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Delayed Production.

Posted by JoSilver - December 27th, 2007

*update #1*
sorry about my unfortunate news, but I've been bored as Hell these days. Most people would probaly hate to make Flash games and movie 24/7. but I rather enjoy it. I FIND IT FUN.

it's rough on all of us, this unfortunate event, well i'd be happy to answer your questions and respond to your comment, feel free to make suggestions and things like that.
I'm using these horridly boring day to come up with new ideas for game and movie, I got two GREAT IDEAS!!!!

I want to make a shooter game that is completely different from any Shooter on newgrounds, And i got an Idea for A movie too, with lotsa action and voilence and thing that weridos like myself like.
that about all I have to say. Till next time my loyal subjects!!!
The Future Ruler (or measuring tape) of Newgrounds, Signing off.


Here's alittle treat for all those suportive pervs out there!!

Delayed Production.

Comments (5)

Are u gonna upgrade a really good night as well?

HELL YA!!!!! Dont you worry now, If I get the full version I can do countles now can't I.

I got an idea to improve a really good night and is somethoing i havenmt seen so here it is ad a orgasm bar for her, one for us, more buttons in order to make more positions and add more girls and a selection of things to say and make her talk to us and say what to position to try (depending in the girl) and the aim of the game will be to make her have certain pleasure or pass a line in her orgasm bar

You read my mind!!!! but I dont know if i can make more then one girl, it would be a challenge but I think I'll atleat try but no promises.

another thing add Susie the muffin hater in the last idea i post also i post this to make the guy who write here first disapears XD and i dont know maybe i just want to botter

im not to sure what you mean but... you want to see suzie NAKED????!!!!!

I love your hentai can you send me a pic of the girl that girl was fine !

Sorry Dude haven't made any yet and im kinda short a Drawing progam these day's but maybe when I get it again I'll make ya something special.....maybe.

I love catgirls maybe you draw that girl from your hentai & a cat girl
as a gift ... If you can ^^