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New Year, Huh?

Posted by JoSilver - January 5th, 2015

Well, Happy Belated New Years, Holidays, and all that jazz. I hope everyone has had a pleasent december. I know I did. I spent a large majority of the season with Family who were visting for one reason or another, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, I even went to a Hanukkah party and light one of the candles... Er... screwed in one of the Lightbulbs. I went to see Interstellar and Into the Woods and I'm glad I did. As a family we ate out a bunch of times and no one has any money left because of it. It's been one heck of a year for me, can't say I know where I'm going but questions like that never really bother me too much. I perfer to let life just take me places, not the wisest of decisions I know but for where it's taken me I wouldn't ask for the years back in in the slighest.

Sometimes I find wanting to take control is just too tiring, I worry too much as it is, eventually life brings you to places you need to be in or where you never knew you fit in or even belonged. With all that said I can tell you what my plans for the New Year are but I all I know for sure is that come this spring I'll be working on my bacholers degree.

That's not to say I have no plans or Ideas. I got tons. My hopes were to use downtime of the holidays to really buckle down and work, sadly life had other plans for me, what with not a moment of peace thanks to my extended family. Would I have it any different, Nope. can't say I would.

With a little luck I'll be able to complete a number of projects I have planned. I want to work on smaller projects something to keep the ball rolling and to keep me active. But that's not to say I don't have monsters of projects in the works or atleast ideas if nothing else. As for when They'll be out I can't say but I'm confident You'll be seeing more of me this year if nothing else. That's one thing I want and I'm fighting to make it so.

I make no promises but if you've followed be for any extented period of time I'm sure you already knew that.

With that said I'm here to share with you a small peek at something that will be coming out hopefully sooner then later. I say this with confidence because it's pracitally already done and it's farily small.

2133929_142044542832_BettyButton.pngKeep on the look out for it, and here's to the new year.

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Happy new year

And a Happy New Year right back at ya! :D

Glad you're not dead

*cough* A really amazing night *cough*


You know I've been thinking about the possibility of a project like that, A really Great Night was was just a remake of the first but looking back on it There's room for major improvements, big gaps in quality that need some serious adressing. The thing is though I don't want to just say do the same thing again or atleast without vastly improving and adding to it.

Also I had the Idea of making a dating sim based around it again all this is just Ideas no really plans but IDK. Truth is I really want to do something Different! But I sorta of have a list of things I want to make/finish and at this moment something like this is at the bottom.