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Unforseen Hiatus.

Posted by JoSilver - November 12th, 2010

Well, things have taken a real nose dive within the last few weeks. All work continues but don't expect anything soon. This has nothing to do with me being lazy or anything, on the contrary in fact.

Let me start from the beginning. (Go ahead and skip this wall of text if you want the short version...)

Well, I've always sorta been the one who's been in charge of taking care of my Grandma. Nothing big, just make sure she's still alive kinda stuff. However, things have kinda changed. I remember it like it was yesterday, I even know the date and time. It was October 19, around 2 - 2:30 am, I noticed there was a little game on the front page, Carve n' Share. I began to mess around with it and I started to doodle something. My Grandmothers room is right next to mine so that way I can hear if something's wrong.
A few minutes pass when all of a sudden, THUD! It was soon followed by my Grandmother screaming for help. I go to her room and see my Grandmother on the floor, she was getting up to use the bathroom. She had peed herself while I was lifting her up... that was loads of fun... I sat her on the bed and cleaned the floor and noticed her arm was bleeding. I woke my mother up and told her about what happened. She went downstairs and clean up her up and bandaged her arm, my mother then asked her to get up for a second. My Grandmother replied "I can't." We then knew something was wrong and called an ambulance. I went back to my room and and began to finish up my doodle and then I dressed because I had to go with my Mom to the hospital. When the paramedics got there my mother told them that she though she may have broken something. My grandmother sat on her bed like normal almost like nothing was wrong. The said if she did break something she would be in a lot more pain.
When we got to the hospitals trauma center it was just the perfect atmosphere. People screaming in pain, doctors scrambling around, it don't get anymore cheerful than that. We waited for a few hours for a doctor so they can take X-rays and tell us if there's a fracture or not. There was this man on a stretcher just gabbing on. "Man" he said.
" I was just... Walking down the street, just outside, when all of a sudden someone comes and hits me right up-side the head. What kinda place is this, you just go walking and get jumped!" as time passed on he began 'revealing' more fact's about what happened. He began asking for his I.D. and he wanted to make a phone call. So he says to the doctor "Hey, Don't play with me. I know it was you. You're the one who hit me!" Just before they sedated him be blurted out "Where's my penis!?" Eventually they got around to taking the X-rays. Then the doctor tells us my Grandmother broken her hip. My Mom started crying and she called my sisters and told them all about what happened.
My Grandmother need a hip replacement surgery. At about 11 am I went home because my sister was going to go to the hospital to take over. I hadn't slept at all that night I was exhausted, but is was only the beginning.
My Grandmother is at home now, she can walk with help. But practically everything needs to be done for her. Now, I get her up in the morning, make her breakfast, change her diapers (with help of course) and partially everything else. Hopefully my Grandmother will be back to her old self in a month of so, but who's to say. For god's sake she's 94 years old and the healthiest person in our family.


To make a long story short, My Grandma broke her hip and now I have to take care of her 24/7 and I AM EXHAUSTED!

Well I'm still working on things but nothing big for now, I really only get like 2 or 3 hours where I can just sit down and work with out sacrificing sleep.

All large projects are effectively canceled until further notice. so don't expect anything big (if anything at all). I think I'll focus on Voice Acting for now, get together a Demo-Reel of my Uber LEET Vocal skills. I've been thinking about it for while now, but now it seems as if it will be the only way I can scratch my creative itch without dying from exhaustion in the process.

So I guess if you need a voice actor, you can check out a couple of my flash submissions (not all of them have my voice in it though) and even two my audio submission. But I'll be happy to do it if you think you need me. (P.S. I can do Twinkle the Marvel Horse... Google it if you don't know who that is.)

Also this is what I did in Carve n' Share. It wouldn't let me share it...

Unforseen Hiatus.

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'Crazy' is the only word I can think of that describes that situation. Wow..

That's about right...


Noble actions deserve rewards. Your pumkin surely reflects a good deed.

My great grandma lived to be 92. She was moved to be closer to different family members (and me) after my great grandpa died (87). I understand the stress of taking care of your grandma. It helped in my family that we all helped out even though my aunt lived with my great grandma 24/7; i did all of the yard work at my great grandma's house.

Stress doesn't even begin to describe it. Man do I wish I only had to do yard work.
Fortunately my grandma has been a little bit more independent recently and I can work in peace of a few extra hours.

Best of luck to you. I am a fan of your works, all of them, and I hope everything turns out alright.

Awww, why thank you. Means alot to me.

You are such a fantastic person for taking care of your grandmother.
But... you're still finishing Love Fairy, right? :(

let's just say I recently got a VA for something.