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Posted by JoSilver - September 22nd, 2015

So it's that time of year again when the red crimson is free to be splattered everywhere. And boy have I been buey... I DIdn't Half ass anything this year!

One thing I've want to do for a while now is bring a new take on Madness, to a look at that the Sorld, Science, Religon, Politics, Culture, Biology of the Maddness Universe. Can't say I've really done that yet, truth be told I've really yet to fully flush out anything but fully, but It's been on my mind for quite sometime now. I've prepared a set of images that sort of tell a story, sort of give a glimps in to that world, A world full of madness trying to function or maybe what counts as functional to use it simply diffrent. Either way, Gaze!









Let me know what you think, ESPECIALLY IF YOU THINK I'M A SICK FUCK!

I was hoping to have a Level for Vicera Clean-up Detail ready by now but I sorely underestemated how long it'd take me to complete it, I didn't want to have nothing this year so I stop developing the level the last week and a half or so and work on the thoes renders. By the way it was done completely in Unreal Engine 4. But VSCD Is made in UDK so sadly the level I'm making won't look quite as good but that's why I just gotta give it a good old spit shine.

These are a couple of screen shots as you can see, it's not done. almost everything is incomplete, and nothing is final. I've made models for the furnature and custom gore models for the indviual victims, one guys head is chopped of, one guys guts hanging out. All that sort of stuff.



The level is suppose to be a part of the whole thing, it's was honestly suppose to tell a story for instance there would be magazines littered about posters, the candy wrappers thrown on the ground on top of the things that were to happen in the level. Well I can porbally finish it by late october, I need to slow down and focus a bit more on my classes but as I've mentioned before my work load this semester is pretty low but I still have to study quite a bit.

Well, have fun maming and dismemebering!

Comments (2)

Happy Madness Day! Yeah, all the art is really top-notch dude! Do you have any plans to use the stills in something? I keep hearing Flash can render UDK and UE3 stuff no problem...

Thanks, I appreciate the complement, I worked my butt off on them.

Actually yes some of these will be used, for instance the magazine cover, I want to have magazines scattered about in the level I am making for Viscera Clean-up Detail and that will be one of them. As far as UDK/UE3 is concerned I have no plans of doing anything will them, exporting to SWF is only available to full licensees, I don't have nearly enough money to license UE3. However I have been working heavily in UE4 and the I would like to try and make something for HTLM 5 in it.

I have no concrete plans for anything now but I've been experimenting with and learning UE4 for a while now. I'm trying to put togather something small but It may not turn out to be something that even gets released, think of it like more of a proof of concept project then anything else. On top of that it would be an excuse for me to do more C++ programming something I've not had much experience with.

Happy madness day, that looks pretty awesome actually but the hands look a little creepy XP