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JoSilver's News

Posted by JoSilver - October 1st, 2008

Well, my new game is coming along nicely. not much really to talk about but the game engine is coming along nicely, still a couple of bugs but nothing I can't smooth with time. what I'm doing now is sorta building the game first then I will worry about cosmetics. With that said I recently occured to me that the game may not function as well as if would with out the final touches so I'm gonna have to think about stuff like that before I go ahead and animate and draw everything.

Well for now this is how my current projects are going.

Shotgun Warrior (name in question)
- working on it.

The Love Fairy
- In revision and on hold (I'm starting over COMPLETELY)

Testbutton 3
-not main focus but I work on it every now and then.

Random and pointless Cartoons
-I pump 'em out at random =3

That pretty much all I have to say today, sorry for my lack of things to share with you but there
there wasn't that much anyways.

-The Future Ruler of Newgrounds
-Jo Silver

Game UPDATE!!!

Posted by JoSilver - August 28th, 2008

As of recently my computer has been premantly crippled. The cause of this was adware.agent.BN.... the bastard! We were able to remove it and return functionality to it but.... it's just not the same. I am currently unable to preform simple tasks as easily as before. Becuase of all this, my work has been haulted. Right now as I'm typing this am noticing my keyboard being less responsive then normal. I am unable to use flash and all my other little tools of destruction properly which has lead to a mild wave of deperession..... =(

As bad as this all sounds there is a silver lining to all this. As a direct result of this crisis my sister has kindly purchased a new, BETTER COMPUTER!!!!! Needless to say.... I'm happy now. =)
It's suppose to come in before sept. 2 so I should get back to anytime soon.

Also I would like to make afew annocements to my adoring Fans!!!!

First of I've stoped working on the Love fairy game for now. Why? well, the moe I got into it the more I realized that I need to think this out more. As I mention in my last post, I'm going in a new direction the game so, for now production is on hold.

I'm working on a new game!!!! SHOTGUN WARRIOR!!!!!! or somthing like that!
It's not hentai so you can take your mind out the gutter. basicly it's a side-scrolling shooter game that you basicly run around with a shotgun and shot the bad guys... Sounds like fun, right!?
Will anyways My main focus is this game for now and I hope you'll al enjoy the finished product.

Also I put this up for people to test out the physics engine. This is not how the finished game will look or even play but just to show you how the basic game may run it course.

Click here for the thing!
simply use the arrow keys to move around.

Well thats pretty much all I have to say for now and I hope that when my new game is done you'll vote 5!!!!

-The Future Ruler of Newgrounds
-Jo Silver, Saying adios!

Well My Computer is Pretty Much Dead!

Posted by JoSilver - July 25th, 2008

I have some big plans for flash movies and games im gonna make so my schedule is pretty tight. Some of my planned projects I hope to Epic!!! I will lable What I Hope to be Epic.

1. A Really Great Night Updates.

To Cancel out the Effects of my Game being Stole by Games of Desire (which I think Newgrounds admins should really look in to because I think it's being load to the site from Newgrounds severs because I place my SWF Protection code in it and It still working and I took it from the site decoplied it and the code was still intact so Please Look into it because Newgrounds your bandwidth Bill we're talking about here) I'm
Updating it!!!!!

The Updates Should be as following:

*one or two new postions( but I'm gonna say I'll only do one).

*An aduio player that plays your OWN MUSIC(if I can code it right)

*Newgrounds API intsallation!!! ( I thought I'd use Newgrounds stuff since PsychoGoldfish Did work so hard on it).

*Maybe Custom Girl and New ones!!! (However I don't think I'll do more for the custom girl then make it so that you can change the colors not the hair and stuff if I don't get lazy.

If I can Code tha Mp3 Player Right It will be cool. If anyone want's to help out just say the word but I code in AS3.

If you havn't tryed "A Really Great Night", Try it Now... if you're over 18.

2. TeSTbUTToN #3 *EPIC!*

testBuTTOn 2 Was a game I made that well wasn't big. But those who played it and liked it LOVED it.
So I was just going through my folders and found testbutton 2 and just started playing it and remebered why they liked it. So I though I'd Decompile it and spruse it up a bit and said wait WHY NOT MAKE EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! So I will do just that. I've got some new tricks up my sleves so anyone who beat the old one... wont beat THIS ONE!!!!

Try testBuTTOn 2 out and See if you like, but NOT if you have Epilepcy!

3. Soggy Muffin

I want to make a new muffin cartoon and that's about it. Also because I felt that The flash Ads was something I Couldn't capitalize from With "A Really Great Night" I thought I'd make something that I could (I need a new Computer and SOON!!!) But I hope you'll Enjoy it. The .jpg bellow is a scene from it.

If you're not familar with Muffin. Check it out! I made this when I sucked at flash so don't hate too much.

4. The Love Fariy *EPIC*

Just so Everyone Knows it I wasn't expecting "A Really Great Night" to be Epic but I Know This WILL be. I've deceide to go in a completly New Direction With this Game, It Will be more of a Dating Sim But it will be orginal! I Garentee you that. Because Almost all Dating are the Same In the Way you go about scoring points with Girls. Talk,Gift,Kiss,Blah,Blah,BLAH!!!! There has be no truly innovative dating sim since Sim Girl And Ganguro Girls and HOW old are those!!!!!!!! I Will SMASH That old style OF game play to pieces and Bring a new Chalenge. Also The reason I'm Gonna do it this way now is because it was always going to have some sort of story to it but this way I can Have even more Fun with it!!

