My 21st Birthday.

2012-08-12 14:14:12 by JoSilver

So I turned 21 today... Yay! Now I can legally buy beer, I must use this new found power for JUSTICE! On that note my big sister was going to take me and my other sister to get wasted and some club in Forest Hills but our ride when upstate for the weekend and no one wants to take the bus home drunk... So we'll do that NEXT WEEK!

We did go see The Dark Knight Rises yesterday, it was good. I liked it.

On the subject of batman... SOMEBODY MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR ME, OK!?

My 21st Birthday.


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2012-08-12 15:09:12

Congrats dude. I turned 21 myself back in june, wasn't such a big deal as I'm in the UK and you can buy beer from 18 here. God bless the drunken youths of our streets.

JoSilver responds:

America seems to be the only country where booze is legal and you have to be 21 to buy it. Oh well!

Oh and thanks.


2012-08-12 15:15:03

Happy DOD... I mean DOB!

JoSilver responds:



2012-08-12 16:20:36

Funny, my birthday was also today, I turned 24.

Anywho, happy 21st man!


2012-08-13 18:31:52

1 year too old...tisk tisk


2012-08-13 18:32:30

You can no longer do drugs and seem cool


2012-08-13 18:55:47

dude same birthday XD