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It's a cute little game, I like it the art and presentation is nice but it's not very satisfying to play. The game is just too hard. I don't think it should be super easy just a bit easier. The power bar just moves way to fast, it feels like complete chance where the ball is going to go. It feels like you can't really make any progress in the game.

I'd say if it was just a bit easier it would be more fun, nudes aren't enough to keep people playing.

Dezue responds:

Heyho, JoSilver!
Thank you for playing! I agree with what you (and others) said about the difficulty, that's why the next update will have that adjusted AND more nudes :D Better safe than sorry, right? ;)
Stay funky,

Without a doubt this one heck of a novel and competent game. When it comes to capturing the essence of RE4 This game succeeds in spades. All of the villagers are immediately recognizable and accounted for and for a game jam game it's also mighty darn impressive. That being said, It feels as if more though was put into the aesthetics of the game than the design of the gameplay.

For the most part enemies are largely nicely designed, the female villagers are easy cannon fodder, the pitch fork dudes are a nice subversion of the established rules. The sickle guys are a good obstacle on paper.

The problem arises from the level design's interpretation of challenge. Enemies are largely placed in a way the doesn't provide an interesting challenge so much as its meant to maximize difficulty. Challenge and difficulty are not the same thing. I would consider headbutting a brick wall as hard as I can to be difficult but I wouldn't call it challenging.

Enemies are placed on more than one occasion in such a way that I am convinced there is no way to proceed with out taking any damage. This is compounded by the fact that the sickle guys take too many shots to kill before they start attacking again.

And the final boss, I managed to beat it, but nothing about the fight felt satisfying. The guy just mindless charges at you and barely gives you an opening to shoot him, I don't feel as if I figured out how to beat him, more that I was stubborn to find a way to reliably get a shot or two on him before he turned around.

All of these things are pretty terrible especially with discussing a game that wants to be a demake of RE4. RE4 was a pretty hard game but not too difficult, it was fair in it's challange. RE4 accomplished this not by making the enemies easy but by giving the player choices in how they dealt with every situation. you could go head shots or you could shoot them in the knee. From there you could melee the ganado or you could use the enemies pain state run away or past them.

One way that this could have been incorporated into the game is by say letting the player crouch. Imagine that the sickle guys when shot low fell over, Or if the boss would move the chain saw up and down depending on whether you were ducking or not giving you a small opening to to damage and make the player feel smart for figuring that out.

This is nice game but it's just too frustrating for no good reason. And this is come from some who loves games like contra and castlevania.

Gypopothomas responds:

Thanks for taking the time to write up the feedback, man! I'll have a think about some of this stuff n' make some changes.

It's ok, It's well put together but it's just a memory matching game, nothing too special there.

However the music started to play over itself.

Welp, it's ping pong, it works it's functional.

An A for effort.

Is that it?

It's a good day to for headphones!

This is a nice tutorial for some really simple Collision Detection but it's also rather slow ans imprecise.
HitTestPoint doesn't work 100% of the time, problems arise while using Vcams and such, hitTestPoint is based on the Rasterized graphics of a MovieClip, doing things like changing the quality can effect it's results.

A much better approach is to create some sort of collision shape and then calculate if the point is in it without using hitTestPoint.

Also using a for loop to continuously check a point is very slow, the fast something moves the more work has to be done, It's better to use lines and calculate collision points, it only needs to do it once per object rather than for as fast as it's going and for every object.

For Beginners or as a smaller project this is a good method to start out with, but soon you'll fine that this is insufficient for anything more complicated.

I'll admitted I spent far more time with this then I should have... There is something absolutely hilarious about this game to me. Whatever! :3

On a more constructive note I have a few gripes with the game.

There just not enough variety in the game. The guys all look the same (albeit with slight variations in skin tone.) The background is really static, once play for a while there nothing left to do.

I understand is suppose to be short but it does leave me longing for more. However I think one thing that could break up the monotony is having some of the guys with clothes, like one guy only has a tee shirt on, one guy had only his fly down and another is wear an Easter bunny suit. Frankly one reason I played this for as long as I did is because I was hoping for something like that. I really feels like missed opportunity to me.

