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Long Absence.

Posted by JoSilver - May 21st, 2018

So yeah I've been gone for a while. Most of that time I spent mopping and not wanting to face the internet. But I wasn't doing nothing this whole time, I'm cooking up some new stuff. no news to share with you guys but know I got plans. As always.

The reason for this post is just to let yall know what's up with all that time away. Especially with I was so positve that I even made my pateron monthly... and even started one. Well you see friends I thought I could keep up. I was well on track to deliver monthly content to you guys... the problem... It was shit. This is best illustrated with my last upload.


I am frankly amazed I even let this go out in the condition it was in. I did work hard on it but it's bad.

You see I'm the kind of guy who will work on something for months have it be basically finished and scrap the whole goddanm thing. That flash is what happens when I don't do that. If there is a reason I don't like to talk about stuff I'm working on it's because I do this all the goddanm time. Just with the models in the flash, I've literatly been working on them for 3 years! (off and on again obviously). why so long because they were utter shit then, so I saw it as a creative dead end. But something in the back of my head said keeped going, but maybe if I did this, or stopped doing that.

When working on something more often then not I get this feeling that tells me, that looks wrong, fix it, change it and let me tell you, while working on Tales of Luka that feeling was more of a vigorus itch constatly annoying me, that looks bad, her ass looks terrible, you can see where the texture on the grass ends.

But I ignored it because I wanted to have something ready before january.

And now I find myself between a rock and hard place. I've spent some time esentially fixing it. Tweaking the models, fine tuning the shaders, lighting and poses. I am quite pleased with what I have now. Problem is I've already uploaded the goddanm thing, I can't expect people to revist a flash with limited appeal in the first place because I claim it's better now. And reuploading just feels to much like cheating for since it is the same thing just improved art. (The minor differences between A really good night and a really great night still haunt me to this day.) So if I do reupload it do I delete the old one and throw the people who actually favorited it out in the rain.

I'm sure I'll come up with a solution that works best for me and everyone else eventually but in the mean time it's the mess I put myself into by not wanting to take my time to instead fufill a monthly schedual.

If you check out my patreon I've changed it to per creation and haven't posted since. Maybe it's ridculous of me to expect to have full flash content ready each month for you guys and maintain the quality that I hope to keep. or maybe it's ridculous of me to think people wont understand if I don't have something ready every month.

Either way I don't feel comfortable asking people for money if I can't keep up. I'm not shutting down my patreon (not yet anyways) I just don't know what to do with it anymore.


Anyways that's enough babbling for now,


TLDR, Tales of Luka sucked because it was rushed and I refuse to rush anymore because it means sacrficing quality. So no more monthy Pateron or atleast untill I figure out how to make it work.


Let me know how you all feel about my pateron campagin, what should I do, or whether or not I should just stop the whole thing, I never want to have paywalled content of any kind so if I can't even maintain a monthly schedual I don't know how to justify it.


Thanks guys, enjoy the new lewds if thats your thing.





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Seems I have some catching up to do... but about that Patreon: there are other ways than monthly goals though right? Goal per video maybe? That way it wouldn't matter how long it takes, and the cause would be genuine. Course a pace seems required to make a profit, but if you get known for quality that might be reflected in the popularity too. Seems people did enjoy that last one too, though...

About the recent review response, just wanted to mention: woah. Didn't realize such an elaborate process was behind it! XD Would be curious to see some of those WIPs. Could be interesting to post in the description (via the dump?); to let people see how long a process there really is behind the art.

Sure I'd love to do something like that. I have somescreens already to go just need to think about how I'm gonna share them.