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Eh, I'd still do 'er. That's probably the scam but, what am I made of stone?!

BoyPorcelain responds:

fair tbh..

I've watched this atleast 31 times.

Potatoman responds:

OH YEAH? 32! Beat that

It's a fascinating piece, I just don't know what to make of it.

NrthWst responds:

Exactly what i was going for


...God someone plz kill me...

TriasTheDinoArtist responds:


That'll I'll show him!

Bandanana responds:

I did it. I defeated Xi Jinping...

The moment I saw that picture in the animation, I lost my shit! LOL!

Cwtfern responds:


Now, I'm going to be perhaps a bit unfairly harsh with you about this piece, But only because you have some potential.

There are a couple things I'd say are wrong with image but none of them are match by the fact that this image is just so unbelievably boring. A boring image on a boring backdrop with such a boring concept. Ash and misty never seen that before, never in my entire life. The flat wall behind them is more interesting.

None of this would be so bad but you actually expect people to pay for this! Now I know people will pay for very little but what do you do different then the thousands upon thousands of artist that charge people for their work. I'd say you honestly do less.

When you reach for low hanging fruit you can't complain when it's half eaten.

The best advice I can give you is be daring! Don't be concerned with pleasing an audience, try something different try something unique. At the very least try to be better than mediocre because to do that you actually have to at least TRY.

ArekusanderuArt responds:

hello JoSilver!! wow how rude hahaha ... well I accept your constructive criticism and your opinion because I believe in free opinion and thought.

If I dislike a bit the way you say that as I hope to sell something like that, I feel it is something hard, maybe I'm wrong in what you try to say, I do not know. If I think that before making any severe criticism like that one has to know more about the person.

The truth never did hentai before, in fact I always did fanarts and never intended to sell it, and as you can see I have been here for a short time, but my life changed, sadly I live in venezuela, I have two university degrees and I work as an Industrial Engineer.

My monthly income is about $ 10 (it seems a lie, but it is), sadly I do not have time to dare, or risk, or anything. My time is now, because my family and I live a day monetarily speaking. The nsfw is what sells the most and is what I do the most. my apologies if what I do offends you, but I do not have another option right now.
I want to clarify that I am not mad with you for your opinion, I respect them. I would only ask for a bit of caution before commenting on someone without knowing their motivations and reality.

And live the free opinion!!! IoI, something that we do not have much in my country at present :(.

Looks structurally unstable.

RaptorAnim responds:

That's why he has a low center of gravity


The way her hair falls on his thighs, the froth of the spit, the drops of water steaming down her breats, and her pussy is just immensely inviting. Everything looks wet and slick and oh so yummy!

Excellent work!

Parsujera responds:

Haha thx! The first pic is def one of my favourites from this set :)

I don't know why but I just love this piece, something about the colors and textures. The fact the he's wearing nothing but a bathroom, with a cup coffee with a crazy straw made out of multiple bendy straws, and his oddly fuzzy feet all with that come hither expression and body language just makes me feeling like I'm waking up from one hell of a drug trip.

I don't know why but this image is my spirit animal! And I thank you for it.

Goomuin responds:

Thank you, really glad you like it so much :D

Im a homical Maniac who likes dounuts!

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