New Flash and starting a Patreon.

2016-07-08 16:28:48 by JoSilver

To kick things of I have a new flash up today and I've kinda gone insane with this one.

Dicks From the Green Planet X

It's another gallery flash that I didn't really know what do with for a while. But overall I had alot of fun working on it, All around I haven't really done anything like it, probally won't do anything like it again either. I wanted to do something out there, ENJOY?!

On to other news, I started a Patreon page. To be honest for the longest time now I've been thinking about doing it but didn't know if I should. But I decided it would be mutally benifical, You help support my work and I get to do more without worrying about pesky things like eating this month. With any luck on day I can make this my full time job and just spend all day making non-sense for you guys.

The last thing I wanted to do is launch a Patreon without new content to offer. I hope to be able to provide a more steady stream of content but the truth is it's gonna be hard. At the moment the last thing I can do is deticate all my time to working new stuff though I try. But with your support hopefully I will be able to someday.

So if you're feeling generoius or just wanna give a little thanks go to my Patreon and pleadge whatever you'd like. You'll be my hero.

My Patreon

See you later.


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2017-06-02 21:38:28

Just came across this game and I was like hey.. that goomba game/flash was so excellent! Where's like a sequel too that buddy and hopefully it 's been well for you on Patreon.