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The Legend Of COCKorra... I'm Hiarious... PORN!

Posted by JoSilver - August 23rd, 2014

Hey so I just release a quick little animated loopy porno thing staring Jinora from The Legend of Korra. Why Jinora? Because she's cute and pretty awesome, also cause I put her name out of a hat. A couple of names that were also in the hat were...

  • Midna
  • Toph Beifong
  • Katara
  • Jazmine Dubois
  • Cindy McPhearson
  • There were more... I have a bad Memory





So as you can all see I've been putting my new tablet to good use, Funk Master Flash will earn his keep. In case you missed it here's something I did before my old tablet bit the big one in case you missed.

Like Boo's from Mario Bros? Like Porn? OH NO, you got porn in my Peanut Butter. It will never wash out.

Before I go I'd like to formally apoligize to @TomFulp for doing this to the frontpage and an equally sincere apology to @JackSquat. I've never met Fred Seibert but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be too approving of cartoon sexy times.

















Comments (17)

Gratz on the front page

It was worth it!

You... Didn't censor the anus...? XD

OMG, YOU'RE RIGHT! :D Maybe later....

Um, thanks for apologizing lol


You should add Tom's name to the hat.

....So it was asked... SO IT SHALL BE DONE!

I think the Hot Goomba Sex was your best ever!! It's been over a year since your released it! Just saying. :)

How time flys.

I'm pretty sure that character is ten.

All character portray in this flash are 18 or older.

It says in the Avatar Wiki that she is eleven years old.

Yeah, but through the magic fan-fic she's at least 18 in my version.

The fact you also considered doing porn of Jazmine Dubois and Cindy McPhearson is also pretty disturbing.

Why cause she's BLACK.... racist.

Dancing around the subject isn't going to work here. Not because Jazmine Dubois is half-black, but because she is a little innocent girl.
I am calling you out on your sick-fuckery incase you didn't notice you, pedophile.

You give shit to others on a high horse because they make animations about rape, but here comes you, making a pornographic flash featuring an eleven year old girl.
Yes, rape is horribly wrong, but fucking children is unfathomable amount of leagues worse. Why is it wrong for people to make animations depicting rape in it, but it's okay for you to make a flash based on fucking a child?
You live in a glass fucking mansion.

Your point is moot. Her tits are out of veiw due to the angle.

I love how you just don't take any shit whatsoever, Fucking amazing!
Oh and ChampoinKnifeFighter, it's funny how you don't condone porn of which the creator has explicitly stated is legal, but DO condone knife fighting... odd that isn't it.

@whynospaces It was actually recognized as a combat sport, like fencing, boxing, and martial arts.

But that is completely irrelevant, and you are trying really hard to draw attention away from Jo's hypocrisy. His blatant denial and utter lack of self-awareness of the situation here only helps prove my point.

The fact you are here defending this behavior makes you just as much of a hypocritical pedophilic retard as he is.

It's amazing that you care so much about protecting nick's Intellectual property. I really admire your detication. LOK/LAB is a franchise that is beloved by fans and it's a real shame to watch it get exploited by people like me.

Keep it real, brother. #SaveOurToons

Make porn of fucking spongebob for all I care, but when you try to morally lionize yourself by trying to call out others for making a flash with rape in it, and then you in turn make flashes about under aged kid characters, it sends out a bit of a fucking mixed message doesn't it?

I can understand if in the show she grew up to an adult, but the oldest she ever got to was eleven.
If you drew her with more adult features I'd actually believe you. But the evidence that you laid out for us makes it very clear that this is a child, with her big puppy eyes and little button nose, even going as far as to add the word "playful" in the title, playful being a very childish word.


And I don't even care that a fictional under-aged character is being exploited to pander to sickos, Zone and Shadman do it all the fucking time much to their everlasting shame. It's the fucking hypocrisy that pisses me off. That fucking smug high high horse you're riding to shame others when you are in no position to be doing so at all. Kill yourself.

Sir, I enjoy your moxy. Your out spoken and it's right to share your opinon with everyone. Keep up the good fight. Now if it alright with you I'll continue to have a problem with rape.

Go ahead and be bothered by rape, everyone is.
I'm not defending Jimixcruz's flash by any means, what he made was horrible and wrong. But when you're pretty fucking guilty of something nasty yourself, it kind of makes that any comment you could possibly make on that subject a moot point; Conveying to observers that you hate rape, but you have no with having sex with eleven year olds.

Listen, buddy. I'm sure you have much better things then to sit hers and try to argue with me. Like ride a bike or picking up some milk at the store but so long as you're willing to keep me company I more then happy to return the favor. # bffs #bromance #MyRock

The holier-than-thou attitude isn't going to work on me, and never will since your counter arguments are nothing but smug attempts at trying to steer the hypocrisy away from yourself.

You're bothered by rape but you're not bothered by having sex with little kids?

Tell me how you're morally justified to give other people shit?

Tell me why your puffy little cheeks are so cute! ;p

Yeah figures an immature little fuck like you doesn't want to man up to the hypocrisy.
If you had actually admitted that you presented a double standard, I would have been taken a back, and my thoughts probably would have changed for the best. But instead, like a child, you add validity to my point, by doing exactly the thing I said you would do.

Your child-like behavior does make sense though, considering we can plainly see how badly you want to rape them.

It's your child-like wonder that keeps me going in the morning.

Oh, I thought it was the stealing of innocence that kept you going.

Like OMG, Where were you, I've like totes missed you girlfriend! Hows yo' man doin'?

Well since you can't actually come up with anything to counter my point (there isn't really anything you can say to redeem yourself anyway) you might as well respond every message with an unfunny speedosausage line. Continuing an argument with you at this point would be like picking on a retard who has already had his "time-out".

But if I catch you throwing stones at people again, I'm going to fuckin hulk smash your glass mansion again.

Hope to see you again soon!