5. Untitled Project *EPIC*

Awhile back Me and my sisters collabrated to come up with a flash movie that my Big Sister wants to make. It's however, If you ask me, a huge project that I have to do all the hard work for. I haven't really done much on this yet but I'll get around to it. It's an Anime that's about this girl who.... well you know what I don't really know exactly what it's about. there is a binder full of sketchs, scripts and animatics for it but that's about it (my sister is the one who know all that)
But I am looking forward to working on it but it will be a PAINFULL PROCESS!!!!

I have Many plans for the future and these are just some of the highlighted few. I hope that when I finish them you'll Like what I've made. Also THANK You for reading this and thank you fans for your support

/* */
-The Future Ruler of Newgrounds,
-Jo Silver.

My plans for Flash!

Posted by JoSilver - July 19th, 2008

Games of desire is full of nothing but stolen work, And the Also stole one of my game's WELL that ends NOW!!!!!!!!! Since they have been foolish enough load the game from Newgrounds, anychanges I make will show up on their end so I have JUST RECENTLY installed the newground API in the Game. I'm Sorry newgrounds but in a week from now if it's not removed from their Site the game will be inactive both here and there!!!! as much I don't want to invole newgroinds it the only way to allow me to succced! Once it's removed from their I'll unblock the Game!!!

So if the game is inactive in a week from now it wasn't removed. The game will stay that way till it's over! if they never remove the game never comes back so post you death threat to games of desire!!!!

Posted by JoSilver - July 5th, 2008

Yay!!!! today I recived my page of the scrapbook and well YAY!!!!!!!! only Thing is I don't know quiet what to draw. Well I have untill Agust to think of what to draw so I have plenty of time to think of somthing but it gonna be awesome!!!! Also I hope that the list that Luis posted isn't the number of the people he's gonna send it to cause if Luis only gonna send out this many pages... Oh god. That's a lot of pressure!!!!

Also Don't forget to check out my new game a Really Great Night... if your over 18 >=(! And thanks Tom for putting it in to the collections!

Previous Post!

Posted by JoSilver - July 1st, 2008

Yes, A Really Great Night has been added to the Adult Games Collection And That has just made my day, Uhh I'm so happy....

Also My clockday Submission is going along pretty well...

what exactly am I making, hmmmm.....

also This is is who I work for. Those who support me through all this, the everyday Normal Guy! =D

/* */
-The Future Ruler of Newgrounds
-Jo Silver, Signing off...

Finaly A good Picture of me at Apple Con... Brown Shirt.

Thanks Tom!!!!

Posted by JoSilver - June 27th, 2008

I don't know whether or not to call "A Really Great Night" a failure but hey it just wasn't big. in my oppion it unfair the lack of attention it got when compared to other submission that were far less and got way more recoginition then it. Also I find it unfair how low it score is it the first one got a way better score then it and looking back on it desevers less, Oh well although it lack of attention will make it less likely that it will be stolen to I guess that's a good thing I just hoped that it got would get a higher score but whatever, you can't win em' all I guess, well on to the next endovor I suppose.

-The FUTURE ruler of Newgrounds
- Jo Silver

Ps: Don't forget to check it out.
Also I'm making a clock day submission and it's gonna be kick ass!!!!

Play Now!!!
Join The Fight For the COLLECTION!!!! Leave A measage And Keep this thread running Strong!!!!

Oh Well.

Posted by JoSilver - June 11th, 2008

Well, Things are going good over here, for the last few days I've been feeling a bit lethargic. But after I posted the Beta version I feel Quickened, all the coments and reveiws people have left have really help both me and my progress, I won't really post to much about the details about the game but anything I want to tell you will be added to the Beta (that's why it's a Beta, Right?) and that's about it. maybe I might explain a few things but not too much, also I've come across a competent decomplier and I think I will redo some of my other things, for instance I think I'll fix "A Really Good Night" and add some new content and stuff like that although I'm not making promises but then again if I did that the THEIVING BASTARDS would be stuck with an outdated version I will Rule ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!

-The Future Ruler of Newgrounds
-Jo Silver, signing of.

The poll, In case You want to see.
The Fairy and of details!!!
My Day at APPLE CON!!!!!!!

Posted by JoSilver - June 7th, 2008

I spent like most of the day hang out by the newgrounds booth, we play Newgrounds Rumble and stuff like that!!! For those of you who couldn't Make it here's something to cheer you up.

It's pretty cool and I the guy made me this. Yeah, it was a good day!!!!!

swain Spelled my name wrong, LOL, oh well. =)

-The Future Ruler of Newgrounds
-Jo Silver

Came back from Apple con!!!

Posted by JoSilver - June 6th, 2008

Well tommorow I will be going to Apple Con and I hope it will be AWESOME!!! sorry for those oh you who cant go =( but that's the way life is as my way of helping you out by making you happy I've placed this photo down there to help.

Also I will post the demo sometime after Apple CON!!!!

-The Futuer Ruler of Newgrounds... with love
-Jo Silver

See Ya' At Apple Con!