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Need a little help.

Posted by JoSilver - January 23rd, 2008

Hey everybody, I've become alittle indecisive about my art style for the next one. Below is a picture of how I think I should make the art style for my next game but I'm only here for you so leave a comment about what you think and also note even if I choose this art style this is not how she will look (many things about this picture are bugging me!) Also the game will have her in it again *so boring* BUT!!!! IT WILL ALSO HAVE OTHER GIRLS *OMFG!!! NOW WAY =O*

So, should I keep the old art style or use this or another and if it's another you want explain it or send me a pic of the art style. THX FOR YOUR HELPING!!!!

check out news about the game!!!!

Need a little help.

Comments (13)

looks great, I say go ahead and make it

me too
it will be great

Miss Hot Stuff is back ! By the way what is her name ?

Haven't really thought of one yet.... I'll think of something by the next one tho! =)

okay the main reason i look everyday how the game is going its because the way you make ur character apart from being just one piece of hentai this way have not being used by a lot of people and that make its interesting.

Also, I think the same as lemonator does she isnt pure body the face u make for her will make everybody have a good smile in our face.

Many people may use the same way of animation u do but i dont have time to see all of them and im happy whit what you have done.

All i have to say about this, hopefully.. if not u will read about me again.BYE

i like it the hair has more detail, but id get rid of the black outline if possible, but thats just a personal opinion
looking forward to the next game!

I got an idea for a name Shantae or Ashana


i like both art styles. they're both good. good job

keep the old styling. lol, *ahem*, the most striking element of your awesome flash, was the original art sytle. i couldn't stop thinking how well done and great it was, so...please, keep the old style.

hmmm, I like my old style and I wanted to make a new style but the more I tryed to make it look diffrent the more it looked wierd but now when I look at the old style I think it looks kinda wierd, I think I've come up with a good art style the presereves the old with a new look. how ever your comments are all helping I was unsure of what to do but now I got an idea also keep pile the comments I want to hear what you all have to say. I am going to post an alpha sometime soon and a stupid trailer video on the portal beacuse it should be good for a laugh, I cant say when though!

The art style is pretty good. I'm not sure if you should change it now. Just something about the hair that bugs me, but I don't know what it is.

here eyes arent very centered but othere then that theres nothing bad about it

so do u have the game name yet at least? lol

yes I do!!!!!!

want to see Girl on girl action :)