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I like it! I love the expression and design in general, she looks super cute!


My dog is always lying down where he shouldn't be either.

kmau responds:

Well that's one thing they have in common with cats.

Real cool man. I love the texure and shading on this.

Very nicely rendered. The coloration in this i very nicely done and the line art is very good. But it's missing some texture. Some brighter and sharper highlights in certain places would so you well and some deeper shadows too, otherwise everything looks like it's made of wax.

Overall it's really good but, it's missing something that extra little spark.

Good Job, though.

Not bad but there are a few anatomy errors. The breast need to hang down no matter how perky they are, otherwise they appear to be one solid mass. Doing so create a sense of weight and volume, heck, large breasts can weigh about 10 pounds each. Also the right side of the hip is too low, I understand that her leg is out and it would cause the waist to pivot but the whole mid section need to tilt and the upper body needs to tilt to the other side to compensate for the uneven weight distribution. Also she has no collar bone.

A good practice when starting an image is to rough out the skeleton, do a figure sketch, it's important to capture the correct action of the subject first. It's important understand how each joint connect to each other and most important of all know where the spine is, If you can't tell how the spine runs down the body the entire image is lost.

SileNt-Sam responds:

thanks a lot man :) i'll remember that next time ^^

There are some nice details, everything has a nice even gradient to it and sharp lines. However it lacks some depth, there are very few dark zones, only highlights. For instance her legs should be in partial shadow but in general darker then then the upper body. It could really make the overall image really pop.

As a whole, it's nice but it's missing something.

SileNt-Sam responds:

yeah i knew something is missing >.< maybe some shadows like you said ..
thanks man i really appreciate it :)

Beautiful just, Beautiful!

This a pretty fascinating collage, I really like the gradient from light to dark and the line art is crisp and clean. I can honestly say I have no idea how I should interpret it but certainly stirs emotion and thought within me.

Excellent work.

She looks like she could crush somes skull with her thighs... for perhaps a pelvis.

Im a homical Maniac who likes dounuts!

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