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It's one second hot and the next... what she did with the fork... that's what I'd like to do. I love your animation, it's very fluid and organic. Keep up the good work.


That ending had me going there for a sec. Nice job!

Oney responds:

thanks joey bb

It's funny.

But I think it went on for too long. I think if you like cut out half of this and only kept the funnies jokes it would be awesome.


Cablevision are nothing but a bunch of assholes. The Channels are free and their charging people to watch them... FUCK THAT! That's why I still use an antenna... that and cause I'm poor... :(

Needs better writers...

While it was pretty decent the joke were pretty bland... so was there delivery.
The Voice Acting was pretty bad, no real emotion.

But on the plus side I liked that preloader.

Noblewolf09 responds:

I will admit...after seeing this in animated form. I realized this wasnt as funny as I had hoped. But since this i have gotten alot better at comedy writing, so from here on out it will be 100% better. And the preloader is thanks to Sam

Nice punchline!

And a good delivery too. Well done old chap!


BUGGY AND GAY!!! Who ever you got to code this shit musta been an escaped lab-monkey on cocaine. It woulda been cooler if the contorls didn't suck so much ASSSSSS!

Oney responds:


Well... not bad.

Personally, I'm not into dick girls (and based on the score this got not many people here are) but it wasn't bad. The art was very nice, animations were detailed and believable. The sound was pretty damn good too, my question is did you use sound bites from the show or what because if not it sounded exactly like Katey Sagal.

The only problem is the way it alternates, of course I can blame the commissioner for that. It would be better if you could either choose or it advanced when you like or something and also... THERE'S NO MONEY SHOT!!!

Like I said before, I'm not into dick girls, but other people are and I can appreciate this for what it is. So nice job, and add a money shot :3

GIJoePwns responds:

I skimmed through nearly 30+ episodes and 4+ movies to rip sounds off the show (You'll be surprised how little I got from it) to make it sound authentic.

Since I did finish the commission, I guess I can add a manual and automatic setting and add a money shot in a new version.

Thanks for the review :)


Well, it's been a while since I actually laughed... thank you!

tehslaphappy responds:

no problem

Technecally Impressive.

All animators can spend years on an animation and not get something good, But you managed to do a lot with alitte. The animation is not as flawless as others but it works fine. Ultimately animations studios will take a similar approach. It's sad you decided not to finish it but you but since this was made in 2004, by now you probably have a job at some animation studio or something.

Cheers for putting out something special, and something that Newgrounds doesn't have enough of.

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