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If you don't mind me asking what Program do you use?

Btw, nice picture.

Reit9 responds:

Sketchbook pro for android

Well, if I have to give you critisim it was certainly on the lack or any sort of narrative, nothing really happens and there is no sense of purpose.

Not bad. I liked the artstyle but the backgrounds feel a bit lacking, they need some more detail or thought put in to them. Also you didn't put the movie at the proper size here on Newgrounds. Edit you submission and next to Flash Movie(swf): click edit and enter the proper height and width. A good practice is to boarder your Movie with a black square with a hole in it. This way if the Movie is ever at the wrong proportions it won't be noticeable.

I'm not sure what to make of the story, It don't really know what's going on, nothing is really explained and nothing really happens, of course it's part of a series but if the first episode doesn't grab you then you'll have no interest in the second.

Over all it was ok, For a first Movie it certainly was not bad, But you got a long way to go. Good Luck.

My dick fell off cause I jerked off too much this.... I think I'm dying.

Well That was just perfect!

Can't say I didn't think that when I saw that episode.

Well it's refreshing to see something pretty danm good in along time.

Only problem is it has no ending. Also It could use a proper background.

Great job.

pinoytoons responds:

i have a scene sequence on this but, i'm so busy with dayjob atm .its still on progress tho.tnx for viewing anyway

Crafting is FUN!

Alright, that was wasn't bad. I suppose if I had to critique anything It would definatly have to be the art, But I think you already know that.

It made me chuckle a few times and I was pleasant surprised by it. I just really wish it had a stronger ending but I can't really complain.

Nice job.

oldmanorange responds:

Thanks for the comment. This was our third run at doing an animation and we just called these little shorts, tests, with our characters from a live action version. As it goes on, they get better. Nothing ground breaking but a step up in the right direction.

I like the Loony Tunes Show. As much as I love and admire the classic Loony Tunes Cartoons it's obvious they weren't going for that feel with that show. The first thing I though when I saw it was this is nothing like Looney Tunes, but in a sense that's what's good about it. As you said atleast it's not Lunatics! GOD WHY?!

To me the show's funny and I enjoy it for what it is not what I expected it to be. I think that's was probably the best way to go about it.

Anyways Doggy seems a bit to sedated as of late and not mean enough. I was wondering when you'd do this show in hopes that you'd rip it a new one but you kinda backed off a bit, to me anyways. To be honest I don't watch this for insight on cartoons I come here to see cartoons get trashed on. It's funnier and more entertaining that way but whatever, that's just how I feel

It's a good episode but I felt you coulda gone a bit further.

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