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Not much News Yet again, but some.

Posted by JoSilver - December 20th, 2020

As always I make an update every two weeks on what I'm up to and how things are going here on Newgrounds. So tune in to learn all dem deetz!

So last week I released my Toy Chica model on Itch.io. I think I'm gonna keep using Itch for stuff like that in the future.

If you are interested check her out.


I'm hoping to have some more models out in the coming future but for now, hope you guys enjoy her.

Apart from that not much new has been going on, but lot's of progress is being made with Tales of Luka. Slowly but surely I'm squirming my way towards a proper production phase for it but there are a number of things I need to do before I can really get started. The models of the main character are completely done. I fixed up any remaining issues I have with them and they're ready to use. Now I just need to work out some minor but truly crucial details.

One thing that I've been quite cognizant of this whole time has been scale. How tall Luka is, how big are things in her world, stuff like that. So lately I've been putting in that work of figureing things out like how big should doors be, how tall are chairs and tables. Small details that can easilly bite me in the butt if I don't have answers for especially since I have a number of props I need to make just for the first episode alone. It would suck if I made all these chair models that none of the characters can even sit on.

Here's something I came up with. I always knew Luka, compared to a human, was going to be tiny but check this out.


Luka's species while not being "Human" is the closest thing to human in her world. for reference Luka is roughly 3 feet tall at 100cm or so with the man next to her being some where around 5' 6" or about 170 cm. So yeah, Luka's species is quite tiny. As a result I had to take the time to really ask questions like how big should everything be. They can't be human sized, it's would simply be too big. Good thing I really started asking those questions because I was convinced that steps that were 25 cm tall would be fine but as you can see steps that tall would go past her knees.

Imagine having to pick your leg all the way up just to climb one step. That's what I call a work out.

On top of that I decided to write some more episodes, My plan was just to make the first and work from there, Let things evolve naturally. but I want to start on a better foot and I don't have too much practice writing for these characters so It was a good exercise just to figure things out. Like how would Zanshi say this or how would Kole react to this. Important work that needs to be done to make the Tales of Luka the best it can be.

And with that that all the News I have to share this week.

See y'all again soon


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Nice! Keep it going!

Thanks. Will do.

do ya have a discord?