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Great Game!!!!

alittle too easy tho!!!

MaxManning responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game. It gets pretty hard eventually. Maybe I should have increased the difficulty quicker.


this is the first flash game I've ever play that you could do a wall kick on there was a stealth mechanic AND your enemies reacted to your pressence or disaparrence!!!!
but how ever you shoulda made it so that you could move whule jumping... realstic phisics aren't alway the best for games and twick the wall kick alittle it difficult a fisrt untill you get the hang of but it's still to hard for fluid game play. to top it of the graphic could been WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it needed some more sounds!
but very good effort!!!!!!!!!!!! I saulte YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Well Done.

The graphics where great, and the music really set the mood. It also really suck you in to the game, (I was playing in the middle of the night and It freaked me out, LOL) It should been atill longer but I can't really ask for to much now can I. Other then that no complaints of any kind, Brilliant peice of work. Near perfect.


Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, Yeah I wished I could have squeezed in a little more but filesize and a xmas deadline kinda meant I had to rush a little towards the end, despite pulling 15 hour days for a week or so ;-)

anyway as I keep saying, hopefully the sequel will be an improvement and all you guys' comments really help, so thanks for that!!

holy crap that was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

the best man and so unexpected!!!! nice job!

very well done!

it had an intresting concept and it was well done game play. the controls were solid and it worked well. I loved the character designs and the death animation ROTFL!!!
very well done!!!!!!!

good but lacking.

very good and origanal concept but I think it would be better if after awhile more Hungerus Maximus appeared (lol funny name) and maybe you had to avoid baddies or clear the way so they can eat in peace! also it would be nice if you could erase line that you make but not all of them just so your eraser runs out or something like that and it really easy, too easy. they should get hungry faster.

well anywho nice game though
could be better but great job.

nice try!

it's pretty good. well excepted for the exception of a preloader and why didnt you compress the movie it's almost a 5MB for that!!!!!!!
at least your drawing skills a decent i gotta give you that but it WAS lacking. not that all the dress up on this site are good but they dont suck. they got preloader and are a huge file size for a reason! And anywas it's nice to see young ppl making flash games and movies.... like me!!! improve ur skills thought, that's what you need to do not that i aint the best but I sure aint the worst.... and now that I thought of it.... how come you aint use a preloader from newgrounds!!!!
this has beed the eventual ruler of newgrounds!!! signing off!!!! *bleep*

Dead2Animations responds:

lol thanks for review how do i compress it? o_O by the way it had a preloader weird :\

The best!

This actually taught me how to write a script instead of telling me how to write a certain script. THX, YOU ROCK!!!! NOW I CAN WRITE ANYSCRIPT I WANT!!!!!!!!


thx this is the first tutorial that really help me alot, thx!!!!!!
I was having so much trouble programing button and making my movie stop and so on but thx to you i Now KNOW HOW!!!!!!! THX SO MUCH DUDE!!!! I OWE YOU ONE!!!

it was fun

the words are like imposible to guess but then again it would be no fun if it werent for that!! add more ways for him to die!!!! ok

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