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Comments (4)

Since your Flash is soon to be removed and replaced by the full version...let me just post my review here.

I was very impressed by your latest work.

I'm glad that there's another flash artist who's skills will probably one day surpass Zone Sama's animations. If not in Animation Skills, but rather in Content and Style.

Don't get me wrong, it will probably take days of dedication and practice. But there's something about your style of animation that I enjoy more so than Zone's.

Hmm....it's probably you artwork and animation is "cute" and "funny" vs Zone's being "hardcore" and "shocking."

Don't get me wrong again...but despite Zone's great talent, her amazing licensing agreement to do parodies, and sense of style...Zone's sense of Hentai Genre's so far only seems to cover genre's of Hardcore Animation, often about topics of Rape and Monster sex. (a preference I don't like at all)

It's okay, except I personally prefer something a little bit more "Easy-to-Watch" level.

Not only that...but what you've demonstrated in this flash is the humorous outcome that's often the case illustrated in quirky animes! Due to the joke that by not pleasing the girl, she get's upset and shoots you with a .45 caliber! But the after image wasn't bloody but rather cartoonish and fun to look at!

Though it also kinda takes the pleasure out of watching a simple eye candy animation and tending to focus more as a game.

Great Job and I hope to see your work later on in the future.


Well, thank you for the review. Also thank you for your support It been a very long time since I started but I hope it will all be worth it in the end. I to am also not a big fan of the whole Tentecal Rape thing either. I don't want the game to feel anything like one of zone's games because I am not zone. I dont have to make games for a spefic aduiance, I want it to be veiw by broader aduiance.

Hey!!! Whats up??

I just hope that you remeber me.

I have already watch the beta, i wont lie, i really expected to see a demo or a real beta not a guide of how it will be. But good news for me, because its better than what i imagined.

Im still hoping to play the full version soon as its finished.

Remeber you now got the almighty fan support, and also mine.

Ohhh! the mini game u added is really hard to play in a laptop. It may burn fingers so better dont try it. Anyway something you can tell about the game or the things you will add to the beta??????????

well, yes I remeber you and thank you kindly for all your support. Well I'm glad you like what you saw, If you liked that there is plenty more where that came from. Also many people have complained about playing on a laptop... well, there's not much I can but suggest you get a USB mouse =D, sorry I can't really make easier for ya, but the game won't work on that mechnic 100% of the time, only maybe 5%-3%.
I can't really say much about what im gonna put in the Beta, but it well be a short intro moive (when People play this I want them to feel as if there are playing a real game) and a portion of THE MAIN GAME.

wish to see Girl on girl action....

As cool as that'd be sorry dude, I'm not gonna do that.

i liked yor BETA, how is it going with the full version?