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Balancing Act.

Posted by JoSilver - 6 days ago

Hey you, Be sure to visit here every two weeks to see what I'm up to. I'll be making News post detailing all my exploits and scandals. So tune in for all the goodness.

This week I'm gonna be keeping things short as Progress has been a bit slow but I'm back on a decent pace. There really have been two things that have slowed me down quite a bit... Water and Path Finding.

Water was always in the plan but path finding, not really.

Newer releases of UE4 have great built in support for water and watery things too bad I'm not using those newer releases. Project Honey is Targeting a slightly older version, Whether it was had to or chose to, either way I built a lot of Water Systems for Project Honey. Water Shading, Water Physics and water effects... It's taken quite a bit of my time and I dare say sanity. But I think you'll agree things are actually pretty decent at the moment.


I'm quite proud of... well, just all of this.

All of it goes a long way in to making the game feel immersive and fun to explore. But graphics only get you so far,

and enemies are only as good as their A.I. Or at least as functional it is.

Many games can get away with near brain dead enemies but the more I worked on Project Honey the more I realized Project Honey was not one of them. While I don't claim that the enemies in Project Honey will ever pass as "Smart" they can at least now get around easily



It took me a lot of time and a lot of headaches to get my A.I. to even be able to follow the player, when I got it so they can traverse the level proper... That felt good.

With all that said where am I now... Balancing. Making enemies put up a fight with out being too tough or too much of push overs. Currently I'm buried in Spreadsheets, mulling over statistics and item distributions on top of brain storming Ideas of new Enemies. I thought I could get away with maybe 8 or 10 enemies... But no, I need way more than that. The key is variety, Sure the player can go through different location but what's the point if you're still seeing the same enemies. I'm working on Rare Enemy types that will put up a fight. Previously I was incredibly limited in what I could do but now the sky's the limit.

There is an enemy that I am super proud of getting working that I wouldn't have gotten working even kinda if I hadn't buckled down and figured out a good path finding solution. Now I'm coming up with a couple of new types that I think are going quite well.


She want you dead, SO BAD!

But really I still have a lot of work to do. If you had asked my a few months ago if I was confident I could get this game done, I would have said maybe... Now, I'm feeling really good about it.

Sadly, that's all I have this week.

See y'all again soon.


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Honestly looks amazing. Please take your time. We're willing to wait for what looks like a masterpiece in the making.

Why thank you, I'm certainly not trying to rush things. I going at what I believe to be a comfortable pace. Whenever I feel tired or like I'm not getting anywhere, I take a break and allow myself to decompress.

But also, I don't know about a masterpiece, I'm certainly trying to make the best damn game I can. We shall see about that but All I'm hoping is that it's at least enjoyable to play.