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JoSilver's News

Posted by JoSilver - September 22nd, 2010

Madness Day, huh. I remember, 50 years ago, people knew the true meaning of Madness day. Now it's been commercialized and sold to us. I miss the good old days.

Anyways I wanted to have to some sweet ass 3D Madness day art for ya guys but I got all lazy and decided to work my fingers to the bone on another project that's now almost complete.

Also, I still need a female voice actor.



Posted by JoSilver - September 6th, 2010


Auditions will be open until I've found the right voice actor! ALL MALE ROLES HAVE BEEN FILLED, I know I've yet to announce who gets what part but I wanted to wait untill I filled all the roles. Send me a sound bite of Rose. Say any line or lines from the storyboard or just say whatever in the best voice or voices you can come up with. Also Send me a demo reel if you got one. Even If I don't cast you for a specific character I might keep you around as an extra!

I would also like to remind you that this is a cartoon and try to exaggerate the voice as much as possible. Unless your normal speaking voice is perfect for the character I don't wanna hear it!

Send it to...

Please give your Name, and Newgrounds Username if you have one.

Here's a list of Characters to try out for and a brief description.

Rose a.k.a. Miss Scar: Unfilled
An evil, rude, narcissistic, super villain and the main protagonist.
She should sound as evil as is possible.

Harvey: FILLED
He's the leader of humanitarian group called "The Righteous Angles" and has the reputation as the greatest super hero the city's ever seen.
I'm not really sure how he should sound, do what ever you think is right.

Samson: FILLED
He is the loyal servant of Miss Scar, Cool, Collected and Calm, until he begins to panic.
I think he should kinda sound kinda like Spongebob, do what ever you think is best if you disagree (Man I wish I could get Billy West as a voice actor.)

Detective Loggins (part of ep. 2): FILLED
He's a detective for the local police department. stern, to the point, doesn't laugh much and always on Miss Scar's case.
I want to see a stereotypical detective type of voice.

The OVERLORD OF EVIL (part of ep.2): FILLED
The Brash all knowing master of all that is evil and the Boss of Miss Scar.
Mastermind... That what he should sound like.

The Mayor (Not written in yet): FILLED
He's the Mayor, sound like a Mayor.

Shadow Blade (Not Written in yet): ME!
Here is what I want him to sound like. Note that he is very Crazy, and very Evil.


Here is the Storyboard for the first Episode. Note that the real script is better.

And here are the first few seconds that I've animated. I can't animate anymore until I get Voice Actors.

I really would like to have everything recorded by September so please respond soon.

PS: Here a little inspiration for you guys. All Voice actor could learn much from this wonder man.


/* */
PPS: Sorry for taking so long, I've been working on something else recently and it's almost done and I just got Mario Kart a week or so ago. :3

Posted by JoSilver - July 12th, 2010

Play it Now!

We made this for the First ever Newgrounds Game Jam! Every one was Given 2 days to make a game... And so it was Done!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite Game Jam Games Here!


New Game: Sundown Dash.

Posted by JoSilver - June 9th, 2010

But this is not Music.

/* */
Way to ruin a genre.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some Spongebob to watch.

Posted by JoSilver - April 30th, 2010

Well once again it's Pico Day I and I have no new flash for you Tom... Sorry ='(

But HOWEVER I have so older Flash for your Tom and PICO LOVIN' NEEDS.

Pico: Hero Havoc

Fulp Baby!

Be sure to give them 5's!



Posted by JoSilver - April 5th, 2010

Did you think I was kidding...

Sorry Craig... It had to be done...

Free Porn.

Posted by JoSilver - March 14th, 2010


By the way, I made this... What do you think?

I Come up with what I think is a good Idea for a series. I ain't gonna tell you what it's about...

I am gonna show you what it's about.

Basically I need three voice actors for now.

One for Ms. Scar.
One for Samson.
And one for Harvey.

I plan to do the voices of all the henchmen and stuff for now but feel free try for the part.

Now this storyboard is not final, I plan to add a scene to it or something. fuss with dialogue and stuff.

But for now that is the script that is how it will go.

Send me a voice sample at my email. Jo_Silver1@live.com, but send me a pm too.

In the sample I would like you to state you name, username, and the character(s) you are try out for.
If I pick I'll send you a pm and when I get final script together I'll get you to do the voices.

please don't repost the storyboard anywhere else without my permission.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

PS: More Will come soon...... very soon.... =3

Casting call for new series. Inquire within.

Posted by JoSilver - December 31st, 2009

Another year has come and gone and I feel so unfulfilled...

This year has been a pretty crummy year, or at least for me, but at least I'm alive and well.

Many of the things that I want to have done by this year weren't and haven't been able to find the time to do them... There's always next year. School sucks as hard as ever, and guess what their closing my school too. Something about low scores and too many kids dying every year and I not exaggerating, I'm as serious as can be, I really hate that place.

I hope that next year will be better than this one and that maybe I'll win my second award... probably not.

One thing I'm beginning to notice is that I'm not that good... and maybe I should just slink away and forget about everything. But then again I never submitted a thing because I though it would be loved by all (except for a few failed endeavors that I really though people would like but they didn't) so who the hell cares.

So Oney, where ever you are, I hope we can finish that danm game in 2010 you senile old bastard! =D
I got a few things of my own planned for that year too, one is almost done and should be out by Valentine's Day (I'm not telling... =P ) and maybe I finally finish that madness day game I started but never finished cause I'm so freakin' lazy...

And so Happy New years and I wish you all the best... In case you aint seen it I leave you with this...

Good night and drive home safely.

/* */

Posted by JoSilver - November 27th, 2009

LOL!!!! I almost died!

My Dryer Blew Up...

Posted by JoSilver - October 7th, 2009


Anyways I'm sorta Bummed. I can't really get in contact with Oney these day's, and to top it all off his computer CRASHED. But we've both been busy with school so the game won't be done any time soon So I'm sorry about that but trust me it will be Awesome!

Also, I realized that I've been unscouted from the Art Portal recently (prior to the Art Portal reset) so I decide to actually submit a a few pictures that are worth something.

So stay tuned for my next flash and I leave you with a unrelated Picture!