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Awww, Bellsprout looks adowable!

Nice job.

Well that's a nice Idea I would probably get one I don't think this really belongs here. The artistic value is pretty low and you used mainly copyright images without any alterations. Also I looks like this was printed out and you scanned it, with stray dust marks and random dots of yellow ink.

This is more like something you bring to an investors meeting and not put in an art gallery.

msg2007 responds:

why would it not belong here,? its art like every other art pice here, just because its an idea?
the art portal is filled with concept art from other properties , whats your point? I made this with a
program that every body use's on new-grounds adobe illustrator and Photoshop, whats your point man. and so what if i scanned it, everything else is scans ,

people find anythign to hate

Feckin' Sweet, Dude!

I Especially like Marie in this one.

IkaroKruz responds:

Thanks! :D


That was unexpected!


Anyone other then me see a dick?

Barzona responds:

You might be looking at Porygon2's tail.


Fairly decent drawing.

However the coloring looks like you used the spraycan in ms paint. The line art is pretty choppy, normally people can get away with it however with the poor coloring job it sticks out like a sore thumb. Also the hands look like... hams, her wrist are pretty thick and the left one seems to becoming from no where.

It's not terrible but there is certainly room for improvement.

bocodamondo responds:

its very insulting to say i colored it with mS paint! thats my coloring style and i like how it is. i dont plan into change it into some copy or onriginal coloring like sombody else!
just to make this clear!

Not bad, however.

There is something incredibly wrong with the hips. When I first saw it I wasn't quite sure what it was that was wrong, that's who weird it was. The bone structure it just awful there. I have no idea where her naughty bits might be. At first I though there was a cloth there but it turns out that's a shadow. the groan it just way to high up and that indent on the right leg... I don't even know that that is suppose to be!

It seems your coloring skills are alright but you're anatomy is just awful.

work on that.

Rennis5 responds:

this was done from a photo, so the anatomy is correct apart from the groin area,
(not that you could see anything anyway) but i didn't draw anything there,
as that area was supossed to be a little bit darker so you cannot see anything at all


Excellent job on this!

Wish I was anywhere being near that good!

Specetacuar NUTSACK!

It's a thing of beauty!

I think know what I'm going to wear for Halloween now!

While I can sympathize, I can not agree.

Personally I like this piece, it's funny and partially true. While I can not agree with anyone who attacks an artist based on their work rather then criticize their work I do however feel your art is... bad. I feel it lacks real personality and style. You seem to draw in a crappy anime style coupled with a rather poor grasp of anatomy, coloring and perspective. I honestly though you were 14 or 15 when I was going through your gallery only to find that your userpage says your 27.

My advice to you is stop with the anime style, it's just not working for you, for now anyways. In order for you to improve you need to practice the very basics. I would suggest you take an art class of some sort just to get you out of your element or just start drawing things you wouldn't normally draw. Draw some flowers, passers-by, a can of soup anything. You need to explore your world through art.

I personally believe that your art should be nothing more then your interpretation of what you find most interesting about somethings form and shape, its color, how it moves, and all of it's physical characteristics. Photo-realism has nothing to do with it but surely it requires great deal of skill, discipline and a keen ability to observe in order to achive that level of mastery. I feel you art does not really express anything about you. A picture is only worth a thousand words if the picture was founded on message and I use this piece as an example of a well founded image. You may disagree with that and I cannot argue with anything you might say to defend your work and what it says about you, it's your art and that who it should matter most to.

But I will say your art has never really evolved in any meaningful way. You seem to draw the same thing over and over again and never seem to challenge yourself too much. I do not claim to be a great artist but I always try to do something new and I pick at every detail, maybe not while I work but certainly after it's all said and done. Often I look at my work and just think it's just all terrible. You can never stop improving but you can settle and that is something you should never do.

I would suggest for no that you do things that are simple. Pick up a pencil and draw on a napkin. I feel you're trying to run without having first learned how to properly stand up tall. If you wish to improve or receive approval from you peers you must really consider reinventing yourself, if anyone thinks what you're doing is wrong then there must be a bit of truth to it even if you can't see it. You must probe it to find out why even if you don't like what you find. When the good out weights the bad is when you can ignore the bad, but should you really?

I leave you with a question, not that I want an answer to it, but rather to give you a thought to consider.

Do you think your art is good?

Rennis5 responds:

i get what you mean and you do have some good points and some pointless comments, first of all age has nothing to do with anything but i like the idea of thinking outside the box and getting a fresh perspective, it has been a long time since i havn't used my tablet to draw something so that probably is a bad thing.
i think i just need to sort out my process a bit better and stop being so impatient,

but this is all kind of off the subject, you'r just talking about my art, i didn't draw this picture because i was offeneded about my art being attacked, i see it on other peoples art too, so i always click the 5 to kill the 0

and yeah, i like most of my art coz some of them are a lot harder to make then what some people realise and the harder ones have some meaning to me
but in general i would say that my art isn't great but i think my art is decent for the effort i put into it and i'm happy with some of them and others i'm not too happy with

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