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Comments (17)

Fantastic work!

Thanks man.

This is quite good. if you're willing to, perhaps you can add boobjobs, anal sex, clothing customization, and clickable naughty bits in the future?

Things will be added, I can't make promises on what will be added though, but expect new content in the future.

Best rated A game on here so far. (Not counting ZoneSama or something like that)

Thanks, that means a lot.

im not sure wat to do with the rar file

I've put up a link to the winrar website. Winrar is the program that I used to compress the file, it's free and can be used for .zip and .rar files.

i got it and great game dude cant wait for more content

Cannot figure out the stars and melons cheats for the life of me, it's making me a very sad panda :[

How do I get Blammy Hagar? Its the last one I need.

Can anyone explain how to get "Blammy Hagar" and "Seein' Stars"? I can't seem to find those :s

If you want Blammy Hagar, wait until the bullet bill kills you and for Seein' Stars, put the love bar at 100%, then go to the goomba editor, go back to the game and then make the guy cum outside.

What's the name of the song playing while the rocket is flying? Can't find it and sounds awesome. Sounds like some rock classic but what is it?

Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar

How do you get hat hair one

help wat about hat hair

Could you tell me how do i get the melon and the hat

Dude this is a great game! It's wildly erotic and the only real complaint is that I can't turn into a tentacle monster and do even more stuff to her (but it makes her happy anyway!) also, I love how she looks -extremely- happy to be doing what she's doing LOL
excellent work man.

really good are there any other secrets besides the bullet bill one

this game is soo hot i wish i was that goomba. i squirt every time. love this game.

this is one of the best games ive seen. and this is 3 years after it was made that i say this. but one teeny thing bugs me. that tooth during the blowjob scene. imagine if that thing made a wrong move. Imagine explaining THAT to your doctor.