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i dont mind furries a bit. sorta stupid that people are being biased like this.


not to be offensive to some people in the art portal but srsly what the fuck people

I have no Idea which people your refering to... the Furries or the Jerks...

This is the sole reason why I haven't submitted anything to the art portal.

Because you like to draw furries or assholes?

winny basted.... i vote 0 on all ur pix =D


I agree that if it is a good piece of work that it should be judged on more then just content, but content is a part of art that effects peoples judgment on it. So in away you're right, don't give a "0" to something just because it is a picture of something you don't like but also don't give it a "5" because it's something you do like. But the subject matter of a drawing is a legitimate reason to lower a score.

true... But have you ever acctually seen the reviews people leave...

Well...I did find this cartoon amusing.
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm7oNlDlIe8">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm7oNl DlIe8</a>

Funny cartoon... Unless you hate furries! LOL!

I like furries, they are good and pretty unique. Though when they are in the art portal a bad picture is a bad picture.
A good picture is a good picture.
I admit I love furrys though I won't add marks just because its a furry, I give pionts acording to the animation/game/art, not what it is

Very true... but not everone thinks this way....

lol. Because I like to draw furries. I've been drawing them a lot longer than being a sprite animator.

fuckin furries

&quot;LOL!!! I SENT A BOMB TO YOUR HOUSE!!! YAY!!!!!&quot;

im weighting fag balls
perhaps in the mean time ill hack ur pc =D

It's because furries generally are linked to sexual misconduct with animals. Because of this many people look donw on that due to the fact that it is promoting sexual feelings towards animals. However, just like hentai, it is considerd a form and style of art. Just like hentai and yaoi and pixel art.

People may not like that, but not everyone likes the same style of art. If you are proud to be drawing such things, then submit it. It IS unfair though that people will vote on the message of things and not the quality and detail of art itself. If you are proud to draw such art, then you shouldn't be afraid to submit it, just like hentai, yaoi and other forms of art.

Everyone has their preference and, just like the flash portal, people should vote on quality, not on their biases towards the movie in general.

Wow... just goes to show how much prejudice, in any form, still exists everywhere. People should begin to understand the difference between people making pictures because they enjoy doing it, and drawing it to make them, someone they probably never met, mad.

Wow, Alvin-Earthworm really is just a complete joke isn't he?

Meh that sucks. I'm not into that furry-stuff either but I still tolerate and respect other artists.

furries are pretty messed up. it's like getting a boner when your cat walked in the room or something. NOT RIGHT

I don't like furries but i don't mind then, what realy piss me off it all the real crap i see being submited there. Also, what is with everbody and sonic/lion king shit?

I was just about to say the same thing as Oney.

Why do people enjoy drawing furry humans standing in a &quot;sexy pose&quot;?! Blows my mind.

It's a long complex subject if you try and judge it fairly, but the answer is simple, the sickos like the people who fuck sheep and infamous furry artists I'm not going to do the honor of naming have ruined it for all of them. This will never change as long as those people exist, which is going to be forever basically =P

furries ftw!

Half of the furry pictures in the art portal are absolutely disgusting. So, you can't really blame them.

I don't want to scroll through the art portal and see a dragon covered in dog bodily fluids with a cat getting a boner in the corner.

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