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Pivoting WIP Project!

Posted by JoSilver - September 19th, 2018

So, I had a project that I've been working on for a while now, it was something small, probally no one was gonna like it. You've probally nocticed the amout of galleries I've done lately, They were galleries because 3D animation was always tricky for me. Not because 3D animation was necessarily hard, It's not harder than posing really. At the time getting animations from blender to Unreal was difficult. I also didn't know how to properly skin a mesh to work well in unreal then either, Static Poses worked best for me at the time. Even now the issue with unreal at the moment is frame timing, for long animation it works fine but for animation that only last 15- 12 frames sycning animations to loop correctly is difficult.

So I've shifted my focus to Blender Cycles, I think it's fair for me to say that I've managed to produce some pretty stunning work with it, Problem is, It's SLOW! In case y'all aren't aware this picture took 4 hours to render.  And that's not even the longest I've taken to render something. Long render time effectlvely make animations for me impossible, or atleast at a decent resolution with minimal noise.

I've mainly been waiting for a stable release of blender 2.8 to start experimenting with EEVEE. The project I'm working on was basically my best effort to give cylces for animation a chance. A fully lit scene, in doors, which is simply a nightmare when it comes to render times. I was only able to get about 6 15 frame animations done in a resonable time each one requiring several hours of rendering all at only 640 X 360 resolution and noisy as all hell. That's the best I can get.


BUT I started experiement with just using Bender 2.79 Open GL rendering, first with the game engine, which went badly, Then just trying to get the viewport rendering to not look like hot garbage. Frankly I think I've done it It looks now where near like the result I can get with Cylces (But that goes with out saying really) But It looks pretty good.

But my 6 15 frames 640 X 360 noisy animations has jumped from at least 48 animations at whatever length I think is best at 1920X1080 with no noise. I think it's pretty clear which path I should presue. Hopefully 2.8 will come out soon next year or atleast a stable build of 2.8 so I can actually do some 3D animation. However in the mean time I'm pretty happy how it's going so far so atleast for now, they can take their time.

I've only just started trying this way of doing things, and already I've accomplished way more in 2 days then I did by just using cycles over about 2 months. an animation that took 3 hours to render at 640X360 now only takes me 10 minutes or so at really any resoultion I want and most of that time is wasted on me setting things up and making sure everything is in place. So yeah, I'm excited!

Something BIG is coming.