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Project Honey (Code name, Not FINAL)

Posted by JoSilver - January 17th, 2021

As Always I'll be making updates of whats going on with my and all biz here on Newgrounds, Every Two Weeks, so be sure to tune too be all the sweet deetsZ!

So, I am formally Announcing my new game, code named, Project Honey, Don't get attached. The name will change.

A final theme for this game is still very much in the works, Basic Game play is also in the works but I have a basic Idea of what the player is going to do.


In a nutshell I've always been inspired by a game from @PlayShapes called Mario is Missing. An Adult Game where you play as Princess Peach, Doing all sorts of lewds things to Goombas. Hell, largely the Idea of trying to "Sexy-ifiy" Goomba's was sparked from this very game. I always wanted to make a game like it but also didn't want to just copy the game outright. The game was janky and the art and animation were passable but it needed alot of love and care to make it great.

One of the main issues I have with games like this is that largely the objective of the game is to avoid having sex (or on the more tasteless end, avoid being raped. 😞) But what else are we all playing these games for if not for the sexy times.

Problem is this is dangerous road to try and go down with lots of pitfalls. Frankly it's perfectly understandable why most game opt for making you avoid incoming wieners instead. I've pondered this dilemma for years now and have concluded there is no clean way around it.

However, I feel the issue is similar to the issue of killing things in games. Either you de-emphasize the role of the voilence or you make it so ridiculous, unrealisitc and over the top, that it's not even worth taking seriously or getting upset about. Games like Manhunt chose not take either path and... most people don't really think about those games to much. Not to judge the game too harshly (Or even you if you like the game), but it's simply unpalatable for most people.

I guess my point is, I've decided that walking these paths are best for Project Honey. The game is going to be for the most part a bright and colorful 3D platformer collect-athon of sorts. Will it work to wash a sour taste out of peoples mouths, I'll do my best is all I can say.

About the game

As stated before, primarily the game is a 3D platformer set in a colorful land of busty creatures of all sorts. (Emphasis on the busty part.) You'll run, jump, swim and plummet to your doom through many colorful and crazy worlds. Along the way you'll encounter baddies that need a good "spanking". (They've been naughty!😠). In case I'm being to subtle about it, you have sex with them, Crazy Idea, I know!


Pre-Alpha Test Level, NOTHING IS FINAL!

So far Development is going very smoothly. I hit a snag early on but so far it's been smooth sailing. On thing that can really bring development of any game to a hault is being faced with the enormity of what is layed before you, certainly as solo developer this is magnified. Many game of mine have died on the vine because of it. Learning to fight through that is the hardest lesson any developer needs to learn. But I'm learning to take the stance of deal with the hard stuff first, and don't be paralyzed by perfectionism, just do something, and if it's not perfect, there will be time later to make it perfect. Because perfect or not a game needs to ship. Perfect or not, a game that doesn't ship is never a success.

Largely though things are going good.


She run, she swim, she jump, she cute (Atleast I think so.)

Early on I set out to work out the platforming, make the jumping just right and all that jazz. Currently that's all I'm trying to do just lay the ground work for the game as a whole. My Main goal for this time is to figure out the main game loop. What the player's actual goal is, for a game like this one might say does that really matter... No, b-but I want it to matter. Above all I want this game to be fun to play, being sexy is a close second. I try my best to make all my game an enjoyable experience, first and foremost.


That's not how you deal with weeds!

But yes, I am hoping to make this game very sex. Yes, very, very sex. This part of the game is easily going to be the biggest challenge, How do you make the sex rewarding (and sexy) without being intrusive and annoying to sit through. A bold and difficult design problem if I ever saw one, it's honestly the problem I'm currently working towards addressing and I think I have some good ideas but as I said nothing is final and nothing is set in stone at the moment, How it will all play out in the end, only time will tell.


I'm hope that you all enjoy project honey when it's done, key word, when it's done. I can't say when it will be released but I'm hoping to get feedback from you guys over the course of development. When and how I'll be doing that, well, we will cross that bridge when we get there. But as stated before the game is coming along smoothly. Expect frequent updates but more importantly expect the game to look very different the next time you see it but more importantly of all, more complete.

And with that, that's all the News I have to share this week.

See y'all again soon



Comments (1)

Question, can you also use a male character? Or are you by default a female character or futa?

As of right now, the characters are all female. I'm trying to come up with a suitable plot contrivance that allows the player to become a futa or change the enemies to a futa, Basically you will be able to pick which character is the male and female in sex scenes. As of now there are no real plans to add male characters. I'm trying to keep development as lean as possible and I know I'm going to need character specific animations and I'm animating things to be very feminine, (Hippy walks, ect...) If I did add male characters I would have to do masculine versions of some animations.

I'm not saying it's a no for male characters, It's just not a part of the design as of now. Right now I'm in early pre-alpha, all I'm really doing is prototyping core game systems. So I don't really know right now what art assets I need or how many I need. If it ends up I can squeeze in male characters I just might do that.