But to end on a positive note, leaving the lack of a taco aside, it wasn't bad, not great but not bad.
Nice job.

Also I'm curious as to whether or not the cum effect was achieved with proprietary software or some physics library, I'm very interested in it.

It's not terrible but it certainly could be much better.

The biggest issue I have with this game is the interface is confuse and nondescript. Luck for you I have slightly more patience with porn then the average person, but unless I looked down and read the author comment I'd have No idea what any of those buttons did.

Got from the top down the button that take you to your FA page is pretty much hidden I never would have known it was a button until I click the background button and noticed it shifted. If anything that button should have been your name or logo or whatever and next to that I saw a "T" and some other symbol and at first I honestly thought those were social media links so I didn't bother clicking them.

Under that we have the options but I didn't know what any of it did at first since the controlled details the were unnoticeable that they gone away. The ear flicking and the eye sparkle should always be on because it adds emotion and and helps makes her seem like an actual living creature.

Also the heart icon should only appear when have the gender set to male or herm because if only has some sort of effect there. I honestly though it was the cum button but we'll get back to that.
So I saw at the bottom the buttons that were meant to control the speed but I was even thrown by those. I saw the four buttons and noticed the different number of apples but there were two apples on one button and one apple and a red dot on another. Now I may be calling my self stupid but the last thing you do when watching porn is engage in high cognitive thought, so I hit any button and saw what it did rather then intuitively know what each meant. I think you could have avoided that by making the initial speed the rest "animation". And lastly the Climax button, I actually thought there was no climax button and the game was completely broken. Why is the button the bar?

Other then the color change there was no way of me knowing and I didn't figure it out until I looked at the comment. Also the why is the zoom button the shaped like a stop button? I thought it paused the animation but it zooms in the flash and then once that's done theres no way to reverse is without restarting the flash.

With that said there is stuff to like here don't get me wrong.

The sound coupled with the animations give each of them a satisfying thump. Also while there is no visible exchange of fluids it actually quite satisfying especially with the nice deep breathing right after. However nothing else moves other then her legs. The whole thing needs more bounce to really make the animations feel natural and to give the male's thrusts more weight. For instance her hair should move a bit or her hips should be being pushed up towards her abdomen. Also a change in facial expression if only static would certainly help.

There's good stuff here but it both needs work and is buried under a mountain of initial confusion.

sb-af responds:

Thanks for all the tips, it's really nice seeing having constructive criticism. Next time, I think I'll just add a little box that show the purpose of each button when you hover them.

Also, the T is my tumblr, and the hat signature is just the FA of the guy who made the first drawing.

For the bounce, I would have had to rig a lot more of the puppet. Don't get me wrong, but that's hard work.

I felt it was necessary to properly critique, seeing as I defended the shit out of it.

While it's good it's certainly not perfect.

To me the games real problem is pacing, it's firing all engines at once immediately, you really need to give the viewer some time to absorb everything in the scene. Start with the girl getting penetrated or something, then build up from there. Also a fast animation shouldn't simply be a faster animation, that's boring, it needs to be something new to really give each animation sense of progression and purpose. Not a new position just something that truly defines as being different.

Also the art is pretty good, I can't find much fault in it, the animation is nice and smooth and the climax is good if not a little bit too fast, to really absorb it the first time. One thing i'd like to see is an option to remove things like her glasses and her bikini bottom, it always just bugs when people still have some clothes on in porn, it's a personal thing but something I'm sure others might share my opinion on this. Also I noticed the guy has kisses all over his pelvic region, I'd like to see how he got those, If only in a still image or something!

On the technical side the x-ray option slow things down a bit, I can't really tell you how to solve that issue but certainly simple things you can do. like export it's frames of animation as bitmaps.

It's nice flash game that could use some improvement but for where it's at now, Nicely done!

IkuGames responds:

Yeah, thank you for saying all of that stuff back there.

Good advice. I'll keep it in mind. This project has been in halted development, and I had finished the principal animation a long time ago, so I've learned a lot of new tricks since then that are going to improve the things that I'm working on now.

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