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JoSilver's News

Posted by JoSilver - December 30th, 2007

*the pic is on the last post*

*Update #2*
I haven't got The full version of Flash but I'm one step closer then before.
I also need to get a new graphics suite but I think I might Have one by early next year, hopefully.
Anywho I've decided to make the game so that there is more then on girl... or atleast try. Im also going to devople a cool menu that can be use by both mouse and key borad that should allow more options in less space and also It should hide when inative or told to to have an even more open veiw of the game window. Also the game will function in a way so that eventually the man or the woman will get bored of the same postion and you'll have to guess what they want to do for maximum pleasure. ( just like ribbed condoms!!!! but that's all I gotta say about it now that all the details I'll give out about that now.

I would also like to say that I have come up with a story that I think will make a cool flash series And a Classic "AMERICAN" Anime!!!! The JAPS WONT KNOW WHAT HIT EM'!!!!!! no longer will the japanese animator be king of cartoons!!! The Americans where the one's who started cartoons and animes were based off of american cartoons. It's time I put America back in it's place on top,

well anywho here's a pic I drew of the main chracter and the monster thing that attack in the story!!!
I think I'll talk about the story in future posts but for now this is what I got and this isn't neccsarily how the characters are going to look in the movie but something like that!!! I'm thinkin' lose the shades...

Well leave your comments and suggetions here and see ya again and thx for reading this if you did

- Jo Silver
- Eventual Ruler of NewGrounds!

New IDEA!!!!

Posted by JoSilver - December 27th, 2007

*update #1*
sorry about my unfortunate news, but I've been bored as Hell these days. Most people would probaly hate to make Flash games and movie 24/7. but I rather enjoy it. I FIND IT FUN.

it's rough on all of us, this unfortunate event, well i'd be happy to answer your questions and respond to your comment, feel free to make suggestions and things like that.
I'm using these horridly boring day to come up with new ideas for game and movie, I got two GREAT IDEAS!!!!

I want to make a shooter game that is completely different from any Shooter on newgrounds, And i got an Idea for A movie too, with lotsa action and voilence and thing that weridos like myself like.
that about all I have to say. Till next time my loyal subjects!!!
The Future Ruler (or measuring tape) of Newgrounds, Signing off.


Here's alittle treat for all those suportive pervs out there!!

Delayed Production.

Posted by JoSilver - December 22nd, 2007

something terible happened to me!!!! my computer crashed and I lost 2 years of work and i even lost the program I used too make flash movies!!!!!! But dont worry anybody who wants to see anything i make, I'll make new stuff someday!!!! But worst of all i lost the flash i was going to put on recently and i was so close to finshing it, oh well!!!!

Posted by JoSilver - December 11th, 2007

My internet connection was cut off awhile ago and my trial for flash has expired =(
So I wont be able to make stuff like this untill I get Flash. I really had fun making this!!!!
but dont worry, I am still able to make cartoon just no fancy preloaders, sorry.
I've gotten better at making flash movies with corel so the next on should at least have a make-shift preloader. Anywho!!! TILL NEXT TIME!!!!! JO SILVER, SINGING OFF!

Posted by JoSilver - November 4th, 2007

Yay!!! Soon I'll be posting 1 or 2 new submission!!! I cant really say when but if anyone see this say hello to the new unquestioned ruler of Newgrounds!!!!!!