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Well My Computer is Pretty Much Dead!

Posted by JoSilver - August 28th, 2008

As of recently my computer has been premantly crippled. The cause of this was adware.agent.BN.... the bastard! We were able to remove it and return functionality to it but.... it's just not the same. I am currently unable to preform simple tasks as easily as before. Becuase of all this, my work has been haulted. Right now as I'm typing this am noticing my keyboard being less responsive then normal. I am unable to use flash and all my other little tools of destruction properly which has lead to a mild wave of deperession..... =(

As bad as this all sounds there is a silver lining to all this. As a direct result of this crisis my sister has kindly purchased a new, BETTER COMPUTER!!!!! Needless to say.... I'm happy now. =)
It's suppose to come in before sept. 2 so I should get back to anytime soon.

Also I would like to make afew annocements to my adoring Fans!!!!

First of I've stoped working on the Love fairy game for now. Why? well, the moe I got into it the more I realized that I need to think this out more. As I mention in my last post, I'm going in a new direction the game so, for now production is on hold.

I'm working on a new game!!!! SHOTGUN WARRIOR!!!!!! or somthing like that!
It's not hentai so you can take your mind out the gutter. basicly it's a side-scrolling shooter game that you basicly run around with a shotgun and shot the bad guys... Sounds like fun, right!?
Will anyways My main focus is this game for now and I hope you'll al enjoy the finished product.

Also I put this up for people to test out the physics engine. This is not how the finished game will look or even play but just to show you how the basic game may run it course.

Click here for the thing!
simply use the arrow keys to move around.

Well thats pretty much all I have to say for now and I hope that when my new game is done you'll vote 5!!!!

-The Future Ruler of Newgrounds
-Jo Silver, Saying adios!

Well My Computer is Pretty Much Dead!

Comments (3)

Wow that sucks dude. Not the game, I mean. About the computer

Don't feel too bad... THE NEW COMPUTER KICKS ASS!!!!!!

looks like it was made with game maker ._.

i can get u a better sprite, better yet i can make one

Don't worry. It's only a test model. I work on a more complex sprite when the game enigne work prefectly.