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Looks structurally unstable.

RaptorAnim responds:

That's why he has a low center of gravity

I hear you on those samples brother, but seeing as you were using mostly diffuse materials you probally could have gotten good result with denoising. I try my best to make sure I never need more than 256 samples, other wise I'll rendering till june! But really by best advice is when you can, Fake your indoor scenes.

Nice work though.

The ghost looks especially feisty!

She cute!

Pretty Good for messing around with blender. There are acouple things that could probally be improved with with some impoved weight painting, unless it's a sclupt. She doesn't quite bend right in a few places. but over all she looks nice. you should also use some more sample or try using denoising.

I love me some S'ghetti!


The way her hair falls on his thighs, the froth of the spit, the drops of water steaming down her breats, and her pussy is just immensely inviting. Everything looks wet and slick and oh so yummy!

Excellent work!

Parsujera responds:

Haha thx! The first pic is def one of my favourites from this set :)

I don't know why but I just love this piece, something about the colors and textures. The fact the he's wearing nothing but a bathroom, with a cup coffee with a crazy straw made out of multiple bendy straws, and his oddly fuzzy feet all with that come hither expression and body language just makes me feeling like I'm waking up from one hell of a drug trip.

I don't know why but this image is my spirit animal! And I thank you for it.

Goomuin responds:

Thank you, really glad you like it so much :D

Not a bad scene but It's really rather flat. I like the designs of the two girls in the this image, I think they're rather cute but I feel they're either too cartoony or not cartoony enough. Primarly my issue is with the hair, If you want the to be sylized more work needs to be put in to the hair to make it look cartoonish. I suggest the hair be modeled but that's just my suggestion for how to go about it.

Other than that the lighting needs work. There needs to be a extra lamp to act as a fill lamp. Something to really make these two pop out from the largely bland background. There's just too many harsh shadows, shadows doing nothing useful. Good lighting is half the battle of any good render. And with a good lighting set up I think that this could be really great render.

The scene composition could really use some work, there's alot of empty space in this. I say either move them closer togather or put something in between them. Maybe something like some drinks, some towels or maybe even a beach umbrella. Adding something like that could really break up the image and make it that slight bit more interesting and even narrative.

Now I'm not gonna sit here and pretend this is something easy to do but, They should really look a bit more wet. That would certainly make this image way better.

It's not bad but this piece is really lacking winning details. Personally I say keeping working on it. I think you could have a real winner here if you do.

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