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Cool, is it going to be adult game like "A really Good Night" or something else?
If so, it would be awsome to add more options like: blowjob, titfuck, grag breast and many more. Add more girls, that would be cool too. And don't make flash size something like 20 mb (think of dialupers; put pre-loader, that helps a lot).
Look forward to the next game !


come on dude where have u been? its been like a month since your last post

Working very hard!!!!!! I cant really give you guys an update yet but I have recantly Complete a large part of a part of the game (sorry but this on is gonna be huge)
But if all goes well within the next week or so I should have a demo I you like one and when I Finish it I'll have to finish the 2 other Girls YAY!!!!!!!!! but don't worry I havn't Died!

What's the news? I'm looking forward to whatever you've got coming, but I miss the updates!

well you can always check my previous posts but so far I got nothing new to talk about but I will soon!!!!

the demo done yet?

nope but soon.

Your previous one was awesome! When is it coming up?

So MUCH stuff!!! Im thinking of add... A WHOLE LOT OF CRAP!!!!!!!
when the demo is released I'll share more details.

so i guess we are at the point of we'll see right now lol since its been 1 month and 1 day

dude its been over 3 months come on now

Do you want me to finish it fast or do it right?
I know it's taking along time but this is nowhere near the size of the other version so please give me so time man!

man im just messin with ya, i just thought when u said demo you were gunna release it on alpha

well, I am going to one of these days, maybe in a week or two from now, it's just that I wanted the demo to have a small bit of the main game, and one of the bonus content I plan to include in the full version and a dumb cartoon about the game (therefore it pretty much has to a lot to do with nothing :p ) but it will or should be worth watching but I've only just started on those extra stuff. Even though I should release the demo soon, I am nowhere near done *SPOILER ALERT* I PLAN TO HAVE EDITABLE GIRLS!!!!!!!! OMFG!!! NO F-IN'!!!!! so I'm gonna have to design some hair styles and things like that and the colors will be fully editable with RGB colors!!!! the catch is this feature has to be unlocked.... =( well that's all I have to say so till next time, CYA!

cant wait, it looks great. the first was good. i bet that this one will be awesome. whens the demo coming out?

This is probaly one of the best submissions to
NewGrounds.. =]

Can u post a demo sometime before may

You ... fucking rock I soooo wish that was me

The question is which postion would you prefer =D

Nice, i guess