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Life is a bitch.

Posted by JoSilver - September 4th, 2018

So It's been a while since I posted anything. Unfortunately I'm the kind of person who just shuts down when things are... Not great. So this june a number of things happened.

The first of which was my job closed one day... and they haven't opened since. They promised me they would re-open in two weeks... But that was this June! So Money was a problem for me lately but fortunatley I've recently found a new job and am working again, So THAT'S GREAT!

Second my mother was diagnosed with cancer, which consumed a great portion of my though and time for a good month. But not to worry, they caught it just in time and my mother has already had surgery to have it removed. Everything is looking good and we're hopeful for the future.

But with that said I've haven't been doing nothing but sitting on my ass this whole, I've been working on a number of things lately, I got a lot of Ideas and one of them anyways will be ready soon, like I'm putting finishing touches on it soon. It's a lot of fun and when you get a chance to play it I hopefully it will have been worth my silence for a few months. There are also a couple projects that I've either just started work on finally have a solid concept for. Hopefully I'll have more news on all that soon.

Anyways that's basically what I've been up to lately.


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Congrats on the new job and things looking good for your mom. Sounds like a rough summer.

Yeah things have been rough lately but it's getting better. Thanks for the support.

sorry to hear about your mom,but hey congrats for the job

Thanks for the support. My mom is recovering well, she's almost back to her old self and the job so far is going great.

Glad to hear from you hopefully things keep going in the right direction. Glad they caught the cancer early too. Keep tough man.

Yeah you and me both, neither of us knew what to make of when we heard the news. We're just thankful for the doctor that took care of my mom, she's a good woman. Thanks for the support.

Glad your mom's ok, dude! Good on you for taking care of her. Can't wait to see what you cook up.

Thanks, I appreciate it. Hopefully everything will be ready soon.