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Upcoming Plans/ 3D MODELS

Posted by JoSilver - October 25th, 2020

So like I said in my last post, I'm going to be posting every 2 weeks on what I'm doing, what's going on, ect.. ect... So I'm going to keep this trend going for as long as I can. K, COOL.

I suppose if I have a problem it's that I simply have an issue with focusing on one thing. I have too many ideas and not enough time and resources to get to them all. Then couple that lack of focus with a lack of focus on what exactly it is that I'm working on and that's a soup too spicy for mortal men to handle.

What's been helping me through this funk is instead of focusing on the big picture, focus on what do I need to do today to get something done. Divide and conquer, make a big problem in to a set of tiny problems, Those in the coding know might call it agile programing. I'd say it's mostly working, it's easy for me to become overwhelm with what needs to get done eventually, and instead I try to focus on what I need to do right now. When it comes to programing I feel that means sometimes taking a step back and thinking the problem through carefully.

But enough of that mumbo jumbo, what is the point of this? My point is I more or less want to share what I plan to do in the short term, like the next two weeks. So one thing I want to start doing is releasing some of my old models for public use. I'm not doing anything with them nor do I really have any plans to. I want to do this for a number of reasons. One I'm not doing anything with them and people have expressed intrest in the past for them. Secondly, one way I learned about modeling was Downloading models and seeing what other people did. I learned a lot about topology and rigging and that what have you that way. I don't claim to be an expert but if my models can help someone learn something then it would have been worth it.

So for the next week or so I'm going to be working on cleaning up some old models of mine and releasing them, how exactly am I doing to distribute them... I'm not entirely sure. I'm thinking deviantart or sketchfab but that means another account for something I'd have to manage... Idealy I'd rather do it through something I'm already active on.

So what models am I considering releasing... a couple. here's a few works with models I'm considering releasing or going to release.

So why these and not others. These are things that I am proud of and/or have no plans to continue working on. Also there has been a vocal demand for it. Now I'm not saying that come Novemeber all of these will be out in the wild and ready to be used, No. But I'm working on bringing them to the public. The issue with a lot of them is that I've learned a lot while working on them. and I've made a lot of mistakes. Mistakes that I've learned from to make the up coming Tales of Luka not a nightmare to work on.

Alot of the issues lies with organization. Things not being labled, things being a disorganized mess. It's a bad habit to get into, of not organizing your work because no one else is going to see it... Problem comes when you also haven't seen it in months. That's when you punish yourself with an entire bottle of scotch.

Also there are a few things I know I can clean up, be that topology or the rig used or what have you. Things that don't effect the final render so much but do effect how easy it is to work with the model.


So with that said just wanted to share with you all what I have this week for you all that's new.

I've been working on updating all the character models and textures to be constant with the new art style of Tales of Luka. It's not too daunting of a task since, maybe I'm giving away too much of how the sausage is made, all the character are based off the same basic mesh. All I do is reshape them a bit here and there. The real work lies in the hair and clothes. Point is these are the final designs for the characters. I might make a few tweaks here and there but other than that they are done... Only thing that truly bugs me are the shoulders... and I'm not sure what to do... IDK I'll think of something.

Here's some more artwork... Woo hoo.

Anyways that it for now.

And with that, See y'all again soon.



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Blender nowdays is outstanding

Consider it a mission accomplished, I learn the basics of rigging and modeling in blender because of your fnaf models, my thanks go to you.