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Posted by JoSilver - March 3rd, 2009

Well after little thought and preperation I've decided to make a Pico Day Game!
I'm not sure what it's going to be about but one of the playable charaters will be Nene and I'm not sure if I should do more then that but I'll try but for now I'll build the game with only Nene avaible for play and if I have enough time before pico day I'll add more.

Here is what I have so far!


Spacebar: Jump (Press Again in mid-air for double Jump. In this demo you have 999 mutilple jumps)
A - S: Move
S: Duck
W: Run
J: Melee Attack
K:Ranged Attack

I started this about a week ago and completed a rough draft of the game engine in 2 days. Everything work all that great but It's at a point where I can ignore them and still get a good game. Also the camera in this is not the real in game camera... I still fix the bugs in that. Also for this little test the camera is zoomed out a bit. The game will have a fully functional camera and Zoom in and out based on occusion.
I have put everything aside to make this game so there won't be anything new untill it's done and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Also I remeber watching the game play preview for the game that J1mp is making and noticed that the death animations involved no physics what so ever.... I'm trying to make sure there is nothing like that (Not to call you out J1mp, I'm looking forward to your game).

So Enjoy!!!!

Also, enjoy this new screenshot.


Comments (9)

One glitch I see is when rou hold run and jump (Spacebar) you fly untill you stop pressing it.

You sure your not just pressing jump a million times..... Anyone else exprice this problem? Cause I havn't and I tryed to glich it just now.

It's looking pretty sweet.

I will hopefully kick ass!!!

It's good ,but the controls are kind of awkward. It would be better with the more normal controls of arrow keys to move, up arrow or space to jump and a,s+d to attack. But what you've got so far is good.

you'll be able to change the controls in the complete game. Flash is kinda stupid and you can hold more the two arrows keys to get an input that or any of the keys on the row of the Spacebar. You however can hold more then two of the letterd keys so that's why the controls are like that.

You need to fix the controls.

You'll be able to change them.

You forgot to put the "d" in homicidal.

No one likes to be corrected AND I ADMIT IM A BAD SPELLER!!!!!

so I shall not CORRECT IT!!!! Also I don't proof-read anything....

its ok, needs touching up.

it needs Sounds, Backgrounds, Enemies, A UI, Music, A Story, Cinematics....
yup... A touch up will do. :P

That's awesome, I'm trying to figure how you got it to go to the start when you fall :S

When Nene's y is greater then 800 it moves BACK!!!

I got azza3809 problem as well. I held right and up and kept pressing jump (not holding) and I could fly :).

Lol, It's not a glitch! I made it that way... for now!

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