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April Fools Yo. I'm Leaving Newgrounds.

Posted by JoSilver - April 1st, 2015

HA HA HA! April Fools... I got you guys good. (Pats self tenderly on back). Just to keep anyone from worring, No I'm not going anywhere! And if you were happy about me leaving... Then I guess we're not friends anymore. While It's true I'm finding it hard to be active here on Newgrounds I wouldn't leave you guys!

-Old Post

Yeah, so I've decided it's time for me to pack up and leave this place. It's been a while coming now but Slowly making stupid little porn game and silly little animations has grown increasingly less fufilling to me. Since I've started college my horzions have been broadened and I seem like I can see the sun more clearly now. I started working at Starbuck last year just as a way to make some money. Everyone there was so friendly and the smell of coffee beans is something I adore.

I don't know why but life seems right there, life seems easier. I thought I knew animation and stuff but I just know coffee better. Last week I was offered a position as Assistant Manager, I said yeah! I really like my job and I can't wait to get started as Assistant Manager. With that said I've decided to embrace my new Responsiblity and just let go of the sillyness.

That part of my life is over and My life as a Starbuck employee, has only just begun.

Sorry to disapoint anyone but I have to go where my heart is, Starbucks



Comments (9)

Alright then. See you back tomorrow.

Well, duh...I never said I'd stop visiting the site #Obvious

May I suggest you delete that message? You talk about porn. If someone wants to do you bad things he can use that message against you.

I don't mean to be annoying, just giving advice.

Holy Moley, You're right! Probally that dickhead Tabitha, she's just jelaous I got the position and not her!

So you got a job as assistant manager huh? Nice bro. You sell coffee and coffee accessories! Hahaha!

It's like you know everything about me!

Hi, I didn't fully read that, but wrote this.

I read all of that and still wrote this.

Go where your heart's content. Congrats and good luck!

Thanks, There just something about coffee that gets me up in the morning.

No longer contributing to a site does not mean you're leaving. We'll be glad to hear your reviews on several games, movies, and artwork in the future!

April Fuuls YO!

gosh darn it u sure got me

OH-HO-HO-HO! I Gotchu!

Besides, you couldn't leave without making a sequel to a really great night

I wouldn't let you ;)