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Musican needed for PORNOZ!

Posted by JoSilver - March 7th, 2011

Skip this for details... Just me rambling on.

Not kidding. I've been working on a Hentai game for quite a while now, for far longer than I should but, I got a lot of shite on my plate. Taking care of my Grandma, Playing Mariokart Wii, Game JAM! I sorta took a bit of hiatus from it for a while and spent about 2 Months figuring out a good way to properly incorporate the sound effects. I tried a very long and complicated way that would work wonders for like a side-scroller or something which is what I designed the system for but it was far too complex for something this simple so I did a lot of brain storming and dumbed down the sound system to simply playing a sound at random and junk like that. It's much more efficient and simpler and to use for this.

Anyways In case your curious about the game I making good progress on completing it I'd say it's like 85% ready because I'd like sound to be a big part of it. I was thinking about saying screw the sound and let me just upload the thing already. But than I would have to waste all the wonderful audio clips that the Lovely Nakoruru recorded for me. BTW Thanks a bunch! You're a doll! ;p

So yeah I need Music now. I'm currently mixing audio clips and reanimating things that are audio related which is going very well now that I fix the sound system. I decided not to do the Music My self which I always try to make my own music unless I absolutely can't (For Instance I composed the soundtrack for an Animation I did a long time ago called Host which I think coulda been better) but In this case I said it would be better If someone far more talented than me in the field did it.
Info for Musicians.

Any ways I need about two pieces of Music possibly just different arrangements of the same song.
I'm thinking something Jazzy, Bossa Nova maybe ska like and loud and fast with a latin flare! If you think you can do something like that let me know. I don't know if something like that would work right but we'll see. maybe some generic porn music from the 70's might be better.

If your interested just send me a pm or leave a comment saying and I'll check out your audio portal submissions and junk. If you have audio on other sites link me to it too.

If I think you could do an excellent job on the music I'll contact you with more information.

So, hope to hear from you musicians soon, please don't make me fire up FL Studios one more time only to make something that sounds like crap :'(

OH, and by the way...

Musican needed for PORNOZ!

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Is the time supposed to be set in the medieval times? This could get interesting!

Yes and No, Sorta like a mix of the two (if you've seen sherk or a knights tale you know what I'm talking about)... But that's the whole world I've Created in General... I'm think of making this a series of crap. Haven't decided if it's worth trying with a cartoon series I desperately want to work on.

But In short, yes?

Hmmmm......Now im tempted to learn FL studios even more. Because making music for porn, is good publicity.....But of course you already knew that, everyone pays attention to porn.

Yes, that is true... If only the attention it gets was even slightly equal to how much can be gained from it... But then again and the Hentai Quiz and junk would make far more than it's worth... :S

Oh, woe is me for wasting my time on this endeavor.
...F@#K THAT. I GOTZ FANS!!!! :3

I should be able to make what you need.
Though it might not seem that way from my current NG music submissions.

Contact me... Do both alto sax and cornet. Have a funk tune that near completation. Let me know soon as you are able to... will send you a demo of it.

Oh god Mario Kart Wii can be horribly frustrating.

Especially when there's some gay guy who chooses Rainbow Road every time in online matches, and it gets picked. Ruins it for everyone.

LOL! That's ME!!! MUHAHAH!!!

When do you think it will be done?