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Comments (9)

Date plz

fuckin sweet lol

just post what you hav edone already! plz

Lol, you got wait till I peice everything to gather cause all I really have are a whole bunch of Movieclips that aren't even in the right place yet! And I plan to have done in AS3 but im just learning but I've at least solve all the problem. I'm ust gonna need more time cause when I come to most things I have no idea why there wrong so I have to take long amounts of time to try to solve it (thank god for the forums)
so I'm sorry but it not at that stage of devlpoment yet.

When is the demo coming ? i cant wait

ok actually i can, whatever makes it perfect/awsum right?

Just tell us if its going to be released in this week or the next

man the way things are going I can't really make predictions as to when I'll finish or even post the demo but I can assure you it's not like I stoped working on it for a while. I work on it everyday but I have other things to do as well so I'm sorry but my daily routine does affect how much I can complete And I havn't had much time to work and mind you I am not making this for my own website meaning I can expect no profit from this (although I'm devopling a way so that profit my be added to the equation) and It's not like making this is my job. I am making this in my spare time. so I'm sorry everyone but I can safely say I may finish the entire thing maybe late summer or early fall =( even this is a only a prediction not an estmation.

not when the full thing comes out but the demo you keep saying its coming I CAN
'T DEAL WITH ANYMORE LETDOWNS MAN!!ITS TEARING ME APART!!! lol jk but seriously are u releasing the demo before June

is it near compleation or is there still some things to work out? .....and what are the options for the demo :D

I'm really close to at least finishing the demo... even though I've said this a jillion times. be STILL have afew things to work out. I began the project in using AS2 but I am now doing it in AS3 and never got around to translating the code to AS3 (I'll do it today :\ ...) also I never got around to make a main menu screen.

I hate sounding like a broken record and all but uhh since u seem to say its always coming out soon i have a suggestion set a deadline for urself
That might help you stay focused

this time I have, I'll have a demo after Apple con. the reason is cause I wont add all the things I want to it, I guess I'll update the demo later and then no more demos till I'm done.