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GARBAGE WHISTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! and looking for voice actor and other stuff.

Posted by JoSilver - November 6th, 2008

OH well....

Well anyways... My new game is coming along nicly althought I've been lagging on any work. I've been busy playing unreal tornument....

Also I kinda iffiy on how the continuation of "Host" will go. It gonna be an intresting project but I guess we'll see how it goes then huh? also I don't see finishing the first one soon.... and the next will be released god knows when but I plan to get to it.

I don't know when I'll finish the game, I have to focus on other things like school and stuff but I Will finish. Also if anyone is intrested in being a voice actor for "Host" PM me.

I need atleast 2 guys and girls how can do maybe 2 or 3 unique voices.
(an old guy, middle-aged woman, red-neck, voices like that)

SO that's all I got to say for now...

And please enjoy this!!!
Mr. Happy Handshake!!!!!

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- The Future Ruler of Newgrounds
- Jo Silver!

Comments (16)

Garbage whistle isn't so bad

Join the club bro...now grab a bag of chips.

I've always had a garbage whistle...

mua ha ha, I laugh at your pitiful attempt at flagging reveiws!
nahh, just kidding. Garabge sucks.

STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!!!! *Sobs uncontrolably in a coner*

when you mean redneck, do you mean bogan style redneck or hillbilly style redneck?

More of a cowboy redneck voice.

Garbage Whistle is stylish. That's what I've got right now.

I Can Try to Do the Old guy for you.

PM ME with a demo or something.

L. O. L.

Whistles are fucking up I had a bronze whistle on monday, and I have flagged like maybe 10 things and yesterday it was normal and now mines a garbage whistle

what about adult stuff such as making love fairy? Save perhaps my idea of making hentai sim date that 'anything goes' that I have PM to you....

I haven't really been focusing on that stuff now but I'll get to it after I finish some other stuff first.

I had a garbage whistle once, but now it's Bronze. Here's what I did; I went to the forums and started looking at a thread called "Rage's Gift To You; Abusive Reviews!" People send info about abusive reviews and flash, and that's what got me out of the garbage category. I suggest you do the same, and if you find something abusive yourself, post it on that thread. Also, this isn't a foolproof system so I can't stress this enough... USE YOUR BEST JUDGEMENT! That said, good luck getting to Deity whistle! ^^

Thanks for the advice!

that was the funniest video ive ever seen

Yes.... it is...

Hail future ruler of newgrounds, Bannanabreadmuffin!
Oh wait....
HAHA! Funny video.
I liked the monkey.

you knooooooow wut this sucks

how's your work my friend :)

I MIGHT be able to do some voice acting.

Just give me a pm and I'll give you my e-mail.

just wondering if host pt.2 will be out anytime soon?