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My plans for Flash!

Posted by JoSilver - July 25th, 2008

I have some big plans for flash movies and games im gonna make so my schedule is pretty tight. Some of my planned projects I hope to Epic!!! I will lable What I Hope to be Epic.

1. A Really Great Night Updates.

To Cancel out the Effects of my Game being Stole by Games of Desire (which I think Newgrounds admins should really look in to because I think it's being load to the site from Newgrounds severs because I place my SWF Protection code in it and It still working and I took it from the site decoplied it and the code was still intact so Please Look into it because Newgrounds your bandwidth Bill we're talking about here) I'm
Updating it!!!!!

The Updates Should be as following:

*one or two new postions( but I'm gonna say I'll only do one).

*An aduio player that plays your OWN MUSIC(if I can code it right)

*Newgrounds API intsallation!!! ( I thought I'd use Newgrounds stuff since PsychoGoldfish Did work so hard on it).

*Maybe Custom Girl and New ones!!! (However I don't think I'll do more for the custom girl then make it so that you can change the colors not the hair and stuff if I don't get lazy.

If I can Code tha Mp3 Player Right It will be cool. If anyone want's to help out just say the word but I code in AS3.

If you havn't tryed "A Really Great Night", Try it Now... if you're over 18.

2. TeSTbUTToN #3 *EPIC!*

testBuTTOn 2 Was a game I made that well wasn't big. But those who played it and liked it LOVED it.
So I was just going through my folders and found testbutton 2 and just started playing it and remebered why they liked it. So I though I'd Decompile it and spruse it up a bit and said wait WHY NOT MAKE EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! So I will do just that. I've got some new tricks up my sleves so anyone who beat the old one... wont beat THIS ONE!!!!

Try testBuTTOn 2 out and See if you like, but NOT if you have Epilepcy!

3. Soggy Muffin

I want to make a new muffin cartoon and that's about it. Also because I felt that The flash Ads was something I Couldn't capitalize from With "A Really Great Night" I thought I'd make something that I could (I need a new Computer and SOON!!!) But I hope you'll Enjoy it. The .jpg bellow is a scene from it.

If you're not familar with Muffin. Check it out! I made this when I sucked at flash so don't hate too much.

4. The Love Fariy *EPIC*

Just so Everyone Knows it I wasn't expecting "A Really Great Night" to be Epic but I Know This WILL be. I've deceide to go in a completly New Direction With this Game, It Will be more of a Dating Sim But it will be orginal! I Garentee you that. Because Almost all Dating are the Same In the Way you go about scoring points with Girls. Talk,Gift,Kiss,Blah,Blah,BLAH!!!! There has be no truly innovative dating sim since Sim Girl And Ganguro Girls and HOW old are those!!!!!!!! I Will SMASH That old style OF game play to pieces and Bring a new Chalenge. Also The reason I'm Gonna do it this way now is because it was always going to have some sort of story to it but this way I can Have even more Fun with it!!

5. Untitled Project *EPIC*

Awhile back Me and my sisters collabrated to come up with a flash movie that my Big Sister wants to make. It's however, If you ask me, a huge project that I have to do all the hard work for. I haven't really done much on this yet but I'll get around to it. It's an Anime that's about this girl who.... well you know what I don't really know exactly what it's about. there is a binder full of sketchs, scripts and animatics for it but that's about it (my sister is the one who know all that)
But I am looking forward to working on it but it will be a PAINFULL PROCESS!!!!

I have Many plans for the future and these are just some of the highlighted few. I hope that when I finish them you'll Like what I've made. Also THANK You for reading this and thank you fans for your support

/* */
-The Future Ruler of Newgrounds,
-Jo Silver.

My plans for Flash!

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that vid is priceless and your work is good