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Good, but could be better,

Now I'd like to say straight off the bat that I am going to be very critical because anything I don't mention is perfect.

1. This is a big issue that I had with this flash and this is the lack of a quality Button, it my seem negligible but this runs way too slow on my computer. Tween Heavy animations are very CPU intensive and and people using weaker systems can barely watch it.

2. I got alot of Run-time Errors, but then again I am running a beta version of flash player 11 and have been getting alot so i don't really know if it's just or people don't know how to code. it said there is a null object reference. that may be worth looking in to.

3. the art as a whole is nice but there are sometimes when it doesn't look all that great, for instance the heavy red blush doesn't look right with a feathered edge, and the way you did the animated the "coitus" in the riding animation is very easy to see where you stop drawing and started masking also the guys body in that position is very proportional to the rest of the animations. also I think that a plain colored background shows a lack of thought, but that's more of an personal opinion.

Other than those points I was very good, I liked the intro, didn't care for the default song but there is more than one. and pretty good verity.

I say lacks that extra coat of paint but effort went into it and a job well don't.

Now go celebrate your 2nd daily.

Sin-sister responds:

Thanks for the lengthy critique, Jo :]

1. I had considered adding a quality button, but I thought the screen was cluttered enough already. And I guess I have a pretty decent computer, so I've experience no lag.

2. Hmm, those show up in 11? Odd. I didn't have any in my FLA. I mean, my output panel kept blinking occasionally but no errors 0.o

3. Agreed for all points. But I'm wondering why people are so concerned with the background haha

Thanks again, Joe. I'll remember these points for my next game ;]

Nice Game.

Over All this game is solid, controls are good, well designed and planned out. However the game could use some serious refinement. Artistically speaking this game is awful, however it's consent and overall the game doesn't look bad it just doesn't look interesting. There are nice touches like the lights and such but it all looks very dull.

I'm not telling you change the art style however everything looks the same and no one thing seems to pop. which would make the levels more memorable. This a very Nicely done game however artistically it needs work and design wise there is room for improvement.


Do not flood the portal with broken and unfinished games... If you must inform people of you're progress, start a thread in the forums and use the dumping grounds to show off your flash.

Don't upload things like this to the flash portal, it is against the rules.

- Your movie must not be a pointless "demo" or "preview" without any redeeming qualities.

Very Nice!

Excellent animation and art, however I did feel the titlescreen was bit off... Idk. Hard to explain.

I think you should added vaginal too. Hell the way she shakes her ass just begged for it if ask me, LOL!

Well, Nice job for something short and sweet. I Approve.

Rock-Candy responds:

Maybe you're not familiar with me, but my rule nr 1 is:
No vagina sex ever.

Glad you liked it though.

To be Honest...

I was looking to report a stolen forward to report a stolen flash. :3

To many people don't submit there own work when it comes to this kinda stuff.
Nice to see some one actually make a flash!

I approve.

Kajio responds:

Yeah for most people it's steal something, or throw together a quiz game with other people's hentai (no credit of course) and calling it their own.

I'm glad you like it :)

Ok First of all...

It is not ok if you did not masturbate to this game, plain and simple.

Anyways the song for the chocolate stud ended to soon I was tapping keys for a good minute afterwards until it finished.

You know what.

After sitting down with this game after eating my oreos and finally relaxing after nothing but tapping keys for 3 day I gotta say we made something special here.

Still need some touching up but in the condition it's it's cool. maybe we can add more levels.

I still got the level editor. :3

Probally the best game yet.

There is nothing bad I can say about it.

Amazing work for only 72 hours.

I was surprised the art was so good for so little time.
No bugs of any kind and you you even managed to provide graphics settings.
The Music fit very will and was Very Nice too.

What are people taking about, no one has any appreciation for pattern based bosses anymore... >:o

Excellent game all around, I'd love to see what you guys can come up with given more time.


But either glitchy or a flawed design.

One thing that need to be imporved is the music, it's not bad but it Just Drones ON!
the same 10 second loop over and over again... It almost drove me insane.

One problem was that I once fell through the floor because I switched characters from a great distance. my guess is you use hitTestPoint. because it's tile based it's better to use hitTestObject or HitTestPoint with shapeflag set to false. The problem is that hitTestPoint is it's pixel based and flash will only draw thing up to a certain point before it stops but the funny thing is if you use a bitmap to draw the part of the stage that flash wont draw it still doesn't count, and I assume when you switch characters gravity is nullified on the inactive character. instead wait a small period of time for the camera to be over the character before making them fully active as an alternative to that.

Also Why is it that the mammoth can kill things but god forbid the eskimo lands on a penguin. either this is a glitch or a terrible design choice. It was Impossible to beat between the colored doors because of it.

However the art is nice and it's a pretty solid game for 72 hours.

I hope you guys will take the time to address these issues there is nothing in the rules that says the game can't be updated after the deadline on that it has to be in the portal by then.

Nice But afew things..

Will one thing that would be better is if you moved on a grid while breaking ice blocks and then when you get to that dragon it switches to free moment.

Most of the tiles didn't tessellate very well, it's really quite easy to make a tessellated tile set when you get the hang of it.

Also it just ends... No big finale.

Obviously all these things coulda been done better if you guys were given more time but it's pretty good for what it is.

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