident I could get this game done, I would have said maybe... Now, I'm feeling really good about it.

Sadly, that's all I have this week.

See y'all again soon.