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Please don't publish unfinished projects.

GKAK responds:

sorry im a newb this is just a sketch

Not Bad, not bad at all.

The animation and art was great. Just seems a bit incomplete. Nothing is clearly labeled, that's fine and all the but the forward and back buttons are practically hidden, what you should have done was put a label with arrows on the bottles and then they glow when you got over them. It's good not to patronize your audience but at least make it obvious. A button is clearly a button, unless it's not.

It iss short, could have a little more, like a grinding animation or cum out option something like that would really flush it out. Also it's be nice if her expression change a bit over time, nothing huge, just something.

Also the sounds could use a little bit of work. I've found it's very hard to get sound for something like this to sound natural but it can be done. Like the moaning for the second animation just loops with the animation, it really shouldn't or ay least not the exact same sound over an over again. Random changes in pitch and length is all that's need to make it seem more natural and it's something you should really do. Also a little variation in voice clips wouldn't hurt either.

In conclusion it's a nice little loop but I could be so much greater with just a few little things added.

IkuGames responds:

I just updated it so that all the hit boxes on the buttons are larger. Enjoy <3


I have nothing bad to say about this! It was unique and varied. The art was nice. My only real complaint would have to be the background, I felt it should have actually had one, but honestly it didn't matter to much. I thought the music would eventually drive me insane but amazingly not.

Good job there buddy!


Sure pony porn, like that's anything new, but this... I'll admit you caught me off guard! Kudos on the pony porn and kudos on giving a guy like me, who's so jaded pony porn never even made me cringe ever, an actual shock!


Kajio responds:

Making the world a better place, one obscure-as-all-fuck fetish at a time.

I hope you ride that shockwave into another plane of existence, brochimeny.

In da poopa!

Kajio responds:

Needs moar

Let's see.

Mario... Check!
Scooby.... Cheek!
Winx Club... Check!
Overly Compressed sound effects... Double CHECK!

Let's just throw all this in blender and see what happens! Hmm, looks kinda funny... better throw in some crappy sex scenes for good measure. There, now it's prefect.

But seriously there is nothing good I can say about this.

It's decent but not great.

Objectively speaking the art could have used some work. Nothing ever really popped. For stuff like this in order for it to be good the art has to be good because it's got nothing else going for it.

Personally I don't think Sex and Violence should be mixed. I say pick one and leave the other one out, just look at my work... it's either sex or violence :D
It's really a shame that our society lumps the two in the same group, what's even worst is that more and more Violence is being seen as not so bad compared to sex. my teacher in high school told the class when she was showing us a movie that she can show us a bloody and violent movie but not one with any sex or nudity. the movie we saw was Schindler's List, once a tit came on the screen the teacher begins to fast forward... yeah...

I think this flash would be better if it focus on one alone. Personally I think you should make one flash that is sexy and another that is a torture game because to me it's certainly not a "You got chocolate in my peanut butter" moment.

Overall I say could a been loads better.


Bravo! BRAVO!

Probably the best Adult Game I've played EVER! Not only was the scenario believable but I was actually WELL WRITTEN! It's relatable and real and while it takes it's self seriously the game carries it's self very well.

My only gripe with this game is that the art wasn't all that great, something that a game like this truly thrives on. However everything about this game worked so well together It only detracts from the experience slightly.

Pat yourself on the back sir... You've done something I had though impossible.

Heh, Cute.

It's alright, Nice animation and art it's all very clean, however your English is atrocious. :D

So get back to work!

Im a homical Maniac who likes dounuts!

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