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Sunny Funny Bunny... Munny? (Sunny Miami)

Posted by JoSilver - 12 days ago

Just a quick reminder to you dudes, I'm posting Updates on what I'm doing and where you can get ya hands on it Every Two Weeks, so tune in to learn about what exactly the flip it is that I am doing. YAY!

As I've mentioned often now I'm cleaning up old models for a public release, and one that I took a look at was My Sunny Miami Model.


Aint' she purdy!?

I took a look at her and noticed not much work was needed to bring it up to a standard that I would be happy with. Then inspiration hit... and I was Just had to Do something with her... Ladies and Germs, I present you with something.

WARNING! (NSFW, Contains nuts!)

4K Versions Available on Pateron!

I had a lot of funny working on these, The sexy animation there took me quite a lot of tweaking to get just right. Sunny Miami was always a bit of favorite character of mine, I love her design, and doing something with her is always a fun endeavor. I hope to do more with her when inspiration strikes yet again, but I already have an idea or two I'd like to take a whack at sometime down the line.

Hope you guys enjoy.



You're one stop shop for all your FNAF LEWD NEWS!

Needless to say The Chica Model has not been released yet, and I'm gonna be honest with you guys. It's not because I ran in to problems or anything like that... Sunny Miami called to me like a siren in the foggy mists and boy did I crash hard on them rocks. I have a nasty habit of not working on things because something else beckons to me, even if not much work is needed to push it out the door. But I try to go the way that I have the greatest drive to go.

I get more done that way, otherwise I waste a lot of time doing nothing, and I feel it's more important to do something, Anything.

With all that said not much work is needed to get her out the door and in to youz guyzes loving arms. So with any luck she should be available with in a few days. One reason Its taking so long is because I wanted to put her out along with all the FNAF Gals as a pack and I was well at work on that, Until I heard some news...


HAYDEE 2 COMES OUT THIS MONTH... so obviously I need port them to Haydee 2. So here's the plan Mentlegen, A release of my Toy Chica Model will be made available to you guys soon. The Model will not be game ready in anyway. However in order to bring them over to Haydee 2 (along with a few extra goodies) I will have to put in that extra work, Once all that is done, The models will be released in a game ready form, Sound good?

...Will I think so.

So, to Summarize...

  • More Sunny Miami coming eventually.
  • Non Game ready Toy Chica Model coming real soon.
  • Haydee 2 ports of the Models come some time after.
  • Release of those will then follow.
  • World Peace achieved!

Let me know what you gals think. Comments, Suggestions, Tips and Tricks I'm always happy to hear them.

Anyways, that's it for now.

And with that, See y'all again soon.



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World peace haven't been achieved youngling, there is still much that you need to learn before the counsel makes you a nsfw knight.