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Hmmm, so appearly I have a thing for snake ladys... Learn something new everyday.

RaptorAnim responds:

it's the boobs, my dude, I can tell it's the boobs.

Not Bad, There's some nice detail in the cloth. But it looks like the topology of the face could really use some work. Good facial topology can really help you make facial expression look more natural even for a highly stylized character. I'd suggest looking up tutorials or anything about facial topology. It could really help give your character that extra bit of charm that make them perfect.

Carro1001 responds:

This is actually pretty old, haha, But yeah, i suck at converting inconsistent 2d to 3d

Small... too small.

TVisDaddy responds:

i know, I'm very sorry about that TwT

...And it's gone!

TheMuteWhoTalks responds:

Soon enough happy 2020!

Thought it was you. I've seen that banjo before! :D

TermiteTerror responds:

I never really cared enough to hide my style or anything. It's pretty obvious if you know my work for sure.

The shading on this is very flat, The image has no depth. Everything just blends together. Half the battle of any good render is lighting and I feel like it wasn't even an after thought on this piece.

Plasticmayo responds:

I tried to make it look alright but sadly I did not really know that turning up sampling would remove more noise and make it look better at the time so I tried to fix it in photoshop and it turned out kinda eh :/

Yeess-heesum thats spooky!

Fungasm responds:

If you believe strong enough, Halloween never ends

It's pretty good, but a few things I'd working your lighting is a bit uneven, it appears as if you're only using only a single area light, thats works well enough but half the battle of any good render is lighting, I'd take a look at a few lighting tutorials to get your feet wet.
Also I'd add just slight bevel on the table, perfectly square coners don't exist in real life so add a slight bevel to a hard surface can make all the difference when trying to achieve a bit of realism.

Keep on practicing and nicely done.

Robotao responds:

hey alright! all good tips!

It's alright, it's cute but I feel like lack of emotion between these two.

Ranarchy responds:

That's actually a very good observation. And yer right.

Thanks for the input

Well, I have to admire anytime someone busts out the marker and crayons... Lord know I don't have the patients for that any more.

bunzart responds:

Thanks lol, did this in my spare time during art class.

Im a homical Maniac who likes dounuts!

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