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Character design and you.

Posted by JoSilver - February 28th, 2021

Hey, don't miss out, I do a news post on what I'm up to every two weeks HERE on Newgrounds. Be sure to check in to see all the latest from you're truly.

The past two weeks I've largely been in full production mode on Project Honey. My current task is creating characters. And there are gonna be a couple. At least a handful of them are going to buxom babes of all manner of things. Ranging from plants to animals and anything in between. So wanted to both share and get some feedback from you guys on the designs I have in store.

My main design goal was not simply to put the characters in as little clothes as possible, not only is that boring but also not very fun to work on. I've been getting inspiration for designs from all over the place. For each one I'm doing my best to give each on a unique theme and design, it hasn't been easy and none of these ladies are by any means "Done", Some of them I'm very happy with, others are definetly going to get another pass.

To start things off let me introduce you all to the protagonist of this little adventure....


Ursula Pedaldrop

Ursula is the proud owner of a small little potion shop just outside the royal city. Her various potions and tonics are known through out the kingdom for their potency and quality. There will be more about Ursula herself at some other date right now my focus is her design. For the most part Ursula is the only human character, strictly speaking, I'll be showing off here. The design of her robe was tricky. I wanted it to be revealing but believable that, I ended up with a design that was more of like a dress then a robe. I wanted to give her stockings at first but decided leaving her legs bare gave her an certain elegance yet rawness, contraction and duality things I wanted to come out with here. Dark day and a bright night.

Next up is one of the first designs I came up with for project honey and partly the reason it's code named that.


Buxom Bee

These gals love flowers and clump in a group, if provoked they will swarm, best to handle them first. There is still a bit of work to do with her. For example I still need to give her wings and unfortunately in this angle you guys can't see her stinger. I wanted a mix of cabaret and toughness. I wanted them to look like they're in a gang but they preform at the rec center on weekends. I'm fond of this design but feel I can do more to make those ideas come out.

Up next is a common lady you'll see project honey but one I hope you'll like.


Rococo Morte

These undead women of the upper crust tend to wander aimlessly, and mindless peruse the player, regardless of obstacles. Designing these gals gave me some trouble, at first I wanted them to more closely look like a typical peasant girl, However she just looked way to done up for both a zombie or a peasant... SO ran with that idea. I intend to add more flourishes to her design but for now this is where she is.

Next up is something a bit different.


Still coming up with a name for her.... ( Demon girl... Semen demon, IDK)

These girls for the most part will ambush the player, They will appear from nowhere and pelt the player with magic before poofing themselves away. Obvously I wanted her to be a sort of demon girl, a character that looks like shes bad to the bone. I love her design so far but I'm not sure about it. Her design my end up changing drastically in the final game... But we shall see.

Next is something I've been sitting on for years finally I'm using for something.


( AquaFilha)

Theese dames stay near the water and with their bubble attacks make it tough for the player to approach them. I based her design off an old sketch I did back in ... has it really been that long... 2013. I love the design but feel I need to work on the legs a bit more.

Next is the last of the some-what complete designs...



These wild gals attack the player with great prejudiced even if something else unfriendly shows up. They leap high in to the air and Bomp down on the player with their bottoms. Her design gave me a lot of trouble. I wanted them to look tribal, wild and needlessly salacious. I also tried to make sure they didn't resemble anything sort of actual native people. I have many hobbies, but sticking my dick in a wasps nest is not one of them. A first I wanted to give her something like a faux hawk or half shaved head, but I really didn't want to stick my dick in the bees nest so I decided to take a page from Donkey Kong and give her ridiculous golden locks, I think she looks quite cute, Might tweak her look a bit more.

Last but not least... But the one I've least worked on.



These flowers think their better than you.Usual they will be followed closley by an entourage of Buxom Bees. Due to their heightened sense of superiority, they will attack the player on sight, firing seeds at her. Sadly I haven't gotten a chance to flush her design out yet. What I want to go for with her is something like a carnival dancer, those ladies know how to party! I'd go in to more details but she's next up for an art pass and I can't really take about something I haven't done yet.

I have quite a few more Ideas for lovely ladies for project honey.I'm trying to come up with as many designs as possible some wont make in the game some will be repurposed. I have a pretty solid Idea for the mechanics behind each one but I'm not sure how well each idea will work as a couple have yet to be implemented and a couple are still very much in the design phase and I'm hoping atleast one design that I just do on a whim might inspire me.

That's all for this week, let me know what you think.

See ya'll again soon.


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I adore it all enormously

Thank you. If things go well they are only gonna get better.