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Small Update 8/21/2013 Medal, Cheats, Downloads

Posted by JoSilver - August 21st, 2013


I just uploaded version 1.01a which adds updates and fixes to the game. You can now see all your medals and which ones you've yet to unlock in the medals tab in the extras menu. I also wanna make it clear that more things will be added to the extras menu in due time, but for now it's just medal. People have been asking for a way to see them sadly I didn't know about Newgrouds policy on medals but now the issue is resolved.

One more smaller update is the addition of small description of the cheat that was just used, so now you can know what the cheat does and if you even entered it right, so now if nothing happens... then nothing happened.

Also I put up a link to the downloadable version of the game, it's a standalone version, meaning there's no need to play it in a browser. For people with slow computers or those who just want a version they can play offline, Try it. Head back to the main page of this blog to see the get the link.

That's all for now though, just need to get out some small updates, bigger updates are on the way. See ya.

All changes

  • Fixed bug where full version button would not redirect player to Newgrounds in Firefox or Chrome
  • Added Extras Menu and Medal Screen
  • Updated the cheat bar so details on the cheat just used are displayed for a few seconds.
  • minor bug fixes.

Comments (13)

Glad to see you're still working on it. If you feel like it you should add up some new scenery like a dungeon or other places (Cherry trees forest would be awesome) or add a menu to customize the guy if some people would like to be another goomba or koopa or all kind of new stuff beyond the girl (Tentacle would be loved by most folks) anyway these are just some ideas if you need them then do if you don't then don't i won't be mad (They are just ideas).

i tdont even know what the cheats are, and i tried everything...

I cant find any Easter eggs either...

Thanks for the fixes.

I've gotten 2 cheats in game (one for sensitivity and the other for the goombella helmet) , and found another (max pleasure) through comments. i also got all medals except Seeing Stars... though I'm still not sure what I need to do for that.

Regardless, this is still so damn fun, I love it!

what do you do with the cheats.

SO there's weird thing the game does, whenever I minimize out of the window or go to a new tab, I can hear the goomba being fucked really really fast, but when I go back it slows down and goes back to normal. what's going on?

That's an issue with flash player. There's nothing I can do about it but know it's not an issue that will break the game or crash your browser or worst, your computer.

Type in "blow" cheat then cum without any position and youll get the seeing stars achevement!

how do you get the medal for bouncy melons?

how about resident evil threesomes

How do i get the melon and the hat

I know its been a long time but Melon medle anyone?

@STARS048 Go to Goomba Customization and click the Zoom In and click the Goomba's Tits

list of cheats would be nice XD.