Characters from the community.

2013-08-19 22:59:23 by JoSilver


I must say I am happy and quite proud that people are really enjoying the customization features in the game. So in the mean time I've decided to list a couple of creation that I have seen from the community and also a couple that I've made. Feel free to use and share your own creations. If there good ot not to shabby I'll put em up.


p?WaaaaFW0B8?WWFW0B8EDB276 (By dmariofreak)


l3C4D8tDo90DCA$EDCA$EDCA$$DB276 (Twilight by Dragoondogg)
d6A50A7sKB%1&F3&&F3&&F3EDB276 (Rarity by Dragoondogg)
pFBFNFxC85C?C36B?C36B?C36BEDB276 (Applejack by Dragoondogg)
g?7D43BE1Dz9FE7?9FE7?9FE7?EDB276 (Rainbow Dash by Dragoondogg)
pFCB8D91R1B9FCF4A4FCF4A4FCF4A4EDB276 (Fluttershy by Dragoondogg)
e?QD7sKBEGD8FAGD8FAGD8FAEDB276 (Lotus by Dragoondogg)
nGD8FAsKB%FQD7?QD7?QD7EDB276 (Aloe by Dragoondogg)


f%6#0?Wa436DBi6uJ436DB2EDB276 (Mystique by JoSilver)
c??WHA8S?C7B5Wal?C7B5U7j8 (Cali Girl by JoSilver)

Characters from the community.


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2013-08-19 23:12:23

Really enjoyed it! Thanks for leaving the medals in.. too bad they don't show up on our list of games played, but it's nice to see them for the short while they're on the most recent medals